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Год выпуска: 2010
Дата релиза: 08/10/10
Жанр: ADV, Pet, Slave, Lesbians, Maids, Robots, Mind Control
Цензура: Отсутствует/Есть патч для удаления
Разработчик/Издатель: Darstan
Платформа: PC/Windows
Тип издания: Оригинальная (лицензионная)
Таблэтка: Не требуется
Версия: 1.21
Язык игры: Английский
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Язык озвучки: Неизвестен/ Другой
Системные требования (минимальные): Windows 98/XP/7/8; 128 MB RAM

Описание: Главная героиня совместно с тремя подругами (Абигейл, Джессика и Вероника) отправилась в путешествие по Европе. После Парижа и Лондона друзья оказались в Австрии и, проезжая по стране, остановились на ночлег в небольшой деревушке в отеле Montania. Однако под видом обычного провинциального отеля скрывается зловещая мегакорпорация Bodywerks, главная цель которой – порабощение женщин с последующей их продажей состоятельным клиентам.
Игра представляет собой эротический квест, в котором вам предстоит использовать предметы окружения, общаться с различными персонажами, принимать решения, от которых будет зависеть концовка игры. Основная тематика – контроль над разумом, в том числе и вашей героини, так что сохраняйтесь почаще.

Доп. информация:
Основная текстовая информация отображается в левом верхнем окне. Людям, плохо владеющим английским языком, можно копировать и вставлять данный текст (выделить мышкой абзац, Ctrl+C - копировать в буфер обмена, Ctrl+V - вставить из буфера )в любой переводчик, например, Google translate.
General tips:

1. Sleeping will regenerate willpower, but usually you can not sleep if you have more then 40 WP. There are exceptions.

2. Before sleeping, I strongly recommend to save the game. There is a chance that you get a dream, and some of those can have bad influence on your stats. As fun as it is, it makes finishing the game more difficult. So look at a dreams end text and what it says about how you feel and check your stats, if it is a bad one reload your game. There are good dreams too, if such one happens go save your game cause they are rare.

3. If you find a vial, use it immediately. The game code sometimes uses the same item for a vial, and not using one means you might waste an opportunity to stat up.

4. The difficulty setting in the game only influences battles, there is no extra content for choosing higher difficulty.

5. You will have to grind a bit for money at some stages in the game, if you do, follow this philosophy: Don´t go too deep into a grinding area, only move around near the entry so you can get into safety in case of emergencies, you will learn which encounter is difficult for your stats and expect the incoming damage, but in general it is not be wise to fight on if you have less then 40 WP. Except you save and hope for an easy encounter. Otherwise, go back to a bed and sleep to regenerate.

6. You can have companions in the game. Some will change your stats, like boosting one or two, and they can assist in battles too, but unless you have Tanya, I recommend to do the fighting yourself. Most companions have a recreational option on them to make out with you which will restore some willpower.

7. Never use the bracelet in battle, unless you are really powerful.

8. Save often.


Let´s start then.

After the intro...

Open the small nightstand and get the girly dress. Wear it. Then examine yourself. Examine the hospital bed. Take the syringe and the vial, use the vial. Examine the strange watch and try to remove it. Throw away the image note and spoiler list of characters, you won´t need it. Open the door and leave the room.

I you want to examine all the doors, some of them change their name so you will know where they lead. Try to open them all, then try to unlock the ones you can´t open. Go to room 101, examine it then search it. Get the sunglasses and wear them to look cooler. Room 106 and the TV room only contain traps. Go to room 104. Examine the girls, touch them, command them to continue, then have a close look at 374, lick her pussy to find a small vial, pick it up, then use it.

Go to room 105. Examine the nurse then have a closer look and take the key that appears. Exit the room and unlock the door to the nurses room, enter it, examine it to find a computer. Examine it, then have a look at the presentation called bodywerks. Save your game now. You have 20 WP now, so go to sleep in your room. While you are there you can drop the small metal key, you won´t need it anymore. Return to the nurse room to fight Nurse Doris. After you won take the bundle of small keys and exit. Unlock the glass door. and slip through.

