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Magical Change Alice / マジカルチェンジアリス

Год выпуска: 2015
Дата релиза: 2015/04/05
Дата обновления: 2015/04/08

Жанр: jRPG, Fantasy, Female protagonist, Big tits/Big breasts, Clothes Changing, Oral, Gangbang, Rape, Violation, Naughty, Ashamed, Interspecies Sex
Цензура: Присутствует

Разработчик/Издатель: Acerola (あせろら)

Платформа: PC/Windows
Тип издания: Оригинальная (лицензионная)
Таблэтка: Не требуется
Версия: 1.01
Язык игры: Японский
Язык интерфейса: Японский
Язык озвучки: Японский

Системные требования:
OS: WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8
HDD: 800MB or greater
World science has both evolved along with the magic.
So talk heroine of "Alice" to attend to magic school.

Alice enrolled as grandson of grandfather is a great magician,
Alice himself but strive to study and want to be a large witch,
She was only fairly average talent unfortunately.

Grandfather who Mikane such a grandson as her track record making,
Everyone to while not the student council who do and I would arbitrarily put advancing the story.

The magic school of student council has a strong aspects such as convenient engagement of teachers and parts,
I pressed against the name of the work of the various request.

It was Alice that I think I want a break,
If successfully Konasere until graduating from the work of the student council,
Is probable be able to approach to large witch.

Alice while doing the work with fellow student council,
To that work hard and aim to successfully graduate.

However, further hardship listens to the work hard Alice.
Devil grandfather was sealed to school underground a long time ago is,
He was trying to revive.

In place of the grandfather you have left the active service, Alice challenge the devil sealed.
I wonder if it is possible to the mediocre Alice Unlike grandfather?

I began with Nashikuzushi of Alice
Hachamecha of school life I wonder become what heck!?
· Eye pattern is changed!
There, also work now Cosplay difference!
And this has all cosplay supports all CG!
Size of the breast can also be separated by a Big chested !!
· Hairstyle can be changed separately in bangs and back hair!
Freely in various combinations!
· Hair color can also be changed!
Blonde Tsuinte also good! Black hair Patz N also good ponytail!
Please give the favorite color!
-Course change of color of eyes if the color of the hair also be changed also possible!
Cat you options attached, such as ears and hair ornaments !!
· Heroine customize!
Now his anytime, anywhere hero Alice
You can change the appearance form!
Even it is also good to good! Tits to Big!
Let make a girl of you favorite favorite place!

· Semen at the level up
By the city of people and demons and naughty things
Semen that at the level up is possible to exploitation!
The initiative to Let''s go to collect the semen!

· Student Council
Protagonist Alice member of the student council of this work.
The student council, student, of course,
Are Mochiyora it town of people of trouble.
As a member of the student council, I''ll solve everyone''s worries!

Karma value
The up and down when you or a bad thing or a good thing.
And if it is a good thing, and rise not, to down or occasionally.
By that bad, to be ...... !? too reservoir Karma value

You can use the magic, numerical value that would up to be sexual harassment.
When this number is high, I become easier will forgive body.
It is suggested that you do to regularly divergence in such masturbation and items.
However, if you want pooled semen, with reservoir pounding this number,
Let''s rolling up the and may not sex place!

· Nasty degree
When naughty things are just,
Number that would go accumulated.
If this number is too Tamari, I become the "Nasty".
If you do not Ika down in such items and quests,
The ...... !? be ridiculous in ending

· Nasty state
When becomes this state,
I would can all kinds of people and sex of the city.
However, since there are also the most likely reservoir state the semen,
Let''s take advantage !!












金髪ツインテも良し! 黒髪ぱっつんポニーテールも良し!


巨乳にするも良し! 貧乳にするも良し!







Дополнительная информация:JAP DLsite
ENG DLsite
Официальная страница
Блог разработчика
Quest 1.
-Go to the riverbanks by using the train station.
-Go south get scene.

Quest 2.
-Go to the gym storage(its outside to the east) and talk with a student.

Quest 3.
-Go to the staff room and clean up their mess by interacting with the trash on the floor.
-talk with one of the teachers in order to end the quest.(you may have to do this before
the first step too.)

Quest 4.
-Go to the riverbanks again, this time go straight west.
-Follow that road and fight a boss at the end.

Quest 5.
-Go just outside the school, there should be a student on the leftish side.
-Choice one fails the mission the other gives scene.

Quest 6.
-Go to the staff room and talk to one of the teachers there.
-choice cant remember.

Quest 7.
-Talk to mint?(Pink long haired girl)
-talk to the professor 2F top right room.
-Gather:1 black medicine(you start with one, get more at the store.) and 3 talons(humanoid wolfs or foxes) at the riverbank drop these.
-Return to the professor.
-Talk to mint?(Pink long haired girl)

Quest 8.
-Go to the slums and choose the second option.
-Interact with all the purple dudes and the sparklies.

Quest 9.
-Kill 5 enemies at the riverbanks.

Quest 10.
-Go and talk to the the boy outside of the male toilets on the 1F
-Choice One fails the quest the other succeeds and give karma.

Quest 11.
-talk to the merchant in the slums.
-talk to the professor at school, 2nd floor lower right.
-aquire 3 items(Lime/Gym storage bag) (Chlorine/Shelf inside house next to pool) (Antiseptic solution/nurse room shelf)
-Go to the same professor and make him craft a battery.
-go to the slum merchant again(Choice top=nothing? Bottom=pink long haired girl CG.

Quest 12.
-Go to the riverbanks and go west, You can progress further up this path now.
-Fight the werewolf boss at the end.

Quest 13.
-Go and talk to the headmaster 1F top left.

Quest 14.
-Talk to the old man in the western part of town. He should be near a fountain.

Quest 15.
-Talk to the researcher outside of the publi toilets in the western part of town.
-You can either go and pee then choose the top option to finish when talking to him(no karma increase).
Or you can choose to purposfully fail the mission by choosing the 2nd option. 3rd option is waiting.

Quest 16.
-Go to the inn at the western part of town, and talk to the lady behind the counter.
-Deliver the bread to a student in the library 3F lower west.
Choice. Give bread(Succeed, lose bread), pretend that you ate the bread(fail, keep bread), cancel.
-Go back to the inn and talk to the same lady.

Quest 17.
-Go to 1-1 1F left side and talk to the lady next to the bookshelf.
-The book is worth 1500 if you sell it at the general store but if you do the mission fail.
If you want to succeed in the mission got to the library 3F lower west and interact with the sparkly
-Go back to the first girl you talked with.

Quest 18.
-Go to the western part of town and interact with on of the dudes next to the train station.
-Take the train to the slums and talk to the guy directly to the right next to the train sign.
-Go to the school pool and talk to the baldie.
-Go to the massage parlor and talk to one of the receptionists.(eastern part of town Sign has hands.)
-go back to the first dude. an event should automatically happen as you get close.

Quest 19.
-Go and talk to the guy just outside the western inn.
-Go to the riverbanks and follow the road to where you fought the werewolf boss, pick the orange flower.
You will have to fight.
-After that go to the eastern part of town and talk to a girl close to the station.
- Go and talk to the first guy again.

Quest 20.
-Go and kill the goblin boss in the mountains, get there by using the train and follow the road to the right.

Quest 21.
-Go to the mountain and into the tunnel of the newly opened road(from quest 20 completion)
-Kill 5 spiders.

Quest 22.
-Go to the mountain and follow the newly opened path beside the tunnel.
-Along this road you will find the mushroom you are looking for.
-Go to the eastern part of town and look for a chef(lower left.)

Quest 23.
Insect collection.
-Go to the riverbanks and interact with 5 small objects.
1 is next to the train area.
2 are located at the crossroads.
1 is in the southern area.
2 are located at the western road.
3 are in the next western zone.(where you fought the first boss.)
3 werewolf boss area.
-When you got atleast 5 go and talk to the kid in the western part of town,
he is standing next to some potted plants.

Quest 24.
-Go to the alchemy lab at school 2F top right and talk to the teacher there.
-Got to the riverbank and farm beast tusks again(3) from the humanoid wolfs or foxes.
-Go to the mountain and kill a group of goblins(the one''s with 3) You only need 1 drop.
-Go to the alchemy lab at school 2F top right and talk to the teacher there.
-Go to the weapons shop and talk with a man inside it.(Eastern town part.)

Quest 26.
-Go to the slums and talk to the merchant in the top right.
-Gather the 3 materials needed in the mountains.
purple mushroom at the end of the left road.
Vibration stone found in sparklie on the right road.
small red flower found at the end of the path next to the tunnel.(small, check closely.)
-Go to the slums and talk to the merchant again.
-Choice, top=scene with pink hair, bottom=nothing.

Quest 27.
-Automatic completion by accepting it. Gives scene.

Quest 28.
-Go to the mountain and fight a boss right where you picked the little red flower in Q26.

Quest 29.
-Go to the mountain and follow the road that opened up after Q28.
-Fight the boss.

Quest 30.
-Go to the library 3F lower left and takl to a student there.

Quest 31.
-Talk with the old lady in the western part of town lower left.

Quest 32.
-Go to the roof and talk to one of the boys.
-Choice Top=scene bottom=fail.

Quest 33.
-Go to the western part of town and talk to an old lady near the station.
-Go to the newly unlocked area using the station. (Chasm).
-Find a shrine with a sparkly and interact.
-go back to the old lady.

Quest 34.
-Go to the church in the eastern part of town(top left) and talk to a boy.

Quest 35.
-Get some toilet paper from 1f female toilet and bring it to 2f female toilet.
-interact with occupied stall.

Quest 36.
This quest can be done in mulitple ways.
-Steal some panties from a wardrobe inside your dormitory.(center city same house where you sleep.)
-Go to the boy at classroom 1-1 (1F left side) and choose the top option to deliver the panties you stole.
This succeeds the mission and gives less off a karma impact etc.
-Go to the boy at classroom 1-1 (1F left side) and try to persuade him(Option 2) to better terms.
Scene get and he steals your panties.
This gives a lot of karma increase and libido etc and succeeds the mission.
-Go to the boy at classroom 1-1 (1F left side) and choose the 3 option in order to fail the mission.
You lose 3 karma.

Quest 37.
-Go to the slums using the train.
-Follow the cat and interact with it or the man next to the cat.
-Choice, TOP=Fight for the pendant (-1 karma, he will complain to the student council and the quest
will fail on delivery), Bottom=trade body for the pendant(Scene++ karma etc).
-Go to the western part of town and talk to a green haired girl outside the inn.

Quest 38.
-Go to the Dormitory where you sleep(Central town) and talk with a kid inside next to a bookcase.
-Choice, Top=Scene++karma etc. Bottom=He runs away(-1karma), follow him to where he hides and talk
(he is behind the plant in the shower of the farthest left top room.)
-Go to the staff room on 2F top left school.
-Go to the room inside the staff room top left door.
-talk to the dude inside.

Quest 39.
-Head to the chasm using the train(new area lower right.)
-Kill 5 tentacle monsters(Purple) (Deliver after you get the 3rd in game promt after killing a few.)

Quest 40.
Same as 39 except this time go for slugs (brown) and they have a fixed spawn on new enemies
moving around in the chasm caves(There are 2 spawns in the 1st area, top left, bottom left).
You must defeat 5 GROUPS of them.
Every slug you kill will increase your sexual desire as their slime turns you on.

Quest 42.
-Go to the chasm cave again and start fighting the guys starting with "触手 ".(looks like a detective in the lelouch pose)
-When you get the drop ":なんだかぬるぬるしたもの" for the first time,
you will be prompted by Alice talking to herself.
-When you have a total 5 ":なんだかぬるぬるしたもの" you will get a final prompt from Alice.
-Go to the eastern part of town and talk to the lady outside the massage parlor.
I would not wish this quest upon my worst enemy, the drop rate has to be below 4% and it took me hours
to get all 5.
/c /hbn*0@493F83 /w1 /kf64:16

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