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avatar Galfimbul

Дата релиза: 2014/12/11
Жанр: Action, Fantasy, Big Breasts, Swimsuit, Rape, Force, Gangbang/Group, Monsters, Bikini, DOT
Цензура: Есть
Разработчик/Издательство: gamekooboo (げえむ工房)
Платформа: PC/ WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8
Тип издания: Оригинальная (лицензионная)
Таблэтка: Не требуется
Язык игры: Японский
Язык интерфейса: Японский
Язык озвучки: Японский
Минимальные Системные требования:
:: HDD 200MB ::

◆ can play in easy! One hand simple operation (parts) side-scrolling dot action game. ◆

★ Story
Find the magic of bikini legendary, girl of the story over the world.
◆ can play in easy! One hand simple operation (parts) side-scrolling dot action game. ◆

★ Story
Find the magic of bikini legendary, girl of the story over the world.

★ Game Overview
Most of the H scene has been aggregated into action stage, erotic-oriented action game.

Forest to bare the desire to, faithful demon lurking many to instinct.
Minimum Aragau all are available.
If a mistake is seeding gangbang rape.
If you do not want to be fucked ability in the Furiharae the sparks!

All six stage
H scene Basic 17 kind of in the action part.
Further become gangbang adds other demon there also ...... (gangbang difference six)
Nothing is not is just hero of fucked !!
Girls that you are being miserable eyes in the background ... (there is H in background mobs)
And, (product in the Version) to give up when the game is over and ... (There defeat END)
* Ahe face, ultra-emulsification and nipple Fuck Botehara Jara Boko Jara There are expressions such as pan-incontinence-spawning.

This game is when would say the easy "does not need to be clear, to enjoy the basic loss (erotic) game."
But, you do not need to hit the enemy deliberately for that.
This is because, since such a thing without even enemy comes Nejifuse force by force ...

The game difficulty basis it has become difficult Me in order to enjoy the H in the action part.
However, making it the content, such as the following to play as erotic in stress-free because the worry.
· Kontenyu infinite, it is possible to continue from the spot at any time!
· There is no attack that does not lead to immediate death hole and H!
Since it is the stage select or may not proceed to-destination can play from your favorite stage at any time!
• You can in deathblow and physical strength also your favorite recovery of Offers (and please in use or do not use the player prescription)
Gallery so also is the first from the open state, the action is for those who not good It is also recommended as a movie collection!

Action game seems complete elements and clear, I like H than Toka virgin play.
By resistance to avoid and escape, but still likes ...... a situ is to be pushed down and crushed to impermanence.
It is recommended to such people.

★ Others
Regarding the trial version making it to a dedicated specification.
Please note there are times when it is different from the product version.
Since details and information, and the like about the product version is expected to continue to publish in a blog, please also look towards the blog if it is good.











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Трекер:  [ 12-Дек-2014 08:00 ]


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