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Название игры: Dragon Age 2
Дата выпуска патча: 3.03.2012
Тип патча: Официальный
Версия патча: Patch v1.4
Таблэтка: Присутсвует
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Dragon Age II 1.04

– The warrior talent Sunder will continue to work after saving and loading
the game.
– Players can now disable the snap feature for area-of-effect attacks by
holding the ‘shift’ key.

– When Isabela is present in “Magistrate’s Orders,” Bethany no longer
receives incorrect friendship or rivalry points after the player decides
Kelder’s fate.
– In “Magistrate’s Orders,” Carver now receives +5 friendship if Fenris
kills Kelder or +10 friendship if the player kills him.
– Isabela no longer has a plot marker in the post-game save if the player
failed to complete “No Rest for the Wicked.”
– Aveline’s head no longer vibrates in “Finders Keepers” when conversing
with the warehouse guard.

– Resource loading and memory handling in conversations has improved to
address sporadic crashes occurring for some users. The bulk of the
resulting crashes were occurring in the conversation after Isabela’s
sex scene in Hawke’s Estate and a conversation with Aveline in
Viscount’s Keep after she is promised her captaincy.
– Handling has improved for login, messaging, and authentication during
periods of server disruption.
– Players who choose not to log in will no longer be presented with
recurring Lost Connection errors.
– Certain ambient audio no longer cuts in and out when switching
between characters.

– Sebastian’s plot marker, if present, has been removed when bringing him
into other downloadable content.

– Players are no longer able to re-use the Memento of Legacy to access the
Legacy downloadable content multiple times in a single play-through.
– Players now receive an item reward when completing “Malcolm’s Honor”
with Carver in the party.
– An issue that caused close to 200 banter lines between Hawke and the
followers not to fire has been fixed.
– A case where certain follower banter wouldn’t appear when playing from
a post-game save has been fixed.
– Isabela’s romance banter now properly checks to see if the player is
still eligible for a romance with her.
– Fenris’s romance banter now properly checks to see if Fenris and the
player slept together, but have not yet made up.
– A ghostly Bethany no longer joins in conversations from beyond the
– Sebastian and Anders no longer talk about Bethany or Carver as if they
are not present.
– Carver no longer mentions Leandra after her death.

– Removed the autosave immediately following the dungeon capture scene as
it was corrupting subsequent saves for a small number of users.

Patch is cumulative and includes all previous Dragon Age II patches.

The Deep Green is a bonus ring for the Mark of the Assassin downloadable
content in Dragon Age II. It is unlocked if the player has obtained any of
the achievements for the DLC and claimed the item before October 26, 2011.
Type: Ring


+4% nature damage
+6% healing to this character
+127 nature resistance
+8% chance of deathblows
Enemies drop better equipment

Dragon Age II – Mark of the Assassin

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