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Bloods War

Год выпуска: 2010
Дата релиза: 2010/09/07
Жанр: RPG, ADV, Mind Control, Slave, RAGS
Цензура: Отсутствует/Есть патч для удаления
Разработчик/Издатель: Blue Devil
Платформа: PC/Windows
Тип издания: Оригинальная (лицензионная)
Таблэтка: Не требуется
Версия: 2.23
Язык игры: Английский
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Язык озвучки: Неизвестен/ Другой
Системные требования (минимальные): Windows 98/XP/7/8; 128 MB RAM

Описание: The bloods war. I “borrowed” the idea a little from Neverwinter Nigths (mainly Hordes of the Underdark), and a litlle from Constantine (the moovie with Keanu Reeves). Good news: you have 18 beatifull women to enslave (and like Pokemon, you will need to catch them all). Bad news: The game is not nearlly as good as most of the other collective’s games. I’m not that good as a writter or as a developer. For example, you don’t have initial choices, or paths. You are a male. Your name is Oscar. And you are one of the bad guys.

Доп. информация: Топик автора игры на форуме Hypnopics Collective
Проигрыватель rag-игр
Take wallet and Talk to Tyrant (order doesn''t matter)
Drive to downtown
Enter Dark Alley/approach bad looking guys/attack them
Take Small gun and money
Go back to downtown
Talk to Xavier
Use gun to shoot Xavier
Take Heart and coins
Go to Chinese Gift Shop/Talk to Hung Lee/I want to meet the lord
Go downstairs and give heart to Tyrant
Talk to Tyrant
Go to top floor and talk to Devil''s Shopkeeper
What can I buy Here? Ask all questions (not information, just question)
Buy two orders of Mana and find out about the Ragnarok Clan.
Leave shop and go home
Enslave Liz (should take four tries)
Use Orb she dropped
Go back to the Tyrants Lair in the Chinese store and show Tyrant Liz''s token to receive money
Drive to Hospital and enter
examine card reader
Go to the room on the right and enslave the nurse (two tries)
Talk to nurse, ask for ID card
Go back and click on ID card-insert into reader
Enter unlocked door and enslave zoe (one try)
Ask to see director
Leave and go home
Ask Liz where to buy guns
Drive downtown and enter diverse music store
Talk to salesman and go downstairs
Ask for handgun/buy desert eagle
Leave store and go home
Enter your bedroom and use PC
Drive downtown and right click profile picture (Make police chase after you)
Enslave Marketa (three tries)
Talk to her
Go to Damato street and enter her house
Open wardrobe, take and wear bullet proof Vest (DO NOT TAKE SHOTGUN)
Ask Marketa if she''s found the bullets
Go home
Ask Liz to make a phone call
Drive to hospital-go left and down to police station
Use police ID on Card reader and enter room
Enslave Gina (one try)
Ask for bullets
Leave and enter hospital
Examine Hospital Reception, pull fire alarm
Enter director''s office
Shoot Director with Desert eagle
Take money, gold, heart, and keys
examine room, take and read book
Use computer
Ask Zoe for password
Go downtown to the Tyrant''s Lair and turn in the heart
talk to Tyrant
Go up to devil''s shopkeeper and buy four orbs of mana
Drive home and go up to Rachels house
Ring bell and enslave rachel (one try)
Ask her to Hack laptop
enter room to right, open drawer and take money
Use gaze of revealing on car to reveal a bomb, then defuse bomb
kill time by having sex with some slaves, then return to rachel
Ask if she''s found anything
Go to hospital and enslave Carla (the doctor to the left of entrance) (one try)
Ask about research, ask for special Formula
Go to Nurse Wendy and ask for syringe, load syringe
enter directors office and right click room icon (gaze of revealing)
Go back to reception and enter top left room, enslave anneke (one try)
tell her you need her to open a safe box
Go back to directors office and take dark drainer
Drive to Damato street and enter directors house
Enslave Claudia (two tries)
examine studio door
Talk to her
ask for code
leave house (you''ll get a visit from the angel)
Drive to hospital and talk to carla, ask for antidote
Drive to Damato street and enter Directors house
drink antidote, then enter top room
