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Battle of Dragoness

Год выпуска: 2013
Дата релиза: 2013/09/29
Жанр: jRPG, Leotard, Fantasy, Cum Inside, BigTits
Цензура: Есть в игре (играх) раздачи

Разработчик/Издатель: Megrim
Платформа: PC/Windows
Тип издания: Лицензия
Таблэтка: Не требуется
Язык игры: Японский
Язык интерфейса: Японский
Язык озвучки: Японский
Системные требования: CPU Intel® Pentium®4 2.0GHz

Описание: Adventure woman gladiator " Anarushia " begins now and Shi hidden power of dragon !

The good command many times and "work" ,
Let's gain experience using can fight against various opponents on the " arena " !

Combat , and huge butler image to be displayed on the full screen ,
To not only enjoy various events image displayed skill activation ,
I can enjoy the battles brain basis to take into account the cool turn and commands that can be entered in a row.

Moreover , only enemies distinctive finely tuned along the character set !
In addition , defeat erotic event also provides some of the enemy ! ( Five )
CV of " Anarushia " is in charge of popular Kanade older female voice and luster to the acid " to brute !"
Enjoy pant voice scream and yell , in erotic events listen to combat !

It should be noted that in the trial version , skills and various events have been removed many .
I will introduce some of the events that are recorded in the final version .

· I can challenge many times "work" quest are six
• Continuous quest needed to get a job in bar
· It is a model of painting , quest to expose the nude in front of the masses
· It is placed in jail if you are evil , erotic events with guards generation
Lotion massage of capacity up by beautiful fortune-teller
Erotic event and securing money in the strip prostitution in bar
Events that expose aside aside Fetish man

And so on , I prepare a lot of quest events rich variation other than the above .

And it is to work to be able to enjoy for a long time in addition to the event , rare items Because of the large number present .
※ 10 hours clear expected time .
※ ending one . You can adventure freely because it is not forced , such as virgin clear pregnancy end .
※ Because continue the game as it is also clear after , you can release after clearing performance events and uncollected .

Pure erotic CG total 169 sheets 69 sheets of ( delta 100 sheets ) !
Moreover , the number up further you put a variation of the Standing picture Butler image !
Доп. информация: For game we say our THX 2 Goodman - bluewr from ulmf
RPG Maker VX Ace RTP will require

Трекер:  [ 08-Дек-2013 22:38 ]


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