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Unity Pro 5.5.0 p4 x64

Год/Дата Выпуска: 2017
Версия: 5.5.0 Build p4
Разработчик: Unity Technologies
Сайт разработчика: https://unity3d.com

Разрядность: 64bit
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Таблэтка: Присутствует

Описание: Unity — это инструмент для разработки двух- и трёхмерных приложений и игр, работающий под операционными системами Windows, Linux и OS X. Созданные с помощью Unity приложения работают под операционными системами Windows, OS X, Windows Phone, Android, Apple iOS, Linux, а также на игровых приставках Wii, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One и MotionParallax3D дисплеях (устройства для воспроизведения виртуальных голограмм), например, Nettlebox. Есть возможность создавать приложения для запуска в браузерах с помощью реализации технологии WebGL. Ранее была экспериментальная поддержка реализации проектов в рамках модуля Adobe Flash Player, но позже команда разработчиков Unity приняла сложное решение по отказу от этого.

Приложения, созданные с помощью Unity, поддерживают DirectX и OpenGL. Активно движок используется как крупными разработчиками (Blizzard, EA, QuartSoft, Ubisoft), так и разработчиками Indie-игр (например, ремейк Мор. Утопия (Pathologic), Kerbal Space Program, Slender: The Eight Pages, Slender: The Arrival, Surgeon Simulator 2013, Baeklyse Apps: Guess the actor и т. п.) в силу наличия бесплатной версии, удобного интерфейса и простоты работы с движком.

12.01.2017 Обновлено до версии 5.5.0p4. Просьба перекачать торрент.

(858785) - Analytics: Fixed occasional windows editor crash on shutdown.
(827110) - Android: Disabled fence sync on poor performing drivers.
(855603, 859268) - Android: Fixed a crash when reloading or resuming scene which uses WebCamTexture.
(848830) - Android: Fixed an exception when trying to build to a non-existent path.
(845080) - Android: Fixed an issue where pausing during the splash screen would cause sprites to be black.
(855612) - Android: Gradle build and project export now support icon override.
(803872) - Android: Post process now executed before app is pushed to device.
(855545) - Animation: Fix for a crash using Resources.UnloadUnusedAssets with Animators caused by orphaned references.
(858208) - AR: Fixed a crash when exiting play mode during a Holographic Simulation session.
(848920, 858080, 860956) - Asset and Scene Management: Fixed a bug where importing multiple native DCC source files resulted in the contents of imported prefabs randomly switching places.
(849875) - Collab: Fixed an issue whereby the collab toolbar continued to have 'sign in' button even after signing in from the collab tool bar.
(859350) - Editor: Fixed an editor crash when switching platforms on a command line build.
(none) - Editor: Fixed local cache server not working if there were spaces in the path to the Unity Editor executable.
(858043) - Editor: Fixed Sprite Editor not always grid slicing fully black sprites correctly.
(793891) - Editor: Fixed launching Unity getting stuck on a grey screen for a minute or longer when your internet connection is bad.
(834243) - Editor: Fixed the issue that personal user is able to skip a mandatory survey.
(857504) - Editor: Fixed the splash screen 'Preview' button showing the NoiseModule preview texture.
(828286) - Editor: Reduced heap allocations for each frame when rotating the scene view in the editor.
(849376) - Graphics: Fixed a bug when importing Alpha8 textures which didn't import them as a single channel texture.
(852116) - Graphics: Fixed a crash during texture importing if the import failed.
(853722) - Graphics: Fixed a crash during texture importing if the texture format wasn't supported by the platform.
(825464) - Graphics: Fixed console error generated when using WWW.movie to create a movie texture.
(767034) - Graphics: Fixed errors spamming the console when performing GPU profiling on a DX11 Standalone build.
(none) - Graphics: Fixed the GPU Profiler in standalone mode.
(732380) - Graphics: Stopped rendering projectors twice if there is any transparent object visible to the camera.
(849356) - Graphics: Stopped the texture importer ignoring pure white Alpha channels by default. It is now a user option to choose to ignore it.
(810286) - iOS: Fix 2nd stage splash on iPhones with landscapeRight orientation
(856989) - iOS: Fixed crash in application:openURL:sourceApplication:annotation due to missing null check with Facebook SDK.
(831195) - iOS: Removed extra offset in constraint in default launchscreens.
(851764) - Lighting: Only clear the lighting progress bar when lighting is in progress. Stops lighting system accidentally closing other (non-lighting) progress bars.
(867312) - Metal: Fixed a memory leak when loading scene.
(807091) - Multiplayer: Fixed hostmigration sync issue.
(853316, 826931) - Multiplayer: Made sure isLocalPlayer works as expected on OnDestroy.
(none) - Networking: Skip proxy check when using the "file://" protocol on Windows.
(828188) - Physics: Display message in Inspector for Rigidbody2D when auto-mass is used on a Prefab or an inactive object.
(829769) - Physics 2D: Ensure that Rigidbody2D interpolation is reset if the Transform rotation is changed.
(715922) - Physics 2D: Fixed some 2D polygon outlines that were almost collinear causing collision detection problems.
(764734) - Shadows: Fixed a memory leak and assert when shadows are cast from lights with specific properties and in a specific scene setup.
(857270) - Substance: Fixed a crash when compressing small non-square textures to ETC with 'fast' quality.
(none) - Test: Corrected CHECK_EQUAL parameter and added another check for validation call count.
(856733) - UI: Fixed a curve preview cache not updating preview if curve data had changed but not the bounds.
(845756) - UI: Fixed a NullReferenceException when changing font to none.
(861467) - VCS: Don't attempt to connect to a Perforce server if any of the following parameters are unset: Server, User or Client.
(none) - VR: Fixed the usage of VRSettings.renderViewportScale in Camera's OnPreCull so that it was not a frame latent on all supporting SDKs. Fixed issues with Valve's Renderer adaptive quality feature.
(858634) - VR: Y-Axis Range For VR Controllers now match XBox controllers
(759286, 782587) - WebGL: Disabled deferred rendering on webgl1.0.
(850383) - WebGL: Fixed build with improperly tagged plugins
(none) - WebGL: Fixed Content-Length header field for local web server response that caused some audio files to have .duration == inf or zero. This was not reproducible with the normal workflow but could occur with a specific asset store plugin for webgl audio streaming.

