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avatar Galfimbul

Overseer / Надзиратель

Год выпуска: 2013
Дата релиза: 16/08/2013
Жанр: ADV, Strategy, Pet, Slave, Lesbians, Robots, Mind Control
Цензура: Отсутствует/Есть патч для удаления
Разработчик/Издатель: Dollmistress
Платформа: PC/Windows
Тип издания: Оригинальная (лицензионная)
Таблэтка: Не требуется
Версия: 1.16
Язык игры: Английский
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Язык озвучки: Неизвестен/ Другой
Системные требования (минимальные): Windows 98/XP/7/8; 128 MB RAM

Описание: По всему земному шару раскинула свои сети организация HIVE (Улей). Ее главная цель - расширение своего влияния на все политические и военные структуры мира. Для этого были разработаны устройства для трансформации женщин в безмозглых, покорных дронов, каждые из которых выполняли свои определенные функции. Главная героиня случайно узнала о существовании HIVE и тут же была похищена... Теперь Вы - Надзиратель 20, Ваша цель - развитие своего улья путем исследования новых технологий, постройки нужных помещений и создания новых дронов.

Доп. информация:
Основная текстовая информация отображается в левом верхнем окне. Людям, плохо владеющим английским языком, можно копировать и вставлять данный текст (выделить мышкой абзац, Ctrl+C - копировать в буфер обмена, Ctrl+V - вставить из буфера )в любой переводчик, например, Google translate.
This is not a step by step walkthrough, it is rather a guide. The game is complex and play style depends a bit on your personal likings when it comes to troop building or in what order you research/build things. I will only give recommendations based on personal experience. This will successfully get you through the game, but if you have a better plan for doing things you can do that too.

From game day 40 onwards you can do assignments, those a special jobs you can do, but don´t have to to get through the game. You can get an assignment on every 20th day, like 40, 60, 80 and so on, and only on those days. However you don´t have to do the assignment on that very day, you can do it whenever you want. You can only have 1 assignment at a time. If there are no assignments available that you want to do, then pick one and use the terminal again to give up on that one, then check it again. Assignments are chosen randomly on the terminal, so it can use some time to find one that you like to do. Assignments are repeatable, means you can do the same one 2 times or 3 times, but I don´t recommend it since things can bug out. Assignments will only be available until day 280 or so, but you get a message about that when they unlock. I will not cover assignments during the mission guide itself, I will add the assignment list on the end of the guide.

Due to the nature of random wilders appearing in your business, I can not include all available ones in the list at the end of the guide. I will add those that I see and tell you the right answer options for them, if anyone has a list or just single ones of not listed wilders then let me know and I will add them.

There is a number of character traits in the game which have a positive effect on the player character. You can only have 1 at a time, but you can randomly switch to other traits once you have found the beach house. I´m too lazy to list them all, cause I have to search for them and try out what they do, if someone wants to help with that, just drop me a note and I include them at the end of the guide. For personal likes I will play the guide with the "mechanic" trait, cause that is one of the most useful ones. It saves you from assigning any repair drones in the game which makes life a bit easier.


Let´s start:


Check yourself out. Take and wear the clothes and take the Teddy. Search the bedroom and take, then read the newspaper. Leave the room and go downstairs to the lounge. Check the mail on the laptop. Then use the phone to call Celine and a taxi. Go upstairs to the bathroom and search it. Pick up the purse, then go downstairs and leave the house. Hail the taxi. Time to grab that fancy mechanic trait now, so examine the broken car and then fix it. You can ignore the other things here or do with them what you like. Now enter the building, inquire the reception desk. Then use the room menu to act nonchalant. Examine the steel door and sneak through. Go up, then examine the room. Search around a little (via the room icon) then examine the voices, listen to them and then listen closer. Examine and unlock the laptop. Then check on all of it´s options from top to bottom. Use the room menu to get out of here. Lunge past the scary woman and return home with the taxi. Go to the lounge and make a call return with the phone, then call Celine´s home. Reply whatever you want and then take a nap on the sofa.

Talk with the scary woman until she asks you questions. Answer: No, Taxi Driver, Lot´s of People. Then continue the sequence with the scary woman until it´s end. You are now officially Hive Property, lucky you.

Now go all the way south to your office. Take your uniform and wear it. Take the UsPad and use it to contact the observer, do this a couple of times and then use her talk options there. (The last 3 options give you random tips, they are not important.) Then use the computer to report to mistress and then check your mission on it. Look up the status report entries on the computer to learn which one tells you what. Use the help files tor learn about stuff if you want to. Then check the UsPad for the fluff? option. Check the Fluff choice and pick a Fluff you want.

