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楽園魔城リピュアリア / The Paradise Fortress of RePure Aria

Год выпуска: 2013
Дата релиза: 2013/04/13
Жанр: Action, Angel/Demon, Transsexual, Romance, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, DOT
Цензура: Есть в игре (играх) раздачи
Разработчик/Издатель: House of Black Dream Fantasies (幻奏黒夢館)
Платформа: PC/Windows
Тип издания: Лицензия
Таблэтка: Не требуется
Версия: 1.23 (Японский)/ 1.21 (Английский)
Язык игры: Японский+Английский
Язык интерфейса: Японский+Английский
Язык озвучки: Японский
Системные требования (минимальные): WindowsXP / WindowsVista / Windows 7 :: CPU 2.0GHz :: RAM 512MB :: HDD 130MB :: DirectX 9.0c ::Описание: This is a 2D maze exploration pixel action game.
When a demon attacked the ordinary boy, he lost consciousness,
and awoke in a demon castle inhabiting the same body as that castle''s princess!
What''s more, because they now share a body they share all sensations and can change gender!
In order to get back to his body the boy needs to help the princess regain her memories.
Together they navigate a perilous castle full of alerted girl monsters.
Male hero ecchi action/labyrinth game with a female "companion" twist.
Plus a dash of pure love (?) fantasy.
Recommended for explorers, fans of pixel art and girl monsters,
being a hero on an adventure with similar-age companions, and
the unusual tactical and novelty game mechanic of changing from boy to girl.
Young Boy, Princess (CV: Kurumi Miru)
Other Monster Girls (CV: Ryo Suzuki / Tiger Lily)
● Map of large semi-transparent is now out in the left Shifutoki. Depth of the map can be changed to two levels.
I will move even in the state of leave out the map. It can not be used in place the map is not out originally.
Door and stairs became visible in the larger map.
● To display the presence or absence of a collection of coins Minette and place name in the overall view of the map.
● in the event of an inn of a certain place, (if not even the night) remedy Add if you''ve come to when you can not accumulate money
● typo fix description of the skill. Added since it had forgotten to write a description of the witch doll.
● modified to also visible from within the (door hiding next to the switch) door obscure late game.

● Fixed bug of Ver1.01, the deviation of the big map on the screen size 800x600.
Such as the recovery point or switch is now visible in the large map.
● to 1024x600 window mode only once the full-screen mode 800x600 and 800x600 window mode
Forced change. Start in this mode, but thereafter, you can return it if able to re set in the configuration.
Window size, but will be 800x600 and takes over the system data when it took over the data of the (trial version
Full version The default size is 1024x600. Is like have a large number of students who do not also have come to realize the presence of this mode.
It was not able to explain properly in the manual, it is my clumsiness. Did I am sorry. )

● Fixed did not drop the contract item H skill of sword fighters and had not been described in the picture book.
● Fixed a bug that Arukeni will not drop a piece of Gem and contract items with high probability.
● Fixed vertical line is had entered the character image in Puyo shield use.
● Fixed a bug that first person becomes the "I" in the take over of the second week.
● Fixed a bug that character you do not have to magic to use in my room comes out.
● Modify character that could not be summoned to are you in magic to use in my room, so stayed.
● first person change function added in the individual configuration settings, save each file.
● Modify description of witch doll. Attribute freezing: Positive → attribute: No error
● the joy to key when using pad operation so would conflict, on-off function of the additional pad operation to configuration.
● I was not allowed to jump in the hold down the jump button at the pad operation. Jump above input intact.
(Since it may have some people that became inconvenient to reverse, on-off function is being added. In future versions)

