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Daisounan / だいそうなん
Жанр: JRPG, Fantasy, Striptease, Harem, Group, Oral,Neko, Blowjob, BDSM, Anal, Footjob, Big tits/DFC
Цензура: Есть в игре
Год выпуска: 2009 | Дата релиза: 2009/03/27 | Разработчик/Издатель: SofthouseChara (ソフトハウスキャラ)
Платформа: PC/Windows | Тип издания: Оригинальная (лицензионная) |Таблэтка:Не требуется
Язык игры: Японский | Язык интерфейса: Японский | Язык озвучки: Японский
Системные требования (минимальные): OS: WinVista/7 CPU:Pentium 200 MHz/300 MHz
RAN: 64MB/128MB VRAM: 800*600 DirectX:5.0 HDD: 1,54 ГБ
getchu / vndb
Описание: История происходит в будущем, когда путешествия между планетами становится обычным делом. Вот и главный герой летел на таком корабле, который попадает в аварию и падает на необитаемую планету, оставив 9 пассажиров робинзонами. Но оказывается, есть вариант спастись, но количество человек ограничено. Вопрос состоит : Когда, кто и с кем?
A brief guide for Daisounan

To collect more items,
Raise you skill point to level up skills in relevant fields (探索)
Max your map high items with building 連絡塔 on land, ブイ on water
and There are 2 default skills

For collection, Yoriko''s skill will help you with her searching skill if you can max her hearts,
Your 2nd default skill will change with heroines bonus skills (?)
The 1st one seems hard to get

To collect more food
raise the skill 採取
build 果樹園 + 畑 on land OR build 港 on water

To cook with good yield
cook in the map with 製作小屋 + 家 / 宝石家,
also may use the Optional Cooking Skill 料理人 in early phase

Rules to Raise Heart lv and some spoiler

1, don''t let people starve, make sure the shared food is enough
2, complete the task set during the meeting every week

3, leave Hime for the last (except some H scenes happen Before the appearance of other girls)

The 4 other girls

a - Yoriko, automatic started when she asks you to betray Hime
b - Mikoto, semi-auto, she will also ask you to betray Hime later and start to attack Hime. After a few talks, you need to beat her to HP 0. She''s tough, defending is easier if she is attacking your buildings. Use 警備 on that map.
c/d - Hiyori, automatic, wait & she will ask you to test her drinks for a few times.
c/d - Sairi, no need to attack her, after some talks, try giving her gifts , she will then give you some specific item request

4, Talk (会話) a lot before and after first H if the event is started, continue to follow the girl and talk if possible.

There is probably no need to hurry or you can try a few more play to get stronger with carry over points
If you are strong or good enough, you can finish the 5 girls ~80% of the CG before the older butlers appear.
There are a number of events need to be one the same specific map and talking to trigger.

for convo options other than princess,
first one lets you give items
2nd one lets you trade items
3rd seems to trade info on areas
4th lets you ask them to do actions like cooking, building etc,
5 is just chit chat

meeting do followings.

A~E is horizontal, 1~5 is vetrical
A1=No proposal, B1=create food, C1=For All (things that help everyone like food), D1= search green field twice, E1= search forest
A2=search jungle, B2=search wasteland, C2=search montain, D2=search desert, E2= get along with Hime
A3= with Kankurou, B3=with Yoriko, C3=with Mikoto, D3=with Sairi, E3=with Hiyori
A4=with Mifuyu, B4=with Matsuo, C4=with Kobayashi, D4=with All, E4=recreation
A5=increase supporter (500 of Tree or mermaid), B5=collect any 20 items using search, C5=create facility except trap, D5=explore planet

recreation gives event cg
when you choose A3, characters try to communicate with you. so try to get A3 as much as possible to see events
Here is a list of most of the selectable skills (if i don''t have them all)

風格 > Appearance > ?Characters Like You Better
交渉者 > Negotiating Person > ?Helps in Convincing During Votes
製作者 > Manufacturer > ?Helps You in Construction
探検家 > Explorer > ?Helps You in Finding Item
将軍 > General > ?Helps You in Offensive Battles
参謀 > Planning Officer > ?Helps You in Defensive Battles
罠師 > Trap Master > ?Increases Constructive Speed of Traps Or Increases
Effectiveness of Traps
孤高 > Superiority > ?
委員長 > Committee Chairman > ?
整備士 > Maintenance Soldier > ?Increases Ability to Repair by 10%
整備王 > Maintenance King > ?Increases Ability to Repair by 30%
登山家 > Mountain Climber > Increases Mounting Mobility y 1
乗馬 > Horse Rider > Increases Mobility by 1 Square
抵抗者 > Resisting Person > ?
追従者 > Servicing Person > ?
妥協者 > Compromising Person > ?
議長 > President > ?
口八丁 > Eloquent > ?Helps to Win Votes
医者 > Doctor > ?Helps Health and Vitality to Heal Faster
超体力 > Ultra-Health > Increases Maximum Possible Strength to 200
超気力 > Ultra-Vitality > Increases Maximum Possible Vitality to 200
不死鳥 > Phoenix > ?
カブの友 > Kuby''s Friend > Increases Maximum Possible Kabus to 3000
人魚の友 > Mermaid''s Friend > Increases Maximum Possible Mermaids to 3000
白銀の幸運 > Silver Luck > ?
青銅の幸運 > Bronze Luck > ?
野生の鼻 > Nose of the Wild > ?
野生の目 > Eye of the Wild > ?
料理人 > Chef > ?Better at cooking by what fold?

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