Move down and examine the corridor. Try to open and/or unlock all doors here. You won´t need the bundle of small keys anymore so get rid of it. The 3 doors on the right don´t contain anything useful yet, the middle one has a trap. The south room contains a soda vending machine to stock up on some recreational items if you need some, you have to examine the room and the machine to find it. However, continue your quest by entering the northwest room, the doctors office. Examine it, then examine the computer, then the chained girl. Ask her what happened, then if you can help her. You now have to exit and reenter the room 3 times to make the doctor appear. I suggest to save before doing that and load if you encounter a battle cause you are a bit weak for some of the encounters that can happen here. After doing that, examine the blonde woman, then ask her stuff if you want or attack her immediately. If you are short of WP go to sleep in your room before attacking her. An average fight with her cost you around 30 WP at this game stage, so be prepared.

After winning the fight, examine her then take the bracelet from her. Immediately remove it and wear it again, to avoid any strange bugs regarding to this fancy item. Now ask her for the password, it is "braindrain". Use it to look up the computer or move one. Don´t forget to take the small bronze key. There is also an optional thing to do here: You can now use the bracelet to take over the minds of various people in the game. You can free some of them or make them your slaves. Freeing them gives you good points, slaving them gives evil points. It is not possible to free everyone. Joanne in this room in example can only be slaved, so using the bracelet on her will only grant you evil points. It´s up to you if you want to be evil or good. Using the bracelet on Joanne will cost you 40 WP, if you have less then 41 WP you better sleep before using it. If you want to have her as a companion, use the bracelet and then tell her to follow you. She will be added as an inventory item. From there you can access her menu. The options there are self explanatory.

Joanne: + evil points, companion bonus > + mental endurance.

Exit the doctors office now and unlock the 3 remaining doors. You can throw way they key now you will not need it again. Enter operation room A, examine it then search the cabinets to find a vial. Use it. Entering Operation room B is optional, I recommend it though cause some serious stat boosting is waiting for you. Examine the room, then the computer. Examine the 2 nurses, greet pink if you want. Tell Nurse Betty that you lost your way. Back in the room, pick up the piece of paper then read it to get the code for the door on the upper floor of the hospital. Use the staircase to go there. Open the door and enter the code, then click the open command again. And go in.

The north room contains Nurse Betty. This is optional, examine her, talk with her and stuff, tell her to teach you then lick her. Make sure you have enough willpower (30+) to get through with it. Normally you should loose a statpoint now, but it seems to be bugged in my game version so you won´t feel negative consequences. However, after the sequence she is asleep, examine her to get the password for the computer in the operation room from before. It is "teenslut". You can use it anytime, but it just provides information, no benefits. Before you leave, take the time to search the room to find a small vial, take it and use it. This also had no impact on my stats, so it seems bugged too. Normally you would exchange 1 point of endurance with 1 point of strength here. Never mind, let´s move on to a great willpower boost.

Enter the nurses dormitory. Examine it, then examine the blue glass cabin. enter and close the door. Make sure you have more then 70 WP or you loose the game. Sleep to recharge. Do it again, and again and again, every time you do it after the second time your WP will permanently be boosted by 5, examine yourself often. Cause this is a roboization process. There are several in the game, every time you use one an invisible stat goes up by a small random number, if you hit 10 then it means game over. So before doing all that save your game. Also note, the other roboization methods in the game give you stat ups for your combat stats, but WP has much more value since you need lot´s of it to use the bracelet on some of the late game units. It should be possible to stat up your WP here to 115 or 120. But examine yourself, if the text is blue and looks more roboized then you are close to game over, so don´t go any further. Btw, you won´t need the piece of paper anymore, throw it away.

Move back to the hospital lower floor and leave the hospital now through the northern door.

The lobby contains some traps if you want to look for them.

Move up to the hotel corridor, see how your willpower drops by 5? This is the benefit of the sunglasses you found earlier, without them the drop would be much more devastating. Try to open/unlock all the doors. The northwest/northeast rooms contain some beds to sleep in and some unimportant items. Move right, examine the room and open the slider and play around with the girl on table if you like. Important is the maid. Ask her about the locked rooms and then for the key. You can now attack her. But I recommend to wait with that until the next stat up session, cause she is a difficult fight. Leave the room and enter the left one (Closet). Examine it and check the bucket, the take the green gloves. Wear them.