enslave Raven (four tries)
ask for code
talk to Raven
enter main room again and enter code to studio door
enter studio
right click room and use gaze of revealing
right click on desk drawer and use gaze of revealing
use remote on painting and carpet
go down
Talk and then use syringe or just use syringe either is fine
enslave Annete
ask about slavery, then about dark drainer
leave house and drive downtown
go to tyrant and show annetta''s token
go up to devils shopkeeper and ask for reward
ask him about dark drainer
buy one orb of mana
leave and kill time until angel appears again
use dark drainer
go back to Annette in the directors basement and ask her about Angel of Mercy
Leave house and go to Alison''s house (top left corner in Damato street)
Enslave Allsion (one try)
Go downtown to Tyrant and show Halo
Go up to Devil shopkeeper and buy info on Kjurik Clan
Drive home and use PC (search for K&K)
go up to Rachel and ask if she''s found anything else
Drive downtown and enter K&K building
Talk to receptionist
Leave and go home, up to Rachel again
Ask her to make you an Appointment
Kill time again (bang three different slaves and you should be good)
Return to Rachel and ask if she''s got you a way in
Go downtown and enter K&K building again, talk to receptionist and enter elevator
go to first floor and enter room
Enslave Mardi (three tries)
Ask about Ivan
Go to second floor and enslave Mia (one try)
Talk to her
Take elevator to Reception and leave
Go to Devil''s Shopkeeper and ask about Lena
buy two orbs of mana
Drive to hospital and talk to Carla
Ask Zoe for notes, then go to directors office and examine chair, open hidden pocket and take palmtop
Go to police station and ask gina for sodium pentathol
Drive to Damato street and ask Marketa for Gas
Drive downtown and enter K&K building, take elevator to second floor
talk to Mia
Take elevator to reception and leave
Go back to hospital and have Carla complete the mixture
Kill time again, then go back and ask if mixture is finished
Drive downtown and enter K&K building, back up to the second floor
examine room, then click release gas in vent pipe
enter office
enslave Lena (one try)
talk to Lena
take elevator up to third floor and enslave bethany (three tries)
talk to her, then ask about Ivan, take her again
Go to reception and leave building
Visit Marketa and pick up the shotgun that you''d left here
Leave and enter Ivan''s house (bottom left)
Enslave Veronica, then Adele (one for each)
talk to both, then ask both about white tooth
enter Ivan''s bedroom and equip shotgun
Shoot trap door and enter basement
Take white tooth
leave house and go downtown
Visit demon shopkeeper
show him white tooth
go back to damato street and visit Anetta in the directors basement
Ask her how to restore the dagger''s power
Back to the shopkeeper and ask about the White tooth''s creation
Buy Ancient legends, read it, buy two orbs of mana, then bring it back to Anetta
ask about Arcane soul shield. then give her Ancient legends
Visit your angel Allsion and ask for her blood
Back to your old friend the Devil''s shopkeeper and ask how to restore allsion''s powers
Go back to Allison and use dark drainer
ask for her blood (note that from this point on Allison can give you mana after every 50 spaces you move)
Go back the directors house and open the safe in his studio, pick up the activator
go back to Anetta and give her the blood
Store your shotgun in your car
Go back to the K&K building and go up to third floor, enter office
stab Ivan with White Tooth
Take gold, heart, and cell phone
Leave and go visit your boss the Tyrant, give him Ivan''s Heart and show him Lena''s token while your there
talk to him to recive Ivan''s power
(Now if you want you can farm mana off of allison, remember to move 50 spaces and return to her and she''ll give you 50 mana, if you want to maximize the number of slaves then do this until you have about 350. Warning: This can be tedious, but it''s better than spending all your gold) (even if your not looking to max out your slaves I recommend doing this to reach at least 250)

