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Tommy Talton - Tommy Talton In Europe: Someone Else's Shoes

Жанр: Southern Rock
Страна: USA
Год издания: 2008
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 256 kbps
Продолжительность: 00:59:16


01 - Restless [00:04:49]
02 - Middle Of The Night [00:04:34]
03 - Time Will Never Change [00:05:06]
04 - Tired Of Living [00:04:04]
05 - The Got Song [00:03:48]
06 - How Come People Act Like That [00:04:49]
07 - God Save Everyone [00:06:36]
08 - Someone Else's Shoes [00:06:00]
09 - Baby, I'm On Your Side [00:04:13]
10 - Wake Up Ready [00:03:14]
11 - Things [00:03:57]
12 - Sit Here In The Sun [00:04:43]
13 - Broken Pieces [00:03:19]
[i][b]Tommy Talton is a founding member of 70\'s Capricorn Records group Cowboy. While in Macon, GA through most of the 70s, Tommy was a studio musician recording with artists such as Bonnie Bramlett, Martin Mull, Corky Lang (West, Bruce and Lang, Mountain), Gregg Allman, Dickey Betts, Clarence Carter, country legend Kitty Wells, Alex and Livingston Taylor, Arthur Conley of Sweet Soul Music fame, and more. He toured extensively throughout the U.S. with Cowboy and with Gregg Allman\'s Laid Back tour, from Carnegie Hall (as special guests) to Fillmore West in San Francisco and most cities in between. Tommy lived and toured in Europe throughout the 90s and formed a group there, called The Rebelizers, with members of Albert Lee’s band, Hogan’s Heroes.

“Throughout this CD, Talton delivers a cool, genuine old school aura that is both natural and refreshing. Talton does his own thing in his own way and at his own pace; which has been this old Cowboy’s stock-and-trade all along.\" – Bill Thames, Hittin’ the Note Magazine</span></span>

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