It is now time to do something optional again if you want. Go back to where the game began. On the floor there, enter room 103. Examine it then examine the girl on leash. Ask what happened then how you can help. Look at the leash. You now have the following options:

1. You remove the leash, then tell her to hide somewhere. + good points

2. You remove the leash, then tell her to "play along" + evil points

3. Or you just move along with the game. A few days later she will have disappeared. (You can check on her a few times). When she disappears you can examine the room again to find another vial. This will only work if you don´t free her and let her processing be finished. Note: This was bugged in my version. I did not get the vial here. So go and decide on evil or good points. Btw, you find a pink leather collar her, wear it if you want to become a puppyslut. You can also drop the green gloves now, you won´t need them anymore.

Time to leave the building. Go to the hotel lobby and exit through the north door to enter the village.

Move north, examine the woman then greet her and then ask her to let you pass, return to the village. Go to the southeast (Chapel) and try to enter the building, move back and then left to enter the shop. Examine and greet the woman. Exhaust her talk options. Then ask her what she wants. You can shop her for various recreational items, you can have 6 of each and I recommend to get them once you have the money. For now leave the shop and then enter the pub. Examine and greet the blonde barkeep. Exhaust her talk options. If you ask her about a place to rest you will loose money but get a cozy hotel room to rest in here for a few days. If you are too evil she will not let you rest here.

Now examine, greet, talk to the patron. Exhaust her talk options too. Then move up to the upper floor. Try to open and unlock all doors. Then ask Tanya about the key to the guest rooms. If you buy it you will get 2 items up there.

An anal plug which will give you a small statbonus but is relative useless yet since it steadily drops your WP and a schoolgirl outfit. For more balanced stats I recommend to buy the yellow outfit from Tanya though, but that´s up to you. Also buy all the vials from Tanya if you have the money she 4 in total, remember to immediately use them if you got one. We soon come to the part of where to get the money. For now, enter the washrooms. Examine and greet the woman there. Ask her why she´s here then ask for the dildo. Then perform for her (-30 WP). After that you can use the bracelet on her if you want (-60 WP). If you already have a companion, you can tell her to go away since you can only have one at a time.

Unit 379: +evil points, companion bonus > + mind force, + mental endurance

Now go back to the shop and give Christina the dildo. Then ask her about the small path. Don not use the bracelet on her yet, or else you won´t be able to finish the game (it´s a bug, you will need her fresh and unslaved later). No go all the way right to the train station, examine it, check the fence. Then head north 1 room and save your game. It is now time to grind for money and stats.

If you enter the woods you will get randomly attacked by wild units, some of them are really tough so save often. Don´t go to deep into the forest yet, just cycle between 2 or 3 rooms north from the current point here you are now. So you can return her if you need safety. If you run low on WP go to sleep. To make things easier I recommend to not grind all the money you need at once. Every time you hit a needed mark in money, return to Tanya in the pub and stat up, then to the shop to stock up on healing items, you will need them later.

Hers is the list of stuff you should buy before moving on.

Yellow outfit: 25$ (Get this as soon as possible)
Blue vial x2: 25$ (She has 2 of them so 50$ in total)
Green Vial: 50$
Red Vial: 50$
Key: 50$ (Optional if you want to have the school girl outfit)

When you have bought all of Tanyas items you can use the bracelet on her too, but I don´t recommend it yet on any of the 2 girls. They are tough, and we will return later for unfinished business.

Christinas shop items:

Can of soda x6: 2$ (12$ in total)
Dream chocolate x6: 5$ (30$ in total)
Mind Chips x6: 8$ (48$ in total)

You are ready to go now. And strong enough to fight the maid in the hotel. So go back there and attack her. After winning examine her, use her service if you like and order her to give you the key. Now go into the closet from before again, unlock the white switchbox and flick the switch off. This will deactivate the trap on the corridor. Now unlock and open the 2 locked doors. Throw the key away you will not need it anymore.

Enter the lower left room. Examine and greet the girl, then exhaust her talk options. You can now use the bracelett on her for -40 WP. She is a rare Unit that can not join you as a companion.