Optional-This next part is only if you want to max out slaves then return to the Devil''s shopkeeper and buy info on Xu clan, you have to do this before the other otherwise you''ll be killed but this is only to pick up extra slaves, not needed to finish the game so those who don''t want to do this part can skip it
Take Car to Pub area and enter the Wild Boar (bottom one)
Enslave Angelina (one try)
Go down and enslave Crissy (one try)
Leave that pub and go up to the Valkyrie
Enslave Briana (one try)
Go up and enslave Amber (one try)
Leave and enter Cornelius Corner (to the east)
Enslave Cassandra (two tries)
Go down and enslave Mindy (one try)
Leave and get shot (this is why you have to do this before the other or you die)
Go west into the silver unicorn
Enslave Jana (two tries)
Go up and enslave Carmen (one try)
Congrats, you''ve enslaved all the girls here that you can since this part was never finished
Feel free to bang the girls a couple times then return to Allison to get a bit more mana, bringing it up to 250.

(We''re back to main part of the game)
Drive back to the Devil''s Shopkeeper and buy info on Zekar
Leave and try to enter the nightclub (you''ll fail)
Drive to hospital and go down to the police station
Talk to Gina and have her investigate the Black Cat
Kill a bit of time, then go home
Ask Gina how the investigation went
Fuck her as a reward
Go downtown and enter the Fast Food Empire, examine the room, then lock door
Enslave Sarah
Leave then come back
talk to sarah
Use Inhuman Strength, then go upstairs
attack security guard and take uniform
drive to damato street and enter Ivan''s old home
Have Veronica clean uniform
Ask Allison for mana
Make sure your mana''s over 250, you can either farm another 100 spaces to get Allison to give you it or you can take the lazy man way out and just buy an orb at he Devil''s Shop (I did that this time) Go back downtown and remove bullet proof vest, put on Security Uniform
Try to enter club, it''ll tell you to stash you gear. Right click profile pick and store you weapons
Enter club and go up to bar and enslave Drusila (two tries)
Go back to main area of the club and go upstairs
Enter DJ cabin and enslave marie (three tries)
Talk to her
Leave the club and you''re in for a surprise
Activate Inhuman strength and enter room
Right click profile pic and attack swat
Enslave Aisha (three tries)
Aren''t you glad you had to much mana?
Talk to Aisha
Leave and go to the Hospital, Gina''s house is between the hospital entrance and the path to the police station, enter it and take her
Leave and go to Damato street to visit Allsion to get a bit more mana
Go back to the Devil shopkeeper and ask about Celine
Wander around a bit until you get a message from the Shopkeeper
Visit Anetta and ask her about Celine
Visit Carla at the Hospital and talk to her
Get another syringe from Wendy the nurse and load it with the formula
Wander around a bit then visit Allsion for more mana (remember: MANA IS YOUR FRIEND!)
Drive home and head left to Celine''s home, enter and inject her with the syringe
Enslave her (one try)
Talk to her
Go to Damato street and visit Marie, talk to her
wander around Damato a bit and you should get a message from Allsion, go visit her
Go to downtown and visit the devil shopkeeper, ask for advice about the Holy Avenger
Buy Katana and three orbs of mana
Go down and talk to Tyrant, show him Celine''s token while you''re there
Go home and visit the house to the top left
Enslave Jessica, then give Katana to Jessica, tell her to go to Shyla''s place
Wear the Angels Medal you got earlier
Go to Allison and ask for mana, then send her to shyla''s place
Drive to Shyla''s place and click on profile pic to enter (note: you should have at about 250 mana here)
If you''ve done everything right then you won''t die
ask allison to protect Jessica
use dark drainer twice, then enslave Shyla
Use orb of power then visit Tyrant, show Shyla''s Halo
Buy six orbs from the Devil Shopkeeper and you should be set for mana.
Go to gundealer in Diverse Music (he''s dead) enslave the cop you find there (Louise) (one try)
Talk to her
Visit Celine and talk to her
Go downtown and visit Gunsmith (to the east)
Ask to make a special handgun
Leave and go to Damato street to visit Claudia, ask her for money
kill time then come back and collect money, fuck her as reward
go back to gunsmith and pay for gun
kill time again, go back and pick up gun
Visit Marketa at Damato street and ask about her friend in the Airforce
Leave and visit Lola (bottom right in Damato) enslave her (two tries)
Ask about air force base
Leave and go home and visit Celine, talk to her
Back to Damato to visit Marie
Talk to her
Go to airforce base, enslave Nella (two tries)
Go south to communication room
Enslave Rosalia (two tries)
Talk to rosalia
Go up, then east and enslave Silvia (three tries)
leave and go up to warehouse one
enslave Dorothy (one try)
open crate and take A-10 bullets
Leave base and go back to the Gunsmith in Downtown
Give him A-10 bullets, kill time, then come pick them up
Go home and visit Drusila (east of your street)
Talk to her
Go to the dark alley in downtown, then the back door area, and call Drusila on your cell, enter and watch, then enslave Eleonor, enjoy them
try to enter main area and it''ll tell you that you need a distraction
Drive to Damato street and visit Raven, ask her to act as a decoy
Motivate her
Leave and go downtown, back through the dark alley into the club
Head up to the DJ cabin and enslave Stormy (two tries)
talk to her
head out and talk to alexis, enslave her (one try)
Talk to her, then head down and left
You''re confronted by one last minion, enslave her (two tries)
head up and use your gaze of revealing on the wall mirror
Shoot custom handgun at Demian''s Shape
congratulations, that''s the end, feel free to bang any girls you''d like

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