Fluff is a simple minigame that works like stone, scissors, paper. It is only important to play it if you want to see the secret mission after the games ending. I will cover that when it is time for that. The game has officially started now, so let´s begin with...


Mission 1:


Reach Population 6.
Reach Power 10.
Build a resting room.

Maintain Harmony of 50%+ when finishing the mission. This is essential for all missions, so I won´t mention it again.

Keep note that it is very important to focus on harmony management, especially at the beginning of the game. Cause that one can be your doom all too quickly. It is also important to find a balance between doing good and evil things, cause being too good/evil will end the game as well. Good things are like taking a bath, releasing some slaves and the like, evil things are like collecting slaves and doing evil decisions. So don´t go overboard with recruiting slaves, that´s bad for harmony and morale.

Also, at the beginning of the game you inly have 3 action points to do things, so days will be short. You can build items later to get more AP. Unfortunately you don´t see your AP in the status bar but you can check them up on the computer when you use the status report. Some recommendation: Bathing consumes lot´s of AP, but if you do it last like when you are out of AP anyways, then it will not cost you anything and you can still do it. So when bathing, do it last. Take note that bathing regenerates some harmony too, but it has a cooldown of 3 days.

So, enter the elevator and go down to the secret room in the basement, fabricate 1 restraint. Then go up again and all the way north to the perimeter and quicksave. Now click your portrait and use the scrounge option once. That will grant you 1 energy. Then use hunt. I personally prefer to load a game if I fail to catch something, to save game days and action points. Now when you catched a slave, restrain her and then store her. Then go back to the office and sleep. Repeat the process on the next 3 days. Don´t forget to take a bath at day 4 and every other 3 days to recover harmony. (The bath is located in the battery room.)

The next day, do some research by clicking the research terminal in your office. Choose processing equipment and do this 2 times, then sleep. Researching will usually take 2 AP but you can do it if you have at least 1 AP left, it also cost energy.

Do some research again the next day. Choose workstation upgrades 2 times then sleep. Do it a 3rd time on the next day, that should be enough for a breakthrough. So go down to the secret room now and fabricate the upgrade on the basic workstation. Note that you unlocked a new item, the normal workstation which we will use from now on. You should be out of Ap now so take a bath if you can and sleep.

Go down to the secret room and use that new workstation to fabricate a slave capsule, 1 restraints and 1 slave collar.

Next day research Programming - Guard 2 times.

Next day go back to the workstation and fabricate the new network hub. It will appear north from there in the programming room.

Next day have a look at your notoriety level, if you did like me and reloaded after a failed slave hunting then it should be around 14 now. A level of 20+ means too much attention from the wilder forces which can do bad things to you. You don´t want that so it is time now to recruit your first guard unit. Go to the perimeter and hunt, then restrain and collar the new slave. Then go to the secret room. Set the slave capsule processing mode to drone and process the new girl. To do so, click the capsule and choose the process option then choose the slave to process, then click it again and use the activate option. You have created your first drone, use it´s move option to move it to the programming room. Then go there and use the network hub to program this unit into a guard. Move that guard to the perimeter, then go there and set it to "defend". You will notice that your influence will raise to 1. That is just enough to counter the daily notoriety income (which is 1 by default). You will still generate Notoriety for hunting more slaves and stuff.

For now it is time for some more researching. Sor research the power equipment the next day, then the next day go and build the Harmonizer, 1 restraints and 1 collar. Activate the harmonizer in the battery room (maybe take a bath).

Today you will recruit a second guard following the same routine like last time. This will grant you an influence of 2, which means notoriety goes down by 1 each day you don´t do something suspicious.

Let´s recruit a worker now to start building up some building points. Go and fabricate 1 collar and restraint like usual. Only 1 AP left, so for now research the subscriptions. The next day, go for hunting., do the usual thing but change the setting on the slave capsule to worker now. Move the worker to the perimeter now and set it to "build" mode. Now use your basic workstation to fabricate the business mag.

The next day research subscriptions 2.

Next day go and fabricate 2 restraints, then the blueprint file.

Next day, go and hunt a slave to store to raise the power level. Repeat. Should have 1 AP left, spend it for researching the Programming - Sex. (No breakthrough yet.)

Now this should ideally be day 20. A special event will happen today. Go to the waiting room and meet a lovely delivery drone. Note that you can play fluff with her. