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[url=...1832025] [/url]
リアルプレイ / REAL PLAY / Реальные игры
Дата релиза: 2014/03/07
Жанр: Simulator, SLG, 3D, ADV, Constructor, BDSM, Big breasts/Big tits, Blowjob, Group, Toys, Training, Anal, Rape, School, Office
Цензура: Есть, но можно снять патчем
Разработчик/Издательство: & &
& Uppervolta-3d.net и др.
Платформа: PC/ WindowsXP / WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8
Тип издания: Оригинальная (лицензионная)
Таблэтка: Не требуется
Язык игры: Японский / Английский / Франция / Испания
Язык интерфейса: Японский / Английский / Франция / Испания
Язык озвучки: Японский
Минимальные Системные требования:
:: CPU Pentium4 2.4GHz :: RAM 1GB :: VRAM 256MB :: HDD 12GB ::

Real hard line is back!
Familiar illusion, real-time 3D game full of a sense of reality.
The challenge to the extreme play content and intuitive operation in the work now! Omnibus story of five to expand.
Exist "etch only see there" independent motion is provided for each heroine, according to the map.
I pay attention to the pursuit of realism extreme, also drawing representation delicate soft!

The distribution and additional costumes, adding situation data "Este play" in the initial award.
While using the motion of this story, you can enjoy the etch in a completely different situation.
今作では直感的な操作と過激なプレイ内容に挑戦! 5つのオムニバスストーリーが展開します。
各ヒロインに個別モーションが用意され、マップに応じた “そこでしか見れないエッチ” も存在。


Раздача обновляется по мере появления модификаций!
если есть инфа о новом моде, просьба писать в теме или мне в ЛС.Содержимое модов на 27.09.14

Лог обновлений:


FAQ !!!Установка [Installation]!!!\
Анцензор [Uncensor]\
Character Uncensor + Animation Fix by 777Maliwei\
DLC 04 Uncensor by Follado\
DLC3 Uncensor by Follado\
Item Uncensor by biglobster\
Другое [Other]\
[MOD] for the first time in ZOD like posting, I hope you like it (PNG Resources) [[MOD] 第一次在ZOD發帖好像,希望大家喜歡啦(PNG資源)] zodgame by cty01292\
OST MOD Inception by Follado [v1.5]\
Загрузчики [Launchers]\
Real Play [DLC 01] ENGLISH Launcher by TheShadow\
Real Play FRENCH by darknessneo\
RealPlay - (Russian) DLC 1 by Cyber Hunter\
Real Studio [DLC 04] ENGLISH Launcher.zip
Моды [Mods]\
[Body] Totaldecay78's Big'uns Be Gone! v100\
[Body] Breast Expansion Mod for RP by Kamel\
[Body] Full mouth widow $ 300 mesh back [未亡人の口元3回目] from UV\
[Body] Kupaa corresponding pubic hair [[RP]くぱぁ対応陰毛] from UV\
[Body] Kupaa corresponding pubic hair-forSASIMI body difference [[RP]くぱぁ対応陰毛-forSASIMIボディ差分] from UV\
[Body] Nipple +[[RP] ちくび+] from UV\
[Body] One kind of muscle -The first two kinds of additional milk [[RP]肌1種・乳首2種追加] from UV\
[Body] Totaldecay78's Small Boobs and Smaller Ass Kit\
[Clothes] DOA5 Lisa swimwear ~ (Uncensored + short high-heeled) [[MOD] [移植]JulietRockabillyDLC~修改成短裙!(高跟+細小腿+絲襪)] of zodgame by wenhan9999\
[Clothes] Venus DOAXV bikini from zodgame by wenhann9999 [[MOD] [移植]DOA5貝殼裝~有愛請自己下載! ]\
[Clothes] 2 cute lingerie + the darn high heel mod from wapcsmu123 from zodgame [[MOD] 放货放货]\
[Clothes] Ansuko Delete _Fine-modified version [[RP]アンスコ削除_微修正版] from UV\
[Clothes] Bad schoolgirl by Follado\
[Clothes] Bad schoolgirl stockings and heels by Follado\
[Clothes] Bad schoolgirl stockings and heels V2 by Follado\
[Clothes] Blue cheongsam by the same author from zodgame wenhann9999 [[MOD] [移植]DOA5麗鳳的藍色旗袍!]\
[Clothes] Chi~tsupai such as test various products [ちっぱい等テスト品色々] from UV\
[Clothes] Coloring storm [[MOD] 【轉自日站】暴れ髪] zodgame by HBK1980\
[Clothes] DLC 03 but with heels by wenhann9999 [[MOD] 3月20日發布的DLC修改(高跟無碼)~]\
[Clothes] DOA5 Lisa Tropical Sexy dress [[MOD] [移植]DOA5 Lisa Tropical性感裝~] of zodgame by wenhan9999\
[Clothes] Dynasty Warriors 7 Moushoden ~ Lu Ling-chi! (Clothes, hairstyles +2) [[MOD] [移植]真三國無雙7猛將傳~呂玲綺!(衣服+2髮型)] of zodgame by wenhan9999\
[Clothes] Female teachers debut (spindly legs high heels Uncensored) [[MOD] 女教師登場(細腿高跟無碼)] zodgame by raikkonenz07\
[Clothes] Fixed file of Policewoman ~Nomore ring around the nipples! by hisashi9999\
[Clothes] In version and without Ansuko pp divided [[RP]アンスコ有り無し版でpp分け] from UV\
[Clothes] JulietRockabillyDLC ~ modified to skirt! (High-heeled + + fine leg stockings) [[MOD] [移植]JulietRockabillyDLC~修改成短裙!(高跟+細小腿+絲襪)] of zodgame by wenhan9999\
[Clothes] Midnight understated Share Poison [[MOD] 半夜低調分享Poison~獨立MOD修改版!3月16日修正高跟鞋變形問題!] of zodgame by wenhan9999\
[Clothes] No name tag - Removed the name of the swimsuit and gym clothes From UV\
[Clothes] Ogino _ set update [オギノ_セット更新] from UV\
[Clothes] Ogino game - Item 3 medium modification [オギノ_ゲーム中アイテム修正3] from UV\
[Clothes] Policewoman attack (spindly legs high-heeled Uncensored) by raikkonenz07 of zodgame [[MOD] 女警出擊(細腿高跟無碼)]\
[Clothes] Rainbow Blaxx from raikkonenz07 of zodgame [[MOD] Rainbow Blaxx(細腿高跟無碼)]\
[Clothes] RealGirlFriend sexy lingerie (Uncensored + short high-heeled) [[MOD] [移植]RealGirlFriend的性感內衣(細小腿+超高跟) ] of zodgame by wenhan9999\
[Clothes] Rechange by Follado\
[Clothes] Rechange DOAXV stokings+heel compatible by Follado\
[Clothes] Rechange Policewoman stocking+heel compatible by Follado\
[Clothes] Spy equipment - change (spindly legs high heels Uncensored) [[MOD] 特務裝-改(細腿高跟無碼)] zodgame by HBK1980\
[Clothes] Suspender stockings [[MOD] 吊帶絲襪 ] zodgame by HBK1980\
[Clothes] The night low-key delivery [[MOD] 【重要更新】大半夜低調發貨 ] zodgame by wapcsmu123\
[Clothes] Totaldecay78's Casual Set 01 outfit\
[Clothes] Totaldecay78's Denim skirt outfit\
[Clothes] Totaldecay78's Modded Cheer Outfit\
[Clothes] Transparencies mod FIX by Follado\
[Clothes] Transplant From adonlee of QUEEN clothes ~ [[MOD] [移植]來自adonlee的QUEEN衣服~] of zodgame by wenhan9999\
[Clothes] v2 DLC4 for Chi~tsupai [ちっぱい v2 DLC4用] from UV\
[Clothes] Ver_SASIMI for _DLC4 [[RP]Ver_SASIMI用_DLC4] from UV\
[Face] Submassiev Texture by biglobster\
[Hair] Half up Tsuinte (Rampage hair) [[RP]ハーフアップツインテ(暴れ髪)] from UV\
[Hair] HUT hair From UV\
[Item] [Real Studio] Add tentacle to the item list in the Studio [zodgame by redpill7890] [[MOD] [工作室]觸手道具]\
[Item] [Real Studio] Kidnapper's Kit and handcuffs for Real Studio by RickMontana\
[Item] Totaldecay78's Penis item\
[Other] RP_ costume_list _htm [RP_衣装_htm] from UV\
[Resources] Make available the enb quality enhancement patch [リアルプレイ用ENB] from UV\
Переводы [Translation]\
Story Translation\
Story Translation [Complete v.1] by kudanilarab CABAL\
User Interface\
FRENCH UI by darknessneo\
Real Play English UI v0r07 by Itkatsu\
Real Play Spanish translation by Follado\
Real Studio LST Translations by RickMontana Vincent119\
Сохранения [Saves]\
Unlocked Save File by digitalartnet\
Утилиты [Utilities]\
Illusion Wizzard v0.5.2.0 by darkhound\
RP Decrypt by lds718\
RP_SceneManager from UV\
SB3Utility(GUI+Script) by enimaroah\
Real Play HF Patch.exe
Official Patches & Downloadable Content\
realplay_02_pluscos [Bondage].exe
realplay_02_pluscos_cheer0314 [Cheer].7z
realplay_02_pluscos_sub0320 [Denim Shorts].exe
realplay_02_pluscos_sub0404 [Swimsuit + OL].exe
Pre-Order Bonus\
HF pAppLoc.zip
Содержание HongFire патча:
Real Play HF Patch version 0.5 includes:

Official: Real Play Preorder (Natsume) and DLC1-4 by Illusion DLC4 added!
User Interface Translation v0r07 by Itkatsu (Sogekihei) PARTIAL TRANSLATION ONLY!
Launcher v1.0-DLC2 by TheShadow
Studio Launcher DLC4 by lgts20xx PARTIAL TRANSLATION ONLY! Updated!
Esthetic Play Launcher by lgts20xx PARTIAL TRANSLATION ONLY!
Story Translation v.1 by kudanilarab , proofread by CABAL
Real Studio Effect, Item & Map by Vincent119
Real Studio Machine Translated Lists by RickMontana
Real Studio Translated Manipulation Keys & IK by RickMontana
Full Uncensor + Animation Fixes, Update 140313 by 777Maliwei
DLC2 Uncensor by SysTPP & 777Maliwei
DLC3 Uncensor v1Fix by Follado & 777Maliwei Updated!
DLC4 Uncensor by Follado & 777Maliwei New!
Item Uncensor 140315 by biglobster
Real Studio Penis Items by totaldecay78 & 777Maliwei
100% Unlocked Save Game by digitalartnet
Windowed Fullscreen 2.0 by enter75
Illusion Wizzard by darkhound with RP.profile and RPDecrypt by lds718 (for future mods)

This patch would not be possible without SB3Utility(GUI+Script) 0.6.1 by enimaroah
Special thanks to neoridon for making the image used in the patch.

Known issues

Immoral Studio is required (it will crash if it's not installed). Read more on how to install this.
The included male uncensor is not possible to hide.
The patch requires at least 8GB free temporary space on the drive where you installed Immoral Ward to install all mods. The space will be freed when patching is complete.

Real Play Wiki
Gameplay Wiki
Technical Help Wiki
Discussion and FAQ- Hongfire.com
Mod Release Thread - Hongfire.com
Mod Release Thread - ZODGAME.org
Mod Release Thread - Uppervolta-3d.net
Официальная страничка
[Schoolgirl, at public toilet]
Izumizaki Kana (Wonder if Izumizaki) CV: Himari
Girl there is a place that is a little blurred natural.
That I wanted to buy a new smartphone and begin part-time job.
On the way back part-time job for the first time, to meet with tragedy in the toilet of the park went without being able to put up with.

Man that was ambushed in the toilet: player character operation
The Keyaburi the bathroom door suddenly, pounce school girls to the dictates of animal desires.

[MILF Widow, at apartment]
Akifumi Megumi (Megumi Makinouchi) CV: Gyoen students Mei
In adult women of character who unfussy, widow of just lost her husband recently.
While vaguely aware of the feeling of brother-in-law who come to see the situation from time to time, you have to pretend not to notice.
That would be raised to house the false insurance investigator that brought the documents to leave her husband, and is attacked.

Man who wore an eye on her from previous: Operation player character
Crowded up to the house fairly, and will do as long as the desire in front of a portrait of her husband.

[Spy, at underground area]
Yabuki Ryoko (Ryoko Yabuki) CV: Ryoko Tezuka
Female spy hired a minded personality.
Carpus not less so, but I had confidence in infiltration technology.
For the sale of its own, to penetrate to a certain company that is said to be dangerous, but it would be caught in reverse.

Man of interrogation coefficient: operation player character
In order to elicit information from a woman spy was caught, make out a case against her using any means.

[Teacher, at school]
Shirasaka Miyuki (Miyuki Shirasaka) CV: Kazuha
New female teacher of a serious nature.
Is holding the hatred in the back of one's mind to a bad student, but it is an effort to Sesshiyo equally.
Called poor students who managed to see through it, it is attacked in the classroom after school.

Operation player character: poor students
It perceives to despise the sensitive from the Teacher, it is moved against the dark impulse, follow up on the desire

[Policewoman, at office]
Onigoe Maki (Maki Onigoe) CV: Hina Katakura
Rookie guards tone Otokomasari.
There is confidence in fighting surgery, you want to wield the arm, but it became a security guard for.
You are going to catch suspicious individual it finds to patrolling, but it would have been held down in reverse.

Operation player character: thief
In order to get back at cheeky guards that tried to Toriosaeyo himself, and tries to give as much of shame.

Есть проблемы с запуском или шрифтом? - [url=...11141692#11141692]☆ см. FAQ для японских игр[/url]
Пожалуйста, поддерживайте раздачу и зарабатывайте себе рейтинг.
Есть ссылка или новая версия игры? пишите в ЛС!

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