Sarah: + evil points for slaving her, +good points for telling her to run away (the trap on the corridor must be deactivated)

Now let´s enter the lower right room. Examine and greet the woman. Talk with her if you want. Now you can use the bracelet on her for -50 WP. She will not be your companion though but up on asking her to follow you she will tell you about it. Now ask her what she needs if you want to follow this sidequest. You will find the item in question in room 003 on the lower hospital floor (check the cabinets). Give it to her to end the quest an no reward or keep the item to the very end of the game for a naughty surprise. Important here is that you take the riding crop with you. This is only important if you want to be an evil character, good girls don´t need the crop.

If you are done her you can drop the sunglasses you won´t need them anymore.

It´s time to make your way through the forest now. Take note that it is possibly to jump over this passage if you defeat the guard north of the village. But she is very,very difficult to defeat and you would miss out on some fancy items that you find in the forest.

So let´s go. Return to the train station then move... north, north, east, east, north, north. Examine the room, then open the door and enter the tower. Examine the room, then the computer. The password is "intern" if you want to check up on the information. Move upstairs, then examine and greet the woman. Exhaust her talk options until she disappears. You can check on her in the upper bedroom if you want. For now we leave and head back to the forest. So leave the tower then head south, west, west, west, north. Try to climb the bridge. Examine Sandrine and exhaust all of her talk options. Pay her or fight her, it´s up to you. She is tough though, so be prepared. Examine her and order her to let you pass if you fought her.

Head north, east, east, east and follow the path. Examine the gloomy clearing and force the door open. Follow the new passage to it´s end. Examine the room, the hooded figure and greet her. Exhaust all talk options and then tell her to follow you now. Return to the last crossroad. Head north, west, west. Examine the gate and try to open/unlock it. Head west. Examine the room and then check the tree. Take the golden ring and wear it. This fancy item will regenerate +2 willpower when ever you make a move. Cross the river again. You will loose the ring. Follow the way back to the last crossroad. Head south, west, west west until you reach the small waterfall. Examine the room, then jump in to search for the ring (-40 WP). Examine and greet the strange hooded woman. Exhaust her talk options and then accept her offer. (Don´t forget to redress)

Leave the room, and return to the village. You will get the silver cross. Note: If you want to be evil, this quest has no evil options, it will give some good points but wearing the silver cross boosts your WP by +5 as long as you wear it. (You must click and "wear" it, just having it in the inventory is not enough.) If you sleep a day or two you can now visit the church and see what the girl there has to offer. If you get it on with her it might be that you get some evil points, but I´m not sure. However, after some days she disappears. When you then search the bed you find some money, not much though.

Return to the forest tower now. Enter and go up the stairs to see Karina again. Examine her and then ask her about the key to the gate. You can nor use the bracelet on her (-80 WP). You can also sleep in the bed up there now if you need to.

Karina: + evil points, companion bonus > + mindforce + endurance... unique bonus: No random fights in the forest area.

Now head back to the small waterfall. Examine Vic and fulfill the deal (-80 WP). Pick up your ring and wear it, it is now officially yours. Now head, east, east, east, north, east, east to reach the small pond. Examine and greet the bathing girl. Then exhaust all talk options with her. Then ether pay her or attack her. If you won, examine her, then tell her to give you the key. Use her if you want and then move all the way west, back to the locked gate. Unlock it and open it. You won´t need the key anymore so ditch it. step through the gate. Move north to the castle.

Examine the doors, then try to open then, then try to unlock them. Move all the way left, then north to reach the meadow. Examine the room, then the gate, try to open it, then to unlock it. Return to the castle yard, then right into the garage. Examine the room, the woman, then greet her. Go throug all her talk options until you unlock the option oh her to give her a bottle of golden delight. Now head back to the village and into the shop. You can use the direct way, the guard will not attack you yet. Ask Christina about Golden delight. Then purchase a bottle of golden delight or use the bracelet on her if you want and command her to give you a bottle. (-60 WP).

Christina: + evil points , companion bonus > + mind force + mental endurance... unique bonus: Christina can give you free candy every now and then, but she is limited on stock while on the road. If you think you don´t need Tina anymore then head to the Pub and use the bracelet on her (-101 WP).