● Modify character that can not be summoned and to have to use magic in my room, so stayed still.
(Note that, for the character who is in the library area back, because not mean that the magic is set to use on
Yes I was not dare call. There is no image of the familiar also It is for this reason that.
You would like to be can call somewhere in a future version. )
● If you summon a new familiar in the middle you are caught in the demon daughter in my room, I turned off the character that grabbed
Bug myself disappear also fixed. I have to be forcibly released If you are caught.
● It becomes impossible with wall jump was stuck when you change the specifications of the jump button on the pad operation in Ver.1.03
Fixed a bug.
● object, such as a recovery point''s 1024x768 mode is shifted on the map in a semi-transparent map of Ver.1.01 or later
Fixed a bug that appears.
● When advanced, ignoring the stone statue event, Fixed a bug that did not run out of stone in the late game.
In addition, the stone statue was to be displayed on the map.
● dress form pure love? ? ? Fixed garbled dialogue in acquiring.
The (: but please avoid as much as possible where many people much after all But there words that have been garbled.)
● Fixed some typos.
● In the (door hiding next to the switch) door obscure late game that was fixed in Ver.1.01
The behavior of the characters add to the conversation when you press the switch.

● it becomes incapacitated and no longer able to operate the menu and look at the timing of certain locations to be examined, such as H skills during
Bug fix. Was not allowed to be examined.
● I was not allowed to enter the door of the shop, such as during sliding. Stairs as it is.
● The specifications selected in the configuration screen, the specifications of the jump pad operation that changed in Ver.1.03, and was able to OFF.
I have to change can be up key input.
(Please set it manually by returns to the default version up immediately after.)
● immediately after the lower input, modify it from becoming to jump in an upright and to jump at the input state crouching.
● fix it because it was off a little near the bottom image of familiars witch doll.
● Modify familiar image of Flame Harpy because had become Harpy.
● Modify tricks the first boss, and character name of search operation when the plant Legion because it was becoming a thing of the Aruraune.
(2 lap item during the takeover can be used search operation)
● In several compartments, fixed a bug display of the hidden room of the map was funny.
● Modify because there was a point where characters are overlapped in the entire map.
● correct it did not appear familiars of small room for my room water, to have to use magic.
● Fixed a character coming to attack my room, with a good friend mode.
● Fixed not to state my room, mermaid swim (H = technique of second does not come out) from.
● Fixed some extent typographical errors. Miss modification of some name. Ma-jo: Positive → Maso-jo INCORRECT:
● change message when you try to buy an item that Moteru 99 because it was along with the usual one.
● Fixed a bug out to the funniest place to fall down in a state of emergency with a flight-based skills in the tower grand staircase of Satan.
● Modify because there was that character that should not stay, depending on the timing theater district, the story on speak.
● Modify the character of residence should not, depending on the timing of the story on because he appeared in the central street and administrative district.
● I had to be dropped error upon entering a specific location in some PC environment, the descriptions that might be caused
Fixed. (On verification)

● Fixed a bug that made impossible to escape and not go to the room of bugs under Ver.1.05, from the hangout of the wind.

● Event does not occur normally when you use the warp wings just before Drowning Kap Shui tower, in the event that indulgences forced
Fixed a bug. (The Zum become impossible boss progress of the water area is not appearing, when you save in that state)
Save file that is impossible to progress already repair to the state it was in before you drown.
If you are willing to partition first, and forcibly moved to a location just before drowning after loading.
Also, even if you have done registration and feather compartment of the case destination, the opening of the door, before you see the events that occur naturally
If you are advanced in the previous section do with it, was to be forced back to the location just before the drowning.
● Fixed the cause that had caused the above bug, a bug that drown in the warp effect during. Warp effects during
Air gauge was not allowed to decrease.
● Fixed to appear in two stages when the maximum value of the gauge Magic Life exceeds 20.
● bug is generated at the stage beyond the 127 and keep it orbiting the Magic up and Life Up
I was 120 the upper limit. (And actually see are up to 40)
● Set (10 times the initial value) the upper limit of 3200 because there was no upper limit also energetic maximum value. I was not allowed to increase any more.
● bug fixes will not be displayed correctly when the possession of gold has become more than 10000.
● Fixed a bug that slime of familiar does not make an attack at all. I began to attack insect system, against Pixie system.

