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Игра: Daylight
Версия: Update 5 (v1.3)
Поддерживаемые языки: не зависит от языка, любой (Английский, французский, итальянский, немецкий, испанский, японский)
Релиз-группа: 3DM
Защита: Steam
Требуемая версия: любая
Таблетка: присутствует (3DM)
11 мая 2014
Patch 1.3
We have been working very hard to address the Fatal Error reports that many of you have seen since Patch 1.0 and while we had a work around to go to Version 1.0, we have now fixed the issue!

Version 1.0 will be disabled now and you should be fine playing through the new version of the game. Thank you for your patience.

I know this is Daylight on PS4, but since they are the same game, here's a funny reaction video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roLvoaKjdcQ

And here is an entertaining twitch stream:
8 мая 2014
Patch 1.2

As with all new technologies, there have been a few bumps in the road that we had not seen before that you have brought up and they have mostly been compatibility issues. We have been listening to your issues and troubleshooting the problems that you, the community, have brought up.

It is of the utmost importance to be aware that Daylight is built on next generation technology, and is the first truly and purely DX11 game. This means the title is not compatible with systems that are only running DX9 or DX10. To run Daylight you need not just a DX11 video card, but a DX11 capable OS as well, with the appropriate patches installed.

Through our troubleshooting we have found that the great majority of issues stem from the above requirements and users either thinking they are DX11 capable when they are not, or not understanding what DX11 entails.
System Requirements

First, the requirements to run the game are listed in the System Requirements on the Steam Store Page, but it is most important that you have:

• DirectX 11 Supported OS: Windows 7 SP1 (must have KB 2670838 installed), Windows 8, Windows 8.1
• DirectX 11 Supported Video Card

Compatibility Checker

Second, we are deploying a pre-launch validation checker that will determine if your system is properly configured to run Daylight. This will appear for users in the next patch.

This checker will provide us with a pass/fail checklist including:

Operating System
• Which OS with Service Pack
• Processor Count (32 or 64)

Display Devices
• Graphics Card
• If your Graphics card is active
• Feature Level
• Driver Version

• Checks if KB2670838 is installed and lists updates

Offending Processes
• Checks for known offending processes

We have mainly been providing support to help get your system updated with your drivers as your PC needs to be as updated as possible in order to play Daylight after meeting the requirements. We are pleased that there has been a lot of community feedback and help on the forums as users help each other troubleshoot their systems compatibility and we really appreciate the informative and positive posts. Because the game requires new technology to run and some people have not had the best luck with updating, we have implemented this better way for us to help you troubleshoot your system so that we can help you determine whether your PC is compatible with our game.

• This checker will run for everyone the first time
• It will take about 15-30 seconds to check everything.
• If you pass all categories, it will not run again.
• If you need support, please click "Send Email to Zombie".

Patch Fixes

Along with this compatibility checker, we have also solved some instances of people getting white screens when launching the game if they were running on a single core processor.

We have also noticed that if you Alt+Tab the game during launch you might get a black and white screen. We are now looking into this but you should be ok if you refrain from using Alt+Tab.

Thank you for all of your continued support!

We made a few changes to our Diagnostic tool to perform even better. So far this tool has been very successful in helping through our email support.
2 мая 2014
Patch 1.1

We have found an issue where certain people were having problems with SLI which resulted in a Fatal Error Crash. If you were experiencing this crash and moved to the Version 1.0 build, we would like you to move back to the main branch by right clicking on Daylight, go to Properties > Betas and choose NONE - Opt out of all beta programs.

When launching the game, please choose the option that doesn't run SLI "Launch without SLI Support". If you are still having the same fatal crash, please post in the forums. Feel free to switch back to Version 1.0 if this does not work.
1 мая 2014
Patch 1.0
Patch Details:

Fixed an issue where the wrong Video Adapter could be chosen resulting in the game not launching or failing to detect a DirectX 11 capable card.

Daylight still requires DX11 to run as per the system requirements. If you are still having problems, please make sure you have visited the troubleshooting in this thread: http://steamcommunity.com/app/230840/discussions/0/558754898830659515

Patch Followup:

It seems that we have fixed some people with the patch that was sent out last night but we have noticed that from your reports it might have broken some players. If the patch has prevented you from playing the game, we have added a version of the game without the patch on it so you can still enjoy the experience.

To use Version 1.0 which is the version of the game before we applied the patch, please right click on Daylight in your Steam library, go to Properties > Betas and select Version 1.0 from the drop down list.

We are still investigating all issues so that we can have one version of the game for everyone but this is a workaround that we are providing so that you can continue to enjoy our game. Thank you for your patience.
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3. Играть

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