Tina: + evil points, companion bonus > + mindforce + endurance +10 Max WP... unique bonus: she can give you a soda every now and then, for free Return to the garage now. You need to go through the woods again. Except you feel strong enough to defeat the guard. So after she wiped the floor with you and you reloaded a game, deliver the bottle of golden delight to the girl in the garage. Then head right and examine the room. Check the little gray box and grab the keyring. Unlock and open the door in this room. Head back to the Castle yard and unlock the door to the Gym. Head all the left, back to the closed gate and unlock that one too. You won´t need the keyring anymore, throw it away.

The game will split now into evil and good path, depending on your score. If you examine yourself your status text will tell you if you are more evil or more good, you should be able to notice the subtle hints without someone holding your hand. However, I will cover both ways of doing things. We start off by heading back to the castle yard and enter the gym.

Examine the room to find some vending machines, examine them, if you are short of healing items you can stock up here, but it is more expensive. Examine the glass door and try to open it. Then examine and greet the woman.

Exhaust all her talk options and exit the room. Head all the way east and then north until you reach the small waterfall. Note: On your way there you slip through the greenhouse and herbal garden, you will return here in short.

If you are a good girl you will find a woman here. Examine/Greet her then talk with her, do what she wants, then she will tell you where to fiend your friend. If you are a bad girl there will be no one here and you can continue on.

So head north, west, then examine the room. Head north through the new exit. Examine the 3 woman, then lean forward on one of them (-50WP). Then examine them again and greet them. Head all the way west until you get to a crossroad. Take the south exit to the terrace. Then head right to the pool.

If you are a good girl and did the sequence with the woman at the waterfall then a redhead will be here, examine her then rush to her to get the key for the castle. You are ready to enter it now. If you are a bad girl, examine the 2 woman there. Greet the blonde and use her talk option. Then approach Unit 374 and use her talk options until a redhead appears. Examine her, then rush to her to get the key for the castle.

Optional things to do. Ask Laura now why she is bored and about the autumn sales show. Command the pooltoy to give you the hose, this will only work if you are evil enough, if you are not you loose 60 WP. So if you are not then you can return here later and do it. If it works, then examine Laura and then check her stuff to find 40 euros.

Head back to the crossroad. Go soutwest, south. Examine the room, then look at the statues, check the movement then look at the staircase. Examine/greet the brunette, then exhaust her talk options. Use the bracelet on her if you want (-60 WP). She is not a companion but you can do the following. Tell her to go to her room, this will only work if you unlocked the castle doors first. You will then meet her in one of the rooms in the upper castle to have fun with her. Finish her current task, gives you evil points. Tell her to escape, gives you good points, might only be available if you are not too evil. Service you and wait her are self explanatory. Tell you the code for the solarium is too, but write down the code. When you got the code do with the girl what you like and return to the gym (the southern way is shortest) and enter that code into the glass door. Then head inside. Examine the room, then the tanning booth, then the switches on the booth and try to lie down on it. Examine and greet the woman. Exhaust all her talk options. Then head outside.

You can now wait until she is gone or pay attention to the text window. You will get a message soon that the woman might be finished. You could pass some time by heading back and forth some rooms until you get the message or play on. Once you get that message return to the solarium. See that the girl is still there, examine her. Now you can do good or evil stuff, what ever you like, so use the room menu to decide to... leave or to sneak over to the tanning bed and turn the switch. Examine the purple doll to make her leave. If you sneak out you have to wait a bit longer until the girl disappears. In both cases the tanning bed is yours to use now.

The standard setting will work like sleeping without dreaming, you restore some WP. AUS does nothing. Verstärkung will grant you a stat boost but will also roboize you. If you followed the guide you should not use this option cause you will probably be game overed in the case since your robostat should be to high already. Nanitenaktivierung does something similar, so you should avoid that with a high robostat too. If you want to use the tanning bed again to rest you need to wait some time. Let´s move on.

Outside of the gym, don´t forget to unlock the castle door while you are here. Then head the right way until the herbal garden and unlock the door there too. Head north and go to the place where the 3 girls were, if you still remember. Examine Unit 330 then wake her up and greet her. Then use all her talk options. Head back to the greenhouse and search for the flower 2 times, take it then and return to the girl. Give her the flower, to get some evil points. Then open the cabinet and use the vial. You are done in the gardens for now, let´s head inside of the castle.