Shaders: During shader compilation if an unknown/unhandled error occurs append the unknown/unhandled error message to the shader compiler error message. This gives some context on what might be wrong in the shader.


(none) - Ads: Fixed cloud build issue.
(835453) - Android: First scene is now loaded asynchronously while the splash screen is displayed.
(none) - Animation: Renabled StateMachine multithreaded evaluation.
(none) - Audio: Changed default behaviour of native spatializer plugins to only load at start for the Editor. Platforms now load when requested only.
(853250) - Cache Server: Fix for 'last resource used' behaviour; a file that it requested from the cache server will have its LRU state refreshed and its lifetime extended.
(859728) - Editor Login Window: Fixed an issue related to the 'Remember Me' functionality.
(860626) - Graphics: Fixed a crash when calling Graphics.Blit(null, destination).
(844799) - Graphics: Fixed an issue where grab pass could cause lighting to break on translucent objects in a scene.
(800796, 851897, 825951) - HoloLens: Fixed resume-from-suspend bugs that would occasionally crash the app or not render anything.
(857296) - IL2CPP: Now allow the Unity Ads engine integration to correctly build with Android on IL2CPP..
(853532) - iOS: Added Taiwanese language support.
(855467) - Particles: Calling Destroy() with particle system object in IEnumerator Start() could cause a crash
(858235) - Particles: Fixed crash in CopyFromArrayAOS when calling Emit(position, velocity, size, lifetime, color).
(856877) - Particles: Fixed error in TLS Allocator ALLOC_TEMP_THREAD when simulating particle system.
(none) - Particles: Fixed rare memory overwrite which would have caused problems (crashes) in random areas eg memory managers.
(856871) - Particles: Game crashes when new particles are spawned using deprecated Emit method
(856224) - Particles: Particle System Lights Module would not generate lights if particle positions were modified by script.
(852817) - Particles: Particle System Renderer wouldn't allow rendering using multiple materials.
(846516) - Particles: Particle System subsequent Sub Emitter inherit properties were overridden with the first inherit property.
(851712) - Particles: ParticleSystem editor was using incorrect handle matrix when scaling mode was set to Hierarchy.
(850638) - Particles: Unity could crash in EmitterStoreData function when a Particle System was "aligned to direction" during Play mode.
(858816) - Physics: Fixed interpolation of Rigidbodies causing position and rotation to be inaccurate when accessed via Transform from within FixedUpdate.
(848718) - ReplayKit : Fixed a crash when creating objects from broadcasting start callback.
(833159) - ReplayKit : Fixed ReplayKit.StartBroadcasting not pausing the app.
(none) - Shaders: Bunch of bug fixes in translating shaders from HLSL to GLSL/Metal
Crash fix on partial precision parsing.
Added support for missing texture gather ops and sample count query.
Fixed bugs in swapc, SM5 variant of shift ops, atomic compare exchange, texture array coord translation, texture array element index rounding, texel fetch swizzle and GLSL extension handling.
(861611) - Tizen: Fixed the deploying failure problem.
(855646) - UnityWebRequest: Fixed the issue of a request continuing execution after exiting playmode, resulting in high CPU usage.
(834072) - VR: OpenVR app built and run with d3d12 crashes on start.
(852569) - VR: Switching stereo rendering during playback causes rendering issues.