● Fixed a familiar appearance that judgment was reversed my room, in a small room. (Tea, Nome)

● Fixed a bug which the image of the character that my room, was summoned becomes strange.
Immediately after you enter the (my room, there was that the image of the character that was in the room earlier is displayed.
Repeated summons or defeat of a character that was summoned in the My room, the image of the character is funny in the same way
There is a possibility. Both the character of original contents display only funny. )
It is to be noted that a little change the specifications of my room along with the summoning of this bug fix.
If you are handling the character disappeared from the screen completely by, for example, defeat (not with the advent of, summoned the same character again
I was made to re-load the character image. )
● first person and the name of our hero is now displayed properly gallery, scene recollection.
Referring to the first person and the name of the save data that was last saved.
Can also switch the save data that refer to the name in the left and right keys.
● Fixed a bug Dell menu of the cafeteria and have to hold down the key to look for when you examine the bed in the inn.
● If you have caught the enemy Pixie except in a state that caught Pixie NoTsuta, the image of the hero is caught in the ivy
Fixed a bug that was left.
● Fixed a character that no longer work when you call in the air in my room when summoned. I was to fall to the ground.
● because it was slower than that lateral movement of Serapu after transformation had been assumed, fix the speed of the original.
● Fixed place and sentences carat of conversation Mermaid H skills after was funny.
● Operating Add incapacitated at the time of the H-technique after Mermaid, The first.
● variation value of the alignment becomes pure love devilish -1 -1 with a probability of one half in H Technical Mermaid, the second
Fix the mistakes that would not be 199 total. I was corrected to pure love +1 -1 devilish.
● When the sum of the alignment becomes 199, except wore function to automatically recovered, but the description of the portion is funny
When the total value becomes 199 other than the above bug, and had caused the bug that the alignment does not change as they appear.
The description abolished, adding the action back to the 199 total in the room when traveling and load time.
Data that are bug state already repaired 199 at load time.

● bug fixes that ghost was difficult to drop the contract item. But eighth, (probability the item is not a low ceiling spaces
Was supposed to not drop. )
● Modify dim visible portion of the life gauge because it was slightly off.
● Change to a little above the display position of the numbers in H technique that displays the degree of restraint, the number is because he suffered in character.
● cursor has to be moved to the opposite end of the upper and lower left and right ends in the window of the familiar menu.
● The tidy function added to the window under the familiar menu. Add the explanatory text.
● Effect has to come out when you simple save on the map without opening the menu.
● During the conversation the next statement comes out from the first boss after transformation of pre-war first, the conversation of another scene with another load data
Fixed a bug that conversation is amusing and (Read Tatefuda or) to be generated.
● Because there was that depending on the position of the hero of defeat when the boss plant Legion first, the hero would be buried in the wall
I have to shift the position of the hero in that case.
● Because there was that it will come out outside the display range depending on the position the screen scroll in a conversation is to generate a conversation
Modified so that does not go out.
● There was a thing that becomes impossible to progress at the very event of lost statue of snake, added processing of spare for when crippled.
(Detailed cause of the bug is still unknown)
● Fixed a bug that immediate milk jelly is not automatic use at a certain timing of the story the second half and the location of the transformation prohibited.
● My Room of the data clear number of times is set to 1 or more, and in the room after the clear
The installation of the crystal clear benefits for open. (. To open the clear benefits open menu also from the individual setting of the config)
● clear benefits, it adds the ability to understand on the map the entire existence of the acquisition of the stage item. ON, OFF possible.
● clear benefits, added energy recovery speed increase function. ON, OFF possible.

● Fixed bug of Ver.1.10, the installation errors of the stage item.
There was a clear and items items that can not be taken to the administrative district.

