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Harem Collector
Год выпуска: 2013
Дата обновления: 2016/08
Жанр: RPG, 3DCG, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Rape, Mind Break, Slave, Incest, Oral, Titsjob, Anal, Group, DP, BDSM, Sex toys, Bondage, Milk, Сreampie, Bukkake, Lingerie, Stockings, Glasses, Tentacles, Angels, Succubus, Elf, Maids, Neko, Nuns, Witch
Цензура: Отсутствует
Разработчик/Издательство: Bad Kitty Games
Платформа: PC/ WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows10
Тип издания: В разработке
Таблэтка: Не требуется
Версия: August 2016
Язык игры: Английский
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Язык озвучки: Отсутствует
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:: CPU Intel Pentium4 2.0GHz :: RAM 512MB :: HDD 244MB :: [url=...1429193]RPG Tkool VX Ace RTP[/url] ::

Несколько лет наш герой работал не покладая рук на гильдию искателей приключений. За эти годы он скопил приличную сумму, заполучил прекрасный клинок, и вот наконец-то его повысили в звании.Теперь он полностью готов к новым приключениям и исполнению своей заветной мечты: собрать личный гарем из 151 девушки!Nyarkohotep
Version 4: Dealth with some more of the quest-related bugs, it should work pretty smoothly now. Also, added some new party-related art assets and a few more party guests. Enjoy!

Now, there''s still a bit of work to be done. I''m hoping that before the public release I can polish up Honey Trapper some more and get the other quest done. Honey Trapper is pretty bare bones right now (for example, there are all of... six people attending Doralice''s birthday party?) but all the working parts work (ihopeihopeihope). It''s a great quest to check out with the New Game + mechanic, as there are four different endings to the quest AND a lot of fiddly little continuity hooks in it.

By the way, if Brigandine acts weird during the party, it''s because I had to back-end somethings that tracks if you''ve met her not... please bear with it.

Changes in July Version

-There is one new quest! A butler should be waiting outside your Northmarket manor to get it started, once you''re completed the Manor Assault and achieved Journeyman rank.

-There is now a “New Game + Fairy” in your Northmarket bedroom who will happily reset the game for you, leaving your inventory, level and money intact.

-New banters featuring Meline and Chimei.

-Implemented some generic catfolk sprites and faces.

-Doll can now equip Orbs.

-Doll and Chimei now learn new Evocations from some Orbs, particularly the non-generic ones.

-Chimei no longer learns Cold-elemental Evocations. Instead, she learns Sonic-elemental ones. Also, the levels at which she learns new Evocations have been shuffled.

-”Rage” skills no longer count as Evocations, instead they now have their own category. This means that Rages are no longer blocked by Deafness. The same goes for enemy rages, by the way, so be careful.

-A whole bunch of enemy skills are now considered Spells rather than Techniques.

-The Staggered state now drains 2 Momentum per turn it''s in effect.

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