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Игра: Assassin''s Creed IV: Black Flag - Digital Deluxe EditionТип обновления: Кумулятивное
Требуемая версия: Assassin''s Creed IV: Black Flag - Digital Deluxe Edition (Ubisoft Entertainment) (RUS\ENG\MULTi15) [DL] [Steam-Rip] - Origins
(так-же подходит для релизов от RELOADED и R.G. Игроманы)
Версия: 1.03
Таблетка: Присутствует (RELOADED)
Кряк так-же разблокирует ВЕСЬ загружаемый контент!
-Update 1.03
· Fixed a bug with Abstergo Challenges not completing correctly (kill every type of animal, use every weapon, etc.)
· Fixed a bug where infinite loading occurs when attempting to replay some missions (particularly affecting “A Governor No Longer” Mission)
· Fixed a bug where Edward would continue to hold the blowpipe in his left hand throughout the game
· Fixed rare crashes and freezes
· Fixed a bug in Sequence 12 where
· Torres could not be killed at the end of the mission
· Fixed a bug where Community Challenge rewards were not being awarded properly (Community Challenges will resume shortly!)
· Fixed a bug where Uplay Rewards were not available after redemption
· Fixed a bug where Player Stats were not submitted on game quit
· NEW MAPS ADDED: Fort Saint-Mathieu and Plantation
· Fixed a bug on the Wolfpack income
· Fixed rare crashes and freezes
· Fixed crashes on the Big Events
· Fixed the icon for the "Professional" Abstergo Grade
· Fixed a situation where Abstergo rank appeared as undefined for unranked friends in Abstergo Network menu
· Fixed bugs in Wolfpack menus
· Ladders now award players with appropriate amount of points
· Fixed a bug where one group remained stuck on character selection if the other group leader quit the group while in the lobby
· Fixed the situation where the title remained stuck after unplugging the Ethernet Cable and having the Character Pack installed
· Fix on Timephase Ability to prevent affected players from climbing and jumping
· Add a delay before re-opening a door/lift with unstoppable equipped
· Change the size of the capture zone on Artifact Assault
· Fixed a situation where two groups sometimes couldn''t join each other
· Fixed a situation where you could see the Animus Shield during respawn
· Fixes on Wolfpack extra-objectives
· Rebalancing between Knives and Teleport Abilities
· Fixed a bug where the compass disappears after Minor Hack has been used on NPCs
· Fixed a bug where members of the same clan could be split up in the lobby
· Fixed a bug where a clan group remained stuck in the character selection screen after the second clan returned to search for a session
· Fixed a situation where the player became invisible when he tried to teleport with the artifact
· Fixes applied to Uplay linking
· Several fixes applied to the HUD
· Fixed a bug where player''s decoy could be seen running in mid-air in a specific location in Prison
· Fixes on the rewards and unlocks
-Update 1.02
* Fixed problem with VSync on multiplayer
* Fixed issue when the host has the game minimized
* Fixed various minor UI issues
* Fixed various minor stability issues on certain configurations
* Fixed an issue that made the Juan Garcia assassination contract in Matanzas impossible to finish in certain conditions
* Fix detection issues
* Fixed desynchronization issues during main missions
* Fix various display issues
* Fixed some graphical issues
* Fixed various online sharing issues relating to White Whales, Social Chests and Royal Convoys
* Fixed sword-spawning issues
* Fixed some database entry issues
* Fixed DLC trailer issues
* Fixed various animation issues
* And other various issues
* Fix various display issues
* Fix various crash issues
* Voice Chat improvements
* Fixed Wolfpack game mode behavior with Join In Progress option
* Fixed aspects of the Teleport & Bodyguard Abilities
* Fixed issues with host migration in Wolfpack Game Mode.
* Fixed approach meter behavior when under Timephase Ability effect.
* Fixes implemented in Havana & Kingston maps
* Fixed certain Ability set issues in Manhunt.
* Fixed the Booby Trap activation time
* Fixed frequency of the “extra time target” appearing in Wolfpack Game Mode
* And other various issues
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