Use the main entry or the garden entry what ever you want. Look around the lower floor, in the banquet room you find a door, open it if you want a shortcut to the terrace. Go to the living room for some optional event. Open the glass door for a shortcut to the terrace. Open/unlock the other too. You can trow away the old metal key now. Inside the art gallery you just unlocked you can find some unimportant stuff and some old friend if you like. Examine the living room now. Then examine and greet the girl. Then use all of her talk options. Then examine the frameless mirror and look inside. You can now use the bracelet on Ilka (-50 WP). She is a companion, but you can free her too if you are not too evil. The mirror is a trap actually but if you want to look anyways then command the girl now to let you have a look. Telling her to escape is self explanatory just like servicing you or following you. She however has a unique option if your robostat is maxed out. You can tell her to except your override codes. This will roboize her, you can´t free her anymore if you use this option but she will still be available as a companion.

Ilka: + evil points, + good points when freeing her, companion bonus: + mindforce + endurance... Special: Can be turned into a robot, looks cooler but stat boost is the same

Exit the room to the castle hall, examine the brown door then try to open it and enter the library to the right. Examine the room, then the girl and greet her. Exhaust all her talk options until nothing new appears. Now you can shortcut things by telling her the code of the solarium door that you written down earlier. Or you use the bracelet on her (-100 WP). Now command her to give you access to the console. Then free her for good points or tell her to go to the bathroom or use her as a companion. Note: You can still free her up in the bathroom or use her as a companion, so for now send her there. Examine the command console. Then examine the switchboard on it. The press all the buttons on it. Note: the first one will remove the village guard, so you can go to the village now using the direct way. Now look at the surveillance camera feeds. All of them if you want. Important is that you look at the Pferdekoppel option 2 times until you see a ponygirl.

Now exit the room. and go up to the upper hallway. Open all the doors, head right and open all the doors. The door to the parapet walk will need a code that we discover later. Now go northeast into the bathroom to find Angela.

Examine her then command her to show you what a good nymph she is to find a vial. Use it. Then decide what you want to do with the girl. Then exit the room.

Angela: + evil points, + good points for freeing her, companion bonus: + mindforce + endurance +5 Max WP

Go to the northern guest room now. Examine it and check the nightstand. Pick up the pink lollypop and examine it, don´t use it. You also find a bed here if you need to sleep. Go to the southern guest room now. Examine and search the room. Pick up the postit and read it. Note: This is the room where you meet Zara again if you told her earlier to go back to her room.

Exit and head west. Time to take care of Vero. So go south into her room. If you are good then examine her, then talk to her about all the stuff she has to offer. Then follow her. Move along. If you join her now this will lead you to a playable game over. So use the bracelet on her now (-100 WP). You can ask her some stuff now, if you ask her if she has an idea on how to escape a bonus outfit becomes available for you. She can be your companion but you can´t free her then.

Vero: + evil points, + food points for freeing her, companion bonus: + mindforce + endurance +5 Max WP

If you want her free then tell her to reset to her former self. IF you missed talking to her or the options did not pop up then they will do now. So to end this scene, examine her, then tell her to wait here for now.

If you are evil enough the scene has minimal differences. Examine her, then ask her all the stuff. This is bugged too, you can´t seem to use the bracelet on her in this mode.

Exit the room and head west. Use the room menu to search the sideboard to find the bonus outfit. Wearing it has the benefit that you will not get attacked on the entire castle area anymore. (Except for the final boss area and the lab.) The downside it that it will cost you -1 WP per move as long as you wear it. Now open the glass door and exit through the new way. Go down then south, south to reach the meadow again.

Examine and greet the ponygirl. Examine it again and then try to catch it. If you are too evil, you will need the riding crop from way earlier in the game to catch it. Examine and greet the redheaded mistress. Go through all her talk options until you can decide what to do. Use the option to follow her to her room. Go right to the stables and then up. Examine her and then submit to her. Ups... I mean attack her. After you won, use the command option to get the password for the console. It is "vibeke". If you are evil but feel not evil enough you can return to the ponygirl to play with it for some evil points boosting. You don´t need the riding crop anymore, get rid of it or keep it for the good memories.

In any case, you return to the library console now and type in the newly found password. Now use the "look at the computer" option. Then check out the bodywerks MIS. Then check the management information system for... current door codes. Write them down.

