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精霊ものがたり / Spirit Story
Дата релиза: 2014/09/14
Дата обновления: 2014/10/06
Жанр: jRPG, Fantasy, Big Tits/Big Breasts, Virgin, Queen/Princess, Blonde
Цензура: Есть
Разработчик/Издательство: Quartet of stars (星のカルテット)
Платформа: PC/ WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8
Тип издания: Оригинальная (лицензионная)
Таблэтка: Не требуется
Версия: Ver5.0
Язык игры: Японский
Язык интерфейса: Японский
Язык озвучки: Японский
Минимальные Системные требования:
:: HDD 120MB :: [url=...1429193]RPG Tkool VX Ace RTP[/url] ::

Some of Fairy Island deep forest, there was a country called spirit kingdom.
Where the growth significant princess, lived happily surrounded by friendly spirits.
That of One day, ... that strange voice has been heard.
In the instigation in a strange voice, princess will release the critical seal.
By seal has been solved, invasion of dragon group bent on world domination is resumed, Come very!
Big Adventure princess is now, you can start here ....
Fixes ver5
· Recollection I have to add a room.
· TP I added the recovery skills.
• 8 I added the type of item.
• The TP obtained at the time of defense has been rising.
· 12 I''ve lowered the price of the types of items.
· Magic white thread I was in such buy in the store.
I changed the words, as the next destination is easy to understand.
· Originally can not get the item was fixed bug to obtain.
· Small melon I changed the specifications to be disabled purchase under certain conditions.

You can skip by pressing the CTRL key when or message display during the battle.
Part of the animation so you may become amusing during the skip,
Please use such as in the event or message that there is that once you saw.

Some of Fairy Island deep forest, there was a country called spirit kingdom.
Where the growth significant princess, lived happily surrounded by friendly spirits.
That of One day, ... that strange voice has been heard.
In the instigation in a strange voice, princess will release the critical seal.
By seal has been solved, invasion of dragon group bent on world domination is resumed, Come very!
Big Adventure princess is now, you can start here ....

There basic CG15 sheets reminiscence room
5 sheets of spirits Lily, Lily sex spirit is becoming 10 sheets.
Of fellow character Ellen and, because it is not in mint CG Please note.
Wakan is not, you can provide your body for money or items,
Please note that such only events that are attacked by force by or lost the battle.

Basically Standing picture of spirits Lily is always, will be displayed on the right side of the screen.
During the conversation, other items get, usually at the time also changes the claims about expression by a blink.
Although Standing picture has created with care and so that does not interfere with the map progress,
For people to be worried about, and I''ve prepared items to keep temporarily off the Standing picture.

Special three status has been set to the spirits Lily.
Dignity ... goes up this is high, the villagers of favorability, some people I will give me the item.
Sex appeal ... goes up this is high, the villagers of desire degree, faithful man will have hit the desire.
Nasty ... this is Usuragi the resistance of the high to the exposure, I will now come off the clothes outside.

Villagers of reaction varies depending on the clothes of spirits Lily.
It becomes normal reaction of state wearing normal clothes ....
Underwear ... Nasty degree rise, it becomes like slip off the clothes, you can enjoy a little unusual reaction.
When the naked ... Nasty degree further up, I will be like can be wandering naked. Reaction will vary significantly.
Increasing the Bitch ... Nasty degrees to the limit, will begin without permission horny events just spoke.

The 13 types, 11 species to Ellen in spirit Lily, the mint has 12 types of dedicated skills.
In addition, Spirit Lily is five, Ellen four, mint will remember by LvUP common skills of three.
Common to remember it is possible skills There are more than 40.
You can use the mind or elixir into the hand by defeating the monster girl,
You can learn by you or picked up you can buy the secret notes.
Depending on whether anyone makes remember any skill, you can enjoy how different fight.
And as can be clear in only skills you learn in a dedicated skills and their own,
Minimum necessary skills, we have set up as learn at Lv but,
Since the useful skills often, those who remember let was is I think more comfortable play can be.

Virgin play is possible.
There is also equipped with unobtainable only a virgin, but it does not mean say the strongest of equipment.
And, you do not have to even say that ending you can not see only a virgin.
Compared to normal play, please note that there may be some degree of difficulty increases.

You Yes prepared tail help items.
It is recommended for people without people and time you want to enjoy the invincible mode, game balance will collapse.
Since these items have to adjust as not available,
People who want to enjoy the RPG part carefully I think is better not available.
This is the egg × 50 ··· resuscitation for items of-soul, early If you money by selling will fight a good equipment.
· To big success in happy feather × 50 ··· boss battles, The item to be 250 points recover HP of all.
· Spirit Emperor of Madou manual × 1 ··· balance Breaker, use at your own responsibility.

Previous fixes
· I''ve implemented a combat speed.
Messages I''ve skipped the implementation.
· A typographical error messages I was corrected.
· Deadly the available limit I was relaxed.
· I was fixed items that did not show the normal effect.
- I added the reaction of Lily against sexual harassment at the time of the battle.
• The instant death tolerance of monster was revised downward to (likely effectiveness).
Icon I was fixed a bug that was not displayed correctly.
- I added the cat of the can.
• 16 types of skills I have revised upward.
- 22 types of equipment and items I''ve added.
- 34 types of selling price of the item I was revised upward.
Hint I was fixed painful villagers of words to understand.
• Even virgin was changed only to such can be obtained once the libido energy.
• If you have wiped out under specific conditions, it has been fixed a bug that event is skipped.
-State become a horny degree and Bitch and underwear-Hadakasugata is I Fixed bug that is not linked.
• The acquisition can experience value and amount of money from the monster I was revised upward.

Please check the operation of the trial version.
A modified version and up, thank you for your purchase of a member registration if possible because there is a case in which to replace the contents.

Because we created using RPG Maker VX ace, it is necessary to run-time package to play.
Runtime package I can be downloaded from the following link.
修正内容 ver5



基本CG15枚 回想部屋あり









RPGツクールVX aceを使用して作成しましたので、プレイするにはランタイムパッケージが必要となります。

JAP DLsite Есть проблемы с запуском или шрифтом? - [url=...11141692#11141692]☆ см. FAQ для японских игр[/url]
Пожалуйста, поддерживайте раздачу и зарабатывайте себе рейтинг.
Есть ссылка или новая версия игры? пишите в ЛС!

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