(859650) - Windows Store: Building project for Windows Store targeting Windows 10 SDK now works when only VS2017 is installed.
(854650) - Windows Store: Fixed the issue of UnityWebRequest not working in Master builds.
(859389) - Windows Store: Generated VS project now builds once again when targeting ARM with IL2CPP scripting backend.

(757055) - Graphics: Added support for feature level 11.1 on D3D11/D3D12. This brings native support for RGB565 and ARGB1555 RenderTexture formats. Note that this does not render correctly for ARGB4444 which will be fixed in one of the future releases.


(854739) - Android: Fix auto-rotation on Android 4.1 and older.
(849972) - Audio: Fixed FSBTool crashing when importing OGG files with non-standard sample rates.
(830217) - Compute: Don't let GC dispose of ComputeBuffers. Added a warning for the user to release it manually.
(840151) - Editor: Fixed ArgumentOutOfRangeException triggered when closing tabs in dock area.
(843280) - Editor: Fixed s crash when baking occlusion. This also fixed a crash in rare cases at the end of occlusion baking if your scene contains portals.
(none) - Editor: Stopped the first probe being rendered multiple times when drawing the light probe visualization gizmo.
(840591) - Game Performance: Fixed a potential crash on player exit if Game Performance Service is enabled.
(853627) - Graphics: Added Material.SetBuffer with nameID overload.
(851359) - Graphics: Fixed a crash when deleting a Shader that is used by some Materials in the scene.
(849344) - Graphics: Fixed a crash when using Material.SetColor and similar functions with some built-in Unity variable names.
(851689) - Graphics: Fixed memory leak when instantiating materials (e.g. via renderer.material).
(none) - Graphics: Fixed OpenGL color space support on Windows (WGL_EXT_colorspace detection).
(836947) - Graphics: Fixed rendering bug when grab pass is used with forward rendering and graphics jobs are enabled.
(none) - HoloLens: Fixed a crash in Editor when terminating Remoting App during an active Holographic Remoting session.
(848237) - HoloLens: Improved error reporting when failing to load PerceptionRemotingPlugin.dll (used by Holographic Remoting).
(none) - IL2CPP: Emit proper C++ for unsafe methods that cast a void pointer to a type pointer and access a field from that type.
([856410]](<a href="https://issuetracker.unity3d.com/product/unity/issues/guid/856410/)" class="postLink">https://issuetracker.unity3d.com/product/unity/issues/guid/856410/)</a>) - IL2CPP: Prevent a stack overflow in the player runtime when metadata for an infinitely nested recursive generic type used (like the FullName of that type).
(763240) - iOS: Fixed Module Registration and Code Stripping for builds with the Mono scripting backend.
(852363) - iOS: Fixed crashes in WWWConnection.
(857032) - Metal: Fixed a crash on startup on some iOS devices.
(810267) - Multiplayer – WebGL: Error creating/requesting Network matches on WebGL.
(849681) - OpenGL: Fixed image mask when running in upscaled fullscreen mode.
(852264) - Shaders: Fixed UNITY_VERSION macro not being setup in surface shaders.
(none) - Shaders: Improved support for handling backslash includes within shaders.
(829120) - Standalone: Fixed the incorrect display labels when using more than 2 monitors.
(824508) - VR: Fixed a memory leak when using a canvas and VRFocus is lost.
(858763) - VR: Unity 5.5 VR Camera Strobing between head poses once game is built.

