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ロマンス・オブ・ファンタジー / Romance Of Fantasy
Дата релиза: 2011/04/30
Дата обновления: 2015/11/16
Жанр: jRPG, Fantasy, DOT/Pixel, Big Tits/Big Breasts/DFC, Monster Girl, Creampie/Bukakke, Tentacles/Monsters
Цензура: Есть
Разработчик/Издательство:cupid-ice (キューピッドアイス)
Платформа: PC/ WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows10
Тип издания: Оригинальная (лицензионная)
Таблэтка: Не требуется
Версия: Ver.1.55
Язык игры: Японский
Язык интерфейса: Японский
Язык озвучки: Японский
Минимальные Системные требования:
:: HDD 200MB :: [url=...1429193]RPG Tkool VX Ace RTP[/url] ::

Игрок переносится в волшебную страну, населенную прекрасными нимфами. Помимо прохождения самой игры, опасных схваток и странствий, вам предстоит заняться удовлетворением юных красавиц. И не важно, что часть прелестниц имеют крылья или эльфийские ушки, вы сможете убедиться, что у них к тому же прилагаются все положенные таким красавицам прелести. Единственное, что их отличает от реальных девушек, так это потрясающая доступность и желание отдаться самому главному мужчине в их мире, то есть вам. Выбирайте понравившуюся девицу и не теряйте времени, ведь их на вашем пути встретится еще много.Описание ralsip
-------------------------------------------------- -------
※ The current version (Ver1.55), contains additional content, "the emitted Shi memory".
With regard to "the emitted Shi memory", please refer to within the skill Circle home page special page.
-------------------------------------------------- ------
※ When you get a purchase, First thank you to always check the operation of the trial version.
-------------------------------------------------- ------
※ In order to enjoy long, we have planned various versions up even after the sale.
Before you buy, make sure you ask the member registration to DLSite like.
If you would have been purchased as a guest, is re-download that contains the update will become only seven days from after the purchase.
-------------------------------------------------- -----

"Romance Of Fantasy" is a RPG of side-view battle.

Various weapons and surgical techniques, such as attribute element, not only of orthodox RPG system, we have introduced the unusual system.

☆ "libido System"
Is the hero you are, healthy boy.
Of course, if you are adventurous and girls, nature and libido is not coming accumulated Muramuratto.
Such as the down status and sexual desire come accumulated, it will gradually become bad tone ...
So, you can try to eliminate sexual desire in many, many different ways.

-Inn to stay, get up in the middle of the night ...
→ sleeping and ... a fellow in the story
→ and sleeping in undress so as not to be noticed by fellow ...
→ assertive fellow sleeping rather ...
→ and awake ... or try beg libido treatment to fellow has
→ to ... the naked fellow with the exception of the bath
→ favorability is higher fellow with the consent of the etch and ...

Clean, and sexual manners "clean land"!

• The ... a girl monster caught in the quest to opponent

Etc. etc., please eliminate the libido in your way he wanted.
If the libido is resolved, critical rate up, dressed in a good thing, such as status up!

☆ "Armor Break!"
Monsters blocking your way, all the girls monsters (all 119 species)!
Fighting in, "Armor Break" is generated by the moribund state!
Girl monster clothes torn, usually of 1.5 times the experience and money is available, and more will come out of a chance that you can get a rare item.

☆ "favorability rating system."
From occurring in the middle of a trip event, until the day-to-day chat, you will be faced with a variety of selection.
By your chosen option, the favorability rating of fellow girls Masu Yuki changing.
By favorability rating, or can etch on the consent, or special lover event occurs, in addition to affecting the ending, you have also affect the success rate at the time of request earnestly libido treatment at the inn.

☆ 180 sheets including basic CG45 sheets, the difference will be the volume of clear time about 15 to 25 hours.

☆ "sex clean land"
☆ "multi-ending"
☆ "CG browsing mode"
☆ "Actual Archive"
☆ "monster picture book"
☆ "girl monster capture Quest"

Etc., liven up the adventure system Yes incorporates rich.
For more information, please visit the home page.

※ To play this work, RPG Maker VX RTP is required.
How to download, please read the Readme included.













※この作品をプレイするには、RPGツクールVX RTPが必要になります。

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