Head to the upper castle again and all the way right. Type in the code to open the parapet walk door. Then open it and step through. Try to open/unlock the doors and head south. Open all the doors. Then head right. Examine and greet the woman. Use her talk options until you can use the bracelet on her (-110 WP). #decide what you want to do with her. The rubber doll is useless. Note: Lick the dollies dick stays active on her, it is a bug, just ignore it.

You can free her if you are not too evil. You can then meet her again in the village pub in your room up there to get some money, not much though. If you don´t do anything with her and wait long enough then she will turn into a rubberdoll eventually.

Alexandra: +evil points, +good points for freeing her, companion bonus: + all 3 combat stats

Exit and then enter the southeast bathroom. Examine it and search the laundry to find the silver underwear. Another special outfit. You can only wear it if your robostat is maxed out and doing so will finalize your roboization. It has no downsides doing so, except that you can not take the outfit off anymore (Except for scripted events).

Now enter the southwest room to find another of your friends. Note: After day 22 or so she will not be there anymore, so if you take too long to finish the game she will be lost forever. Good path: Examine her, then rush to her.

Then talk to her about stuff and let her do her special program (-50 WP). After this you can use the bracelet on her (-110 WP). She can be your companion or you can free her.

Jessica: +evil point, +good points for freeing her, companion bonus: + to all 3 combat stats +20 Max WP

If you free her, examine her, then talk with her until the option appears to tell her something. Tell her to wait here for now. (A bug is here too, the bracelet option stays active, just ignore it).

Evil path has no differences except for different dialog files. (Might be a bug though, cause I remember differently from earlier builds.)

Exit now and go all the way down to the castle basement. You will find a door down there, examine it and try to open it. Then enter the code for the lab door that you got earlier. If you did not write it down and forgot it then check the library console again for it. Open the door and step through.

The server room contains another roboization method if you play around there, but with maxed robo stat you will die there so just ignore it. Special projects only has a trap. Go to laboratory 2, examine it, then examine and greet the woman. Use her talk options until you can use the bracelet on her (-70 WP). You can free her or use her as a companion. If you free her, you can tell her to hide or wait here.

Andy: + evil points, +good points for freeing her, companion bonus: + mindforce + endurance

Leave the room and enter the electronics lab. Examine it, then examine the woman and try to talk to her. Then ask her about herself and how to release her. Examine the large switchboard. You can now do something good or evil.

Evil: Use the first option on the switchboard "Aktiviere Naniten". Then wait some time, the girl will transform into a robot. You can set this thing free if you want but it will cost you 100 WP.

Good: Hit the button "Öffnen". This will free her. Then ask her stuff and if you want tell her to hide somewhere.

Now let´s head to laboratory 1, the southeast room. Examine it, then examine and greet the woman to meet Nina. Ehh.. I mean Maya. Ask her about lot´s of stuff and then promise to help her. Write down the code in case you forget. Exit and take the west way to merchandise preparation. Open the green metal door and go through. Now try to open the cabinet and then enter the code you just got. Open it and pick up the white box. While you are here try to open/unlock the green metal door. Return to Maya, examine her and give her the box.

There is an alternative game path available now if you leave the room now and go on with gaming. But it will be very difficult to finish the game if you do since you loose some serious WP. Save your game and prepare for some nasty surprise if you want to try, but you are on your own for this. Because we will do that extra step now that avoids all this. Examine Maya before you leave and then click her again to exchange the vials. Now leave and head back to the storage room. Search the shelves (you may have to do it twice if you get attacked). You find a vial. Take it and use it. Run around a bit in a safe area until you get the message that Maya should be finished, then go back to her. Examine her, then drink the serum for a permanent +5 WP bonus. Open the door to the lab again and head inside. Examine Maya, repeat as often as necessary to see her second stage. Now click the room menu and search the shelves. Now pick up the keys and use the vial. Leave the room and head back to the storage room. Unlock the door there and head through.

Examine the woman then rush to her. Decline her offer and fight. After the fight examine her and take the key. You can now use the bracelet on her (-110 WP). You can free her or make her your companion.

Abigail: + evil points, + good points for freeing her, companion bonus: + to all 3 combat stats +30 Max WP

If you are evil enough you don´t have to fight her. She will make an offer to you that you can help her to defeat the boss of this base to take over business. There also is a game ending available now. If you accept her offer she gives you the tower key, Also take the other keys with you and enter the northeast room. Examine it and unlock the cabinet to find another vial, then head back to the castle area.

If you free her, examine her and talk to her until the white van appears and you can tell her something. Take the key and ell her to wait here. Enter the northeast room. Examine it and oen/unlock the cabinet to find a vial to use. If you want to look at the computer, examine it and enter the password "dollshipper".

Btw, the white van is a game ending now, you can use it to leave the facility, you could tell your friends now to go here too, to leave with them. It´s not the true ending so we...

Head back to the castle hall. If you are evil it might be that you have more then 140 WP now. So you could bow go back to the village pub and enslave Tanya by using the bracelet on her.

Tanya: +evil points, companion bonus: + all 3 combat stats +10 max WP Speciality: Tanya is uber strong, if you let her fight for you she will defeat everyone with easy, though if you followed this guide then you are probably be able to do it yourself now, just saying.

Before we continue. Open the brown wooden door in the castle hall. It was possible before but I forgot about it. Enter the new room. If you enter the large office southeast, examine it to find a computer. It´s not important but the password is found on the postit from earlier, "prancingpony". You can throw it away now. Keep this room in memory, you will return here soon.

Exit and then enter the southwest room. Examine and greet the woman. Talk to her until you can tell her something. This quest is unfinished so tell her to wait here or to run away. If you are evil enough you can lure her into a trap. Give her a hint about the library, then check on her in the library to finish her. Wait a few days and then check on her in one of the hospital operation rooms.

So we nearing the end now. Go tp the upper floor and all the way right to the locked door. Unlock/open it and step through. You can drop any keys you still have you won´t need them anymore. Examine the room. Then the woman and greet her. Accept her invitation and then lick her (-40 WP). Talk to her until you can shop with her. Ignore the lace panties they have no use. Stock up on items with her if you need to, she also sells 2 vials. Then use the bracelet on her. Surprise, it won´t work. Ask her now how her nanites were deactivated. Then open the oak door but don´t step through yet. Go back to the large office downstairs, the one with the computer and pictures. Look at the pictures behind the desk. Pull at them. You find 2 vials. Examine them and take the dark one with you, then use it. Then pick up the other one. Return to Justine on the upper floor.

Go through it, examine the room, open the new door and go all the way up to meet the final boss. Examine the room. Then the laptop, then the woman. Make sure you go through all her talk options before you attack her. Then inspect the room via the room menu. Now defeat the mistress. She is a tough bitch I tell ya, especially on high difficulty. But you recently stock up on healing items in case you need them. I have trust that you can beat her up good if you followed the guide. After you win, examine her, let her service you as a goodbye gift and nicely ask her for the car keys. Congrats. You ended this nightmare and are free escape now. So grab those fancy car keys, go down to the garage and use them to leave. You can tell your friends to meet up in the garage first if you want to take them with you...


Whoa, whoa, whoa. Not so fast. Did you not feel like there was something off? Why won´t you delay your take off plans and just inspect that room again. Maybe finding that fancy secret door and then trying to open/unlock it.

Let Natasha help you. Examine the next room, open the door and go up to meet the final final boss of the game. ^-^ Vibbeke. Examine her then greet her. (Depending on your companion you may get some error messages, ignore them and play on). Attack her. What now? Distract her. Play with her. Pin her down. Ask her to surrender. Silence her. Then do your final decision. Note: Various items you kept in the game rather then throwing them away will be of use now. Like Tessas Collar, the Silver Dildo, The Dollypop, or the white vial. Also, full roboization gives another option here. (Btw, the silver dildo will game over the both of you). Pick you poison and celebrate your victory over Unit 001, the mistress of the Bodywerks facility.

Now examine her, then command her to open the doors and give you access to the master console. Then go up. But be prepared. If you agreed to help Abigail, you will now have to fight the final final final boss. Should be a breeze though, if not just return to some vending machines before going here and stock up on healing items. After defeating her you only have to use the console to "answer him". Congrats, now you really finished the game and see the true ending. It actually depends strongly on your corruption rate (the balance between good and evil points). There is something for everyone, from taking over the bas, joining the herd up until escaping and living happily ever after.
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