Graphics: An assert message is now shown in the console for platforms that don't support linear rendering with OpenGL ES API.
macOS/iOS/tvOS: Enhancement to allow developers to use Xcode's manual signing paradigm by specifying a provisioning profile in Player Settings.
Metal: Improved handling of transparent rendering after post-opaque image effects when using MSAA.
Shaders: Optimized in-editor import, load time and memory usage for shaders with massive amounts of potential variants.
Unity Ads: Updated native binaries to version 2.0.6.


(855550) - Test Runner: Removed script templates for test runner (as it is not released).


(833396) - AI: Fix for "!InCrowdSystem" and "!handle.IsValid()" errors seen in console when calling Warp and enabling a disabled NavMeshAgent.
(854739) - Android: Fixed auto-rotation on Android 4.1 and older.
(845646) - Android: Input.backButtonLeavesApp = true now exits gracefully.
(824462) - Android: The platform setting for Android plugins now defaults to "Android" instead of "Any Platform".
(793711) - Asset Import: Fixed an issue where deleting asset labels manually from .meta files would not be picked up by the editor.
(668043, 837519) - Asset Pipeline: Fixed an issue where asset and timestamp maps could get out of sync.
(741525) - AssetBundles: Fixed redundant asset bundles rebuild when external dll changes.
(853618) - Build Pipeline: VR Splash Screen texture will no longer be included when building a project for a non-VR platform.
(836131) - Collab: Fixed case of sign-in window getting stuck when launched from the toolbar menu.
(791434) - Core: Fixed hangs in the job system when running on certain platforms with a low number of cores e.g. older Windows Phones, UWP dual core machines.
(849022) - Editor: Fixed case of some properties being set to a single value when entering multi select mode for Trails and Lines.
(849138) - Editor: Fixed disappearing tab when closing 3 or more of them successively.
(857037) - Editor: Fixed NullReferenceException when undocking preview window.
(833866) - Editor: Tweaked the output of the generated Visual Studio solution file to better match Visual Studio standard format, in order to fix problems opening Unity generated projects with Rider GUI.
(805221, 605171) - Graphics: Disabled GPU skinning on GL and GLES based graphics APIs for desktop & mobiles.
(821298) - Graphics: Fix to ensure that ETC1 alpha split option only shows for ETC1 4bit format in texture importer.
(846989) - Graphics: Fixed a crash during shutdown when using the DX9 graphics API.
(829120) - Graphics: Fixed a problem where the Windows standalone would appear on a different display from that selected in the game launcher.
(840897) - Graphics: Fixed a problem with objects not rendering after resolution changes or entering/exiting fullscreen when using DX9 graphics API.
Graphics: Fixed case of the Windows player build being disabled when using linear rendering and OpenGL ES graphics API in the editor.
(849671) - Graphics: Fixed lightmap decoding in the editor when the target platform is mobile.
(823371) - Graphics: Fixed the GPU Profiler to work in the MacOS Editor using the GLcore graphics API. Can only profile a single game window whilst it is in play mode.
(825046, 824894) - Graphics: Fixed warped lens flare and halo effects when not in stereo.
(850383) - IL2CPP: A more useful error message is now returned from IL2CPP when trying to build a WebGL project with the Facebook SDK.
(852445) - IL2CPP: Added proper support for a class that is marshalled as a field of another class or struct, including the proper return value for a call to Marshal.Sizeof in this case.
(846956) - IL2CPP: Added support for managed stack traces on Android.
(849701) - IL2CPP: Corrected a crash that can occur in the player when a virtual method is called on a value type and that value type implements an interface which has an overload of that virtual method.
(845666) - IL2CPP: Corrected managed stack traces when Xcode 8 is used to build on iOS with link-time optimization enabled.
(847838) - IL2CPP: Fix to prevent a compiler error in generated C++ code when calling Interlocked.CompareExchange from some managed code.
(845174) - IL2CPP: Fix to prevent a stack overflow exception in the player at run time when an infinitely nested generic method is used.
(853468) - IL2CPP: Fixed an issue with attribute classes that have overridden properties.
(849072) - IL2CPP: Implemented the array SetValue method for arrays of nullable types.
(851098) - IL2CPP/Android: Fixed issue where the error output from the compiler/linker was not captured.
(820587) - Lighting: Fixed a problem with reflection probes updating during runtime even when "Refresh Mode" was set to "Via Scripting".
(812479) - Multiplayer: Fixed InvalidOperationException when selecting NeworkManager in Hierarchy for the first time.
(719672) - Networking: Fix to prevent using a packet size greater than defined in global config.
(837602) - Particles: Added animation support for simulation speed property.
(849084) - Particles: Fixed occasional crash when using external forces module.
(835334) - Physics: Continuously setting Rigidbody2D 'bodyType' or 'IsKinematic' to the same value should not cause contact recalculations; this can cause instabilities.
(850059) - Physics: Fixed an accuracy issue where a capsule would jitter and bounce erratically after being placed on top of a scaled mesh at specific locations when the PCM collision mode was enabled.
(853163) - Physics: Scaling a CapsuleCollider2D using a Transform component scale in X or Y of zero in the inspector no longer causes a warning in the console.
(801761) - Prefabs : Fixed an issue where a prefab instance could be incorrectly marked inactive when first loading a scene.
(836589) - Profiler: Fixed isse where taking a detailed memory snapshot did not work in some circumstances.
(759338) - Scripting: Fixed case of WaitForSeconds waiting forever when receiving NaN as the parameter.
(850350) - Scripting: Fixed MonoDevelop build errors when building UnityScript and Boo projects.
(825418) - Shaders: Automatically upgrade any shaders using unity_SpecCube1. This fixes unity_SpecCube1 related shader compile errors after a project upgrade.
Shaders: Fixed a problem when compiling shaders using windows style directory separator ("\") in #include paths and compiling on MacOS.
(814063, 812479) - Shaders: Fixed a rare problem on DX11 with NaNs happening during the depth pass of forward rendering mode, resulting in shadow artefacts.
(844355) - Shaders: Fixed a shader compiler crash for shaders which had extra "}" tokens in them.
(825408) - Shaders: Fixed crash when compiling very complex surface shaders. Optimised the memory usage during surface shader compilation.
(829162) - Substance: Fixed case of ProceduralTexture inspector preview sometimes showing invalid size and format.
(840177) - Substance: Fixed case of SubstanceArchive inspector unselecting ProceduralMaterials after being renamed.
(842999) - Substance: Fixed crash when loading a substance with corrupted data,
(840181) - Substance: Fixed issue where the emission shader parameter was not properly set on import when emission global illumination was set to realtime.
(819300) - UI: Fixed jittery movement when scrolling ScrollRect.
(826626) - UnityWebRequest: Fixed case of incorrect Content-Type request header for multipart form data in POST requests.
(851921) - UnityWebRequest: Fixed case of POST requests not working with empty data.
(850018) - UnityWebRequest: Fixed issue where escaped characters in URL would get unescaped.
(657131) - VCS: Fixed null reference exception that could occur after resolving an asset (e.g. prefab) whilst the asset is selected and displaying in the inspector.
(824508) - VR: Fixed a memory leak when using a canvas and VRFocus is lost.
(851967) - VR: Fixed an issue where only the shadows from the first light would render in both eyes when using single pass instancing.
(851891) - VR: Fixed case of error shader rendering in one eye only when using single pass instancing.
(845179) - VR: Fixed crash when checking for Stereo VR Device during build.
(822480) - Windows Store: Fixed duplicate assembly warning when building Universal 8.1.
(820871) - Windows: Fixed issue where Application.systemLanguage would return the region language rather than the UI language.
Для разработки
<ol class="post-ul">
OS: Windows 7 SP1+, 8, 10; Mac OS X 10.8+ (Windows XP и Windows Vista не поддерживаются; серверные версии Windows и OS X не тестировались.).
Графический процессор: Графическая карта с поддержкой DX9 (модель шейдера 3.0) или DX11 с поддержкой возможностей уровня 9.3.
Остальное зависит, главным образом, от сложности ваших проектов.
Дополнительные требования к платформе разработки:
<ol class="post-ul">
iOS: Mac с операционной системой не ниже OS X 10.9.4 и Xcode 7.0 или выше.
Android: Android SDK и Java Development Kit (JDK).
Windows Store: Windows 8.1 (64-разрядная) и соответствующие версии Visual Studio и SDK-платформы:
<ol class="post-ul">
Windows 8.1 / Windows Phone 8.1: Visual Studio 2013 или новее и SDK для Windows 8.1;
UWP: Visual Studio 2015 или новее и SDK для Windows 10;
Для создания IL2CPP-скриптов в Visual Studio вам потребуется компилятор для C++.

