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Mama no Tomodachi wa Mitsu no Aji ~Naisho no Doutei Kyouiku ママの友達は蜜の味 ~内緒の童貞教育

Год выпуска: 2014
Дата релиза: 2014/05/30
Жанр: Housewives,Big tits,Anal,Blowjob,Titsjob,Group sex,Incest
Цензура: Есть в игре (играх) раздачи
Разработчик/Издатель: Spindle
Платформа: PC/Windows
Тип издания: Неофициальный
Таблэтка: Не требуется
Язык игры: Японский
Язык интерфейса: Японский
Язык озвучки: Японский
Системные требования (минимальные): OS: Windows XP/Vista/7, CPU: 800MHz, RAM: 256, 1024x768, DirectX: 9.0
[b]Описание: A little while, return is slow in an interview from "Today. Yugohan does not need. The Miyamori''s neighbor, please keep in tell you that for some time, it is no longer answer the tea party "

"But, the number is low, it''s likely I''ll ...... boring, even after the tea party. Kaoru-kun also not come to tea party?"

The "...... But, say"
The "gonna do not have to refrain. Can not you''re boring house sitting alone"
And that they miss mom, homemade treats also of that are available, I was supposed to visit the room next door.

The "I though coming on the toilet talk if always. Perhaps, are you embarrassed because there are Kaoru-kun?"
Married woman who lives in the apartment, Nantes had signed a dangerous so much conversation in the tea party in the afternoon, I learned for the first time.
"Even Kaoru-kun, this kind of story, would not you hate?" Suzu''s come waving to talk to me.
"Eh, no ...... Oh, that ......"
"Kaoru-kun even because I''m your age, will have some interest in that kind of thing"
Suzu who was smiling like a prank to when there is no, come shelter me casually.
"What naughty, ... it will do There is not that I do?"
I you are stiff as if it had been tied down. The ear was tickled to question suspicious of the married woman.
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