● In later Ver.1.07, Fixed a bug where the display of the gauge becomes strange when the life gauge goes to two digits.
● Because it takes time conversation until the occurrence of life is often the second lap later in the battle of the first makeover before, as long as the battle
Contact damage was made up to half of the current life time of five or more life.

● Modify because there was that if you change the setting in my room, you can select the form that have not yet acquired the deck organized at the time.
(It also. Heal if return the setting of my room, depending on the progress of the story, it is. Sometimes bug does not appear)
● Fixed a bug that count of the setting of my room did not work only in the game after clearing.
● large atrium, map fixes. There was a place that will not go out and fall in some cases.
● communication path of turquoise and indigo, map fixes. Was filled with the wall space can not enter because it was displayed in a bit map.
● Modify because there was a time when the effect of the position when you damage the boss of the graveyard, the enemy is wrong.
● it will not go out and revived from the wall life becomes 0 after entering from the passage of the second from the bottom left side of the administrative district
Fixed a bug.
● modified so many times caught in enemy character slime, one body. The charm gauge when you are grabbed
Modified to increase.
● I had not be able to take items such as a coin has to fall in the corner of the wall and floor, modified to pick up in the state crouching.
● Modify the conversation after the event, because there was a deck that is not restored.
● Modify because there was that the same form will be two solid form at the time of subscription.
● Fixed a bug that does not occur in the event of the top map When you straight to the top map immediately after arrival at the tower the lower layer of the devil.
● picture book image Add gouge lizard.

● jump input during the 7 frame near the end of travel stop motion of the dash after jump and when the girl form
Since had been disabled, and reserved the key input, jump to the motion after the end if there is a jump in the meantime input
Add the process you want to be. Compatible with both the pad and keyboard. No change behavior of a character itself.

● Fixed a bug that not be talking to people of the city.
Depending on the timing of the store and events. Story that this bug has occurred When you enter the item in the shop (boy form
There is also a bug that does not occur, but a little person can occur in many cases. Bug condition persists until you load and save once. )

● Junk slum, Fixed a bug that the progress is impossible to fall within the petrochemical event in girl form.
(. That seems bug occurs when it comes to form girl good timing at the moment when the conversation occurs when damaged)
● Fixed a bug which the image of the hero becomes strange ivy enemy attack occurs in the Puyo shield during use.
● Usamaria was to appear in the city of junk.

● Fixed a bug back to the boy form you enter the junk slum after pressing the switch to a bug in Ver.1.16, a tower of stone dragon Satan.
● Fixed the occurrence position of the effect when it is in contact with the thorns of the ceiling.
● Fix the mistakes that volume control was dependent on sound effects volume voice of the demon daughter is has become a sound effect treatment.
● Added end processing of BGM in H technique that BGM-consuming temporarily, BGM because it was still be there after the end of H technique.
● If the audio is played back the audio of the same character during playback, it was going to kill the voice before, but change it a bit.
Was to overlap a little with the voice of the following, then fade out as one-fifth seconds. (Only heroes)
● To change the specifications of the Husa Maria events that you added in Ver.1.16. Event has to occur again in the specific behavior.
Add a little the lines accordingly. In addition, damage was to enter the life if the energy is exhausted.

● If you load to open the menu during recovery, such as the fountain of magic, Fixed a bug where recovery is taken over after loading.
● If after seeing the conversation of the entrance to the library immediately after the deepest compartment, you are supposed to be taken without taking the items in the library
Fixed a bug that story progresses.
● Added a rematch of the boss room. I would like put from my room on the second lap later and after clearing.
● Added the ability to keep deposit the maximum value of the magic and life to clear benefits.
I can be operated from the configuration and my room after clearing.

