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ちぇ~んじ! ~あの娘になってクンクンペロペロ~ / Change! ~Ano Musume ni Natte Kunkun Peropero~ + Digital Content Disk + Bonus + Manual
Дата релиза: 2014/07/25
Жанр: Animation, School, Romantic, Comedy, Female student, Teacher, Big Breasts/DFC, Oral, Titsfuck, Lingerie, Stockings, X-Ray, Pee, Mastrubation
Цензура: Есть
Разработчик/Издательство: May-be Soft
Платформа: PC/ WindowsXP / WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8
Тип издания: Оригинальная (лицензионная)
Таблэтка: Не требуется
Язык игры: Японский
Язык интерфейса: Японский
Язык озвучки: Японский
Минимальные Системные требования:
:: CPU Intel Pentium4 2.0GHz :: RAM 512MB :: HDD 4GB :: DirectX 9 ::

Yuusuke is a healthy boy who has a dream of switching bodies with the girl he likes so that he can do whatever he wants with her. He would gaze at her breasts and feel them up. He would be free to enter her room as he pleases and sniff her panties. Of course, he could also look down there and check that she’s still a virgin. He greatly wanted such a power, but there was a huge gap between his delusions and reality.

Nowadays, smartphones have surged in popularity, and more than half of those who have cell phones own them. The main thing that spurred this trend was the free calling app ‘Connect’, which Yuusuke also decided to download. By chance, he was the 100 millionth user to register and the operating company sent him a special gift. It was an app that allows him to switch bodies with any girl that installed ‘Connect’ on her smartphone! His dream ability is now in his hands! Let’s make use of full use of this!
「あ~、好きな娘と入れ替わっておっぱい揉みてぇ」 と言ったら、ぼっちになった。
まぁ聞いてくれ。 好きな娘と入れ替われたら、おっぱいガン見し放題・もみ放題なんだぜ !?
もう一度言う、処女膜も確認できるんだぜ? ←ココ重要 !!
やっべ、オレ天才じゃね? 天才過ぎて泣けてくるぜ!
ホント、泣けて、くる…ね? ……あはははは ……はぁ、欲しいなぁ、そんなチェンジ能力……。
そんな願望を抱く健全な男子・天坂悠介 (あまさか ゆうすけ)。
時は現代。 スマートフォンが急激に普及し、今やケータイ所有者の半数以上がスマホユーザーとなっている。
それに拍車をかけたのが、無料通話アプリ “コネクト” である。
悠介は 最近流行っているから と、何気なくダウンロードしたコネクトの記念すべき一億人目のユーザーとなる。
しかし、その特典は “とんでもない代物” だった。
それは…コネクトを入れたスマホを持っている “女の子とカラダを入れ替えることができる チェンジ機能付きアプリ” だったのだ!
夢にまで見たチェンジ能力を手に入れた悠介。 この能力を駆使し、女の子にイタズラし放題!
とどまることを知らない彼のチェンジH無双が今、始まる !!

Neighbor's longing, women Fuwa loose healing
Kinu-mura plumage (Of the firstlings Kinumura) CV: I Eh Aki River
Height: 153cm
Blood type: A type
Date of birth: September 2 (Virgo)

Stuffed making of wool felt: transistor Glamour hobby fluffy Physical appearance:
Trend of food: I like sweet things, spicy food is not good habit: I want to cotton cotton face becomes red immediately
Sakurahiyoko (Usu Contact) school sophomore. Has served as the health committee in the class.
Classmate that has been moving in recently, girl hero showing their feelings secretly.
The figure shy, be shy in Watawata lovely and like a small animal.
Can not help believing the red thread of destiny, loose and Fuwa-based women's picture-perfect pure innocence.
The owner of busty unbalanced young face. Exercise no sense of extreme, I fall well a place nothing.
Is crazy about those cute, stuffed making wool felt like a hobby.
I live in the House next to the apartment hero lives, but almost no contact unfortunately.
On the other side of the curtain that looks through the window, what the world is ...... I wonder if spread on earth?

"Yeah thread? Red fate, and - undoubtedly"

Gal Women's preeminent style, geeks hate
Ogura Kana (Wonder if Ogura) CV: Naruse Mia
Height: 159cm
Blood type: B type
Birthday: November 29 (Sagittarius)

Appearance: Slender-Breasts Hobby: Nail, shopping, karaoke
Trend of food: I like things spicy, it's sweet usually habit: to bring in front of the mouth finger
Sakurahiyoko school sophomore. Classmate of the main character.
Nail Fashion Shopping karaoke, hobby so-called Gal general women.
Place to leave while slender is out, you have a figure of average model.
Excels in reading the air of a friendly between women, many more friends.
The damning little the layer "geek" of certain men in particular ─ ─ On the other hand.
Despite there are other male geek, I have sworn enemy to why the hero is Raitoota.
You are hanging out with the girls in the class is usually, but not much to play with, "because there are errands of the house", does not seem to do people I went to her house.
It is also seems to be hiding something, but ... I wonder if there is a relationship with the geek hate her?

"Hey, can you not talk OTA because contagious?"

Longing all students, forest-based beauty art girl female teacher
Miyamori Sakura (Miyamori Sakura) CV: Ryoko Tezuka
Height: 162cm
Blood type: O type
Date of birth: February 7 (Aquarius)

Appearance: neat and clean, glamorous Hobbies: Gardening
To have the other arm in one hand: What habit of vegetables a little too much, such as minestrone: Trends in food
Homeroom Sakurahiyoko school art teacher and, of hero.
Long hair of black hair shiny, and owner of a plump body while neat and clean impression.
Forest girl style in a relaxed look good.
That's harsh personality when gently, and a female teacher of longing all students a picture-perfect ideal just a beautiful woman.
It is the impression that Ken seems By speaking in honorific, but received good from the teachers from the students in flexible response.
Among students, and rumors exclusively, such as cherry tomatoes grow on the veranda in full foliage plant, full of negative ions of the room she or not than a "Miyamori Garden House".
About such a perfect woman, ... it is why I want to know the private?

"The person who starts the class Drawing Now. He will become a model do you not come?"

The junior cute, and cool system mysterious girl
Tanabe Tibor (Tanabe Tibor) CV: Aoiyo Hull
Height: 150cm
Blood type: AB type
Birthday: June 10 (Gemini)

Appearance: Slim modest hobby: tinkering smartphone, reading
Hair messing around, messing around with a smartphone: Trends in food: favorite habit without adjustment soy milk, and black coffee
Library staff in first grade Sakurahiyoko school.
Daughter emotional expression is poor, I have played around alone a smartphone in the library all the time.
We live in a luxury apartment near the school, partly atmosphere cool, mysterious and expressionless as quiet as a mouse appearance and looking good bred, it is the presence unapproachable.
In addition, ... etc. or tended to or have something black or many, was the motif of the Cross, tweet that you do not know the meaning sometimes, things they wear are also possess suspicious atmosphere?

"A ll ...... ...... ...... right hand of Tibor is aching, That said, ...... does not have anything"

Yusuke Sakamoto days (Thou Masami ka Yu す け)
Height: 172cm
Blood type: O type
Fun: delusional
TV: He expands ra ka ri ta write メ を summarized But ru

Chiba ェ nn ji ability を hand into れ ru ni Full protagonist of the series. Hina Sakura Gakuen 2 years old.
Ann Part-time, evening ra expands で, father of Zhang で は Full long absence. But the young mother は hero Kei are Kei te ni ru expands his profession. Actual quality of a person twilight ra expands.
But Kei Kei mother ko na ni accustomed れ と ru ta te Kei rather, especially-i-ni expands lonely feeling じ na te Kei Kei.
Full ソ ー su ma ホ tea Hikaru Shin ge one woods や, Ann ni メ · LITE Bruno bell を how ta Shinano む degree Io Full LITE Tatari.
Petit Sui Kay me nn da But women's son と ka ra da But into れ for wa っ te お っ ぱ Kei rub Mi ta Kei, Leona knee shi ta-i-often days are ka ra test ~ te Kei ru Changes state gentleman.
Chiba ェ nn ji ni capabilities into れ を hand, he delusional But Actual Full Full Full と も na ru.
ち starting late ni, "へ expands ~ san san!!!" Full-day hero Yuji Sakamoto は Employees brother.

"Thou ~ good ki na wa for Mother と into れ っ te お っ ぱ rub Mi Kei te ぇ"

Robot navigation system of change
Pomekuto CV: Yuika Kanematsu
About 20cm: Height
Blood type:?
Date of birth:?

Mofumofu The round Physical appearance:
Hobbies: experiment, verification

The trend of food: do not eat so Lobo, operation and charging
I put at the end of a word as "~ whiff": habit

Mascot of free calls app "Connect".
The "Pomekuto" over the "Connect" and "Pomeranian". I put a "whiff -" at the end of a word.
Has been around for quite been commercialized as a stuffed toy, but it was delivered to the original hero, autonomous robot made of special, which is attached as navigator of the system change.
Ability to shake a tail also features. Mofumofu condition is by no means inferior to other stuffed animals.
The story in the honorific, is referred to as a "Mashuta" refers to the main character.
In protest against the decision of the informal glue is surprisingly well, I do not think very Lobo, it also performs as tsukkomi to the blurring of the hero.
Tomosureba, Despite the cute appearance, there is also a place where you have refreshment in the business-like.
When you charge, refers to the power plug in the ass. So do not let the hand is not reach on your own, and get plugged into the main character.
Strange program panting each time is incorporated.

"Now, did you get the body change system that allows you to swap the body Nde Mashuta is suppo!"

Hina Sakura Gakuen CV:
[i]Height: 160cm
Blood type: O type
Birth date: October 28 (Scorpio)

Hina Sakura Gakuen 2 years old. O Full ku ra su woman で collard Full Full relatives.
But good collard Full ko と で ki ta ma ra na Kei Genki mother.
Lily Full Genki But thou ri, every day collard Full Kei を お っ ぱ rub む ko と を と expands students ki te Kai Kei ru. Ann ホ's son.
Several low-grade で お when 々 of Io Harry, would ya su ru. But their female で thou ru Full を Kei Kei ko と ni, ni Outward expands collard Center ku ハ ra te ri を Full limits do ku す.
"Collard Full milk は thou ta ta expands But rearing" と magniloquence su ru.

Odawara Masaki (Odawara Masaki) CV: Yuki Shimada
[i]Height: 169cm
Blood type: A type
Birth date: April 10 (Aries)

Hina Sakura Gakuen 2 years old. Full hero ku ra su メ LITE. Waku ra · Io Tatari known.
Ann ma nn ga ni メ · · ge one woods na ど Full Latest intelligence into れ を Chang Shi ni Kei te ru, claiming "Tatari Io Kei Consciousness high black man."
Authenticity も で は given ka na ni Kei intelligence vibration color 々 と さ れ ta ri ri expands back to te, Other degrees weep ni ni ki zu ku hero.
The basic element ni ni secondary interest は ka na expands Kei But, seiyuu · Ann Sui Dollars は 2.5 million da ka ra ra expands Kei OK.
Есть проблемы с запуском или шрифтом? - [url=...11141692#11141692]☆ см. FAQ для японских игр[/url]
Пожалуйста, поддерживайте раздачу и зарабатывайте себе рейтинг.
Есть ссылка или новая версия игры? пишите в ЛС!

Трекер:  [ 25-Июл-2014 16:00 ]


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