WebGL: Mac OS X 10.8+ или Windows 7 SP1+ (только 64-разрядный редактор).
Для запуска игр Unity
Вообще говоря, контент, разработанный на Unity, будет идти достаточно гладко везде. А насколько хорошо - это зависит от сложности вашего проекта. Более детальные требования:
<ol class="post-ul">
Настольная система:
<ol class="post-ul">
OS: Windows XP SP2+, Mac OS X 10.8+, Ubuntu 12.04+, SteamOS+
Графическая карта: DX9 (модель шейдера 3.0) или DX11 с поддержкой возможностей уровня 9.3.
Центральный процессор: поддержка набора инструкций SSE2.

iOS-плейер требует iOS 7.или выше (не работает на 6.0).
Android: OS 2.3.1 или более поздняя версия; ARMv7 (Cortex) CPU с поддержкой NEON или Atom CPU; OpenGL ES 2.0 или более поздняя версия.
WebGL: Любая актуальная версия Firefox, Chrome, Edge или Safari для настольных компьютеров
Windows Phone 8.1 или более поздняя версия
Windows Store Apps 8.1 или более поздняя версия
addons - встроенные шейдеры, сервер кеширования, документация, примеры проектов,
crack - лекарство
crack\old - лекарства для предыдущих билдов
support - модули для компиляции под разные платформы
UnitySetup64-5.5.0p4.exe - установщик Unity
UnityStandardAssetsSetup-5.5.0p4.exe - установщик стандартных ассетов
1. Установить Unity
2. Установить стандартные ассеты.
3. Скопировать с заменой файл Unity.exe из папки crack в папку редактора Unity (при установке на диск С: - C:\Program Files\Unity\Editor\)
4. Скопировать файл лицензии Unity_v5.x.ulf из папки crack в папку C:\ProgramData\Unity\
4.1 Если на диске С: нет папки ProgramData, включить показ скрытых файлов.
4.2 Если в папке С:\ProgramData нет папки Unity, создать её.
5. Запустить Unity для проверки.
6. Установить неодходимые вам модули поддержки и дополнения.

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