● Change the display position of the name input screen when the window size 1024 horizontal.
● You have to correspond to change the character of [] of help when you change the key input.
(Not supported for now for skill description)
● when subjected to restraint technique on some my room, fixed a bug that strange effect is displayed.
● Modify so had become (key of red) formerly The help message is key when using the guidance.
● Change the specification so was supposed to charge failure With the gospel canon in squatting.
Was to shoot the (flame attribute) small bullet while squatting.
● Added recalls some features events in my room with clear benefits.
● You have to display the name of the room when it came in front of the door of my room.
● Add the dress to the element in orbit takeover. If you took over, you can use from the beginning the dress that was placed in the hands
Related events will also re-occur. (Valid. Only if you took over in this version or later)
● Added a soft hand to use elements in orbit takeover. It is a condition of whether you can use a soft hand.
These events will also re-occur when orbiting because it is in a different count with related events or wartime career.
(Valid. Only if you took over in this version or later)
● enlargement function Add dot picture. Can be set from the individual setting of the save file for each menu screen configuration.
Can also be used in the main game map and the first lap. Initial state is OFF.
Behavior might be heavy (Some environments. Since it is possible to change the frame rate of the larger image
Please adjust the heavy case. )

(Same version and package version) Ver.1.20
● You have to be able to release at select If you have never scene added to the recollection of the room after clearing, and saw some scenes.
● Change the image of the title logo.
● Added tutorial messages to some of the signs of the game early.
● after defeating the boss at the end of the game a shot, because it was hard to understand is the destination of the next
The message added to the two places where it was back a little. (Door of Checkpoint A character cafeteria nearby)
● Modify place to grasp the position of the mouse key settings in the mode of window size 768 because it was out of alignment.
● Modify representation of the left and right edges of the expanding functions of the dot picture is so bristling.
● Modify because there was that it speaks to character is not depending on the timing in the old town.
● Fixed a bug that special characters, such as ♪ may not be displayed correctly in conversation log.
● postscript or slightly change the representation of the sign of the room after the clear and character names notation cast of ending in.
● The minor modifications and typographical errors.

● (unknown, the cause of the bug low frequency of occurrence? For now) a bug that will not occur conversation after defeating the boss at the top floor of the tower
If it was, since the progress impossible, if the flag variable has become a bad state when entering the boss room,
Add the action to return to a normal state.

● I was to be seen the message of the trial at the end of a reminiscence room after clearing.
● The page notation added to the configuration.
● Added key configuration of the pad operation for the configuration.
● Added the corresponding button because it could not backlog simple map display pad operation, during a conversation, pose.
● Change the Number buttons of the pad to be displayed instead of the key notation such as [C] when using the pad.
(The display switches automatically to the cross key operation of the keyboard or keypad)
● Added a jump key separately from the ↑ key to keyboard operation. The default setting [V] key.
● I have to be able to switch of whether or not to use the medicine system of automatic item-consuming.
(Detachable in the same operation and equipped item by item column)
● Modify the message up to five because it was out when you try to buy the equipment during the equipped item-held only one.
● Fixed a bug where items disappear When you purchase to disconnect the equipment equipped item-held only one.
● The minor modifications the protrusion of the character typographical errors, from the window.

● changes to appear even in a state where the number of pages notation on demon picture book, the detail text statement has not selected to "read more" link for more details.
● Fixed and typographical errors.

●左シフトーキー で大きな半透明の地図が出るようになりました。地図の濃さは2段階まで変えられます。


●joy to key使用時に、パッド操作が競合してしまうので、コンフィグにパッド操作のオンオフ機能追加。

(文字化けしていた台詞: あっ でも やっぱり あんまり人が多い所は なるべく避けてくださいね。)





●マイルーム 召喚時に空中に呼び出すと動かなくなってしまうキャラクターを修正。地面まで落ちるようにした。










●キー入力を変更した際にヘルプの【 】の文字を変更に対応するようにした。

Ver.1.20 (パッケージ版と同バージョン)



Доп. информация: Присутствует частичный английский перевод. Запускать repurearia121eng1.3Cont.exe

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