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My Supervisor''s Wife Tastes of Sweet Betrayal / 上司の妻は蜜の味

Год выпуска: 2013
Дата релиза: 2013/11/14
Жанр: Housewives,Oral sex,Striptease,Anal sex,,Big tits,Group sex
Цензура: Есть в игре (играх) раздачи
Разработчик/Издатель: Suzumebato/すずめばと
Платформа: PC/Windows
Тип издания: Лицензия
Таблэтка: Не требуется
Язык игры: Японский
Язык интерфейса: Японский
Язык озвучки: Японский
Системные требования: OS: Windows: 2000/xp/vista/7/8
HDD: 320 МБ
Описание: Lord it, and is the workplace; the boss of the hated person, a Purojiekuto leader. The wife who the pride of such him is young, and is beautiful. However, he was troubled at the same time. Oneself that a wife pro-eating meat is not satisfied as a man while being Soothing.
The chief character whom shinto puts away as be provoked by a wife.
Sex to hammer in which inflames the pent-up anger to the boss. The younger student is Sha-mail Send for 3P that I throw it in, the boss working overtime.
Fully cheer up "a wife" with gentleness wrapping up nomocchari body pro-whip whip eating meat and any Koto, and be Visual Novel having you heal it a whole bunch.
16 pieces of basics are made, and is crowded for five pieces of pictures (there is it for a difference), four pieces, difference to cut in; 60 pieces of total number of sheets. Open the gallery reading page after clear.
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