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Shooting LUNA / シューティング・ルナ

Release year: 2013
Release date: 2013/11/13
Genres: Action, Side-Scroller, Rape, Group Sex, Monsters, Tentacles, Sex Toys
Censore: Yes
Developer: EL mar
Platform: PC/Windows
Publication type: Original (license)
Tablet: Not needed
Version: 1.0

Game language: Japanese
Interface language: Japanese
Sound language: Japanese

System requirements (minimum):
OS: WIndows (Vista,7,8) / Linux (wine)
CPU: Intel Pentium4 2.0GHz
RAM: 512MB
HDD: 400MB
Flash Player

The operation girl to manipulate magic tool mystery " Luna " , to go on board to metal lock that was turned into a den of demons
Erotic action game .
■ To Proceed through bypass your trap and various enemies and make full use of attack and jump , the special moves or attacks reservoir ,
Erotic rush to various scenes and caught the enemy !
■ slime , oak , lizard , plant-based , mechanical system , tentacle , enemy characters , gargoyle , etc ...
Various types are available , transition to finish the scene passes a certain period of time and being fucked by the enemy .
■ number of stages all five stages . With a boss stage in each stage , the enemies all
Yes etch scene , there voice , sound effects Yes , Yes BGM, Yes continue ,
( Larger version ) There gallery mode that can be viewed freely etch scene .
Because even while being attacked by a demon Various ... pick up an Madou ultimate gun , and roll back the specter of a runaway metal lock ...
To be exhausted Luna ! Seikon Fight ! Ext links:
DLSite (jap): RJ123937

Трекер:  [ 07-Янв-2015 14:00 ]


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Мне бы еще понять как тут сохранятся=) (ani4)

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