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トラベリング スターズ + HOOKSOFT15周年特別企画豪華初回特/ Traveling Stars - First Press Limited Edition + Special disk
Дата релиза: 2015/08/28
Жанр: ADV, Fantasy, Students, Pure Love, Romantic, Comedy, Big Breasts/DFC, Vampire, Succubus, Neko, Magic, Lingerie, Stockings/Pantyhose
Цензура: Есть в игре (играх) раздачи
Разработчик/Издательство: HOOKSOFT
Платформа: PC / WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8
Тип издания: Оригинальная (лицензионная)
Таблэтка: Не требуется
Язык игры: Японский
Язык интерфейса: Японский
Язык озвучки: Японский
Минимальные Системные требования:
:: CPU Pentium4 1.7GHz :: RAM 1GB :: VRAM 32MB :: Video 1280*720 ::
:: Soundcard DirectSound :: HDD 4GB :: DirectX:9.0c ::

Souma is your average guy living a very ordinary life in peaceful Japan, however one day he was chosen for an extremely important role. As the world’s ambassador to the newly linked ‘other world’ Sansarune, he was tasked with taking in their magic culture there. He despaired at having no friends, TV nor games in this world, but how could one not be excited about being in a fantasy world that everyone dreams of? It was a world of elves, vampires, angels and demons, not to mention girls with animal ears.

Ten years later, Souma returned to the human world to the jointly-created floating city Arteal, and enrolled into the newly-founded magic school there. As someone who had experienced both cultures, he was relied upon, looked up to, and adored by everyone. It was a unique new beginning for someone who used to be just a normal boy.

[From [url=https://omochikaeri.Хочу в бан, я тупой спамер/2015/07/12/july-2015-eroge-releases/]Hau~ Omochikaeri![/url]]
HOOKSOFT formation 15th anniversary work, another step and contemporary fantasy!
So far, HOOKSOFT, which has been a pure love-royal road Gakuen Mono the pillars, announced at last new work was interwoven with fantasy!
Unchanged underlying the style because it is not a course route change, worry conventional fan.
Draw a richer heroines of charm and love pattern, we will continue to expand the various events born from a variety of human relations.
In this work exchanges with different world has become a story of the liver, in addition to the everyday scene, there is a night of extracurricular tuition Night School to the dungeon exploration with friends.
Events of the heroine in the MAP selection, other events, and a little naughty event occurs!
Since the event is to change over time, let's variously trial so as not to miss the lucky lascivious.
In addition, the familiar real-time click and, even girly Talking breaks you can see the feelings of the heroine and attention!
Of tactics and unique different race, no pleasure ever the good of the tempo to enjoy girly Talking on the spot!?
As much as possible a bridge between Japan and different world, everyone (especially girls) trying to send a get along fun school life!
Boy Soma who had spent very mediocre at this peaceful Japan.
But I was born and raised a boy in a small island nation, was supposed to play a critical role in leading the world in a day.
And its role is to interact with one day a different world-Sansarune that had suddenly connected to the human world, where hostage officers for taking the magic culture that has been developed.
Also not friends, TV is also a Soma, which was about to despair, if not world game, was rather fantasy world what the world that everyone dreams.
Puzzled gently care for big boobs a High Elf sister of the Soma, vampire that people hooked in mysterious beauty,
Girl from beautiful girl like an angel of the devil type, even Gozare anything until the cat Mimi dog ear. And exchanges willing '10. Was waiting for Soma that has returned to the original Had the human world, the human and the different world people it was air city Al Teal that Deki holding hands.

Soma, which was admitted to the newly established magic school for a base point of the alternating current.
Resorted from the surroundings in that you are touching in either culture, is longing, it endeared is, the
boy was very mediocre, make a new start as a special presence.
Initial benefits luxury five major benefits +2!
Is the 15 anniversary work this work first award is ultra-luxurious! Including those of content undecided, a total of 7 items are shipped. 1. Traveling Stars Original high resolution Soundtrack 2. cat ear Mischa root additional patches (provisional) 3. night before the relaxation theater (provisional) with zirconia sister 4. Chloe starting with good morning night Communication (provisional) 5. Traveling Stars high-resolution system Voice collection 6.? ? ? 7.? ? ?
Congratulation master up!
We have received a master up illustrations.
HOOKSOFT 結成15周年記念作品は、新たな一歩・現代ファンタジー!
これまで、純愛・王道学園モノを柱としてきた HOOKSOFT が、ついにファンタジーを織り交ぜた新作を発表!
異世界との交流が物語のキモとなっている本作では、日常シーンとは別に、仲間と共にダンジョン探検をする 夜の課外授業・ナイトスクール が存在。
異種族ならではの駆け引きや、その場でガーリートーキングを楽しむテンポの良さは今までにない快感 !?
その役目とは、ある日突然人間界と繋がってしまった 異世界・サンサルネ と交流し、そこで発達していた魔法文化を取り入れるための人質役。

そして交流が進んで 10年。
もといた人間界に戻ってきた相馬を待っていたのは、人間と異世界人とが手を取り合ってできた 空中都市・アルティール だった。
15周年記念作品である本作は初回特典が超豪華! 内容未定の物も含め、計7アイテムが同梱されます。

1. トラベリングスターズ オリジナルハイレゾサントラ
2. ネコ耳ミーシャ ルート追加パッチ(仮)
3. ジルコニアお姉さんによるおやすみまえのくつろぎ劇場(仮)
4. おはようから始まるクロエの夜コミュニケーション(仮)
5. トラベリングスターズ ハイレゾシステムボイスコレクション
6. ???
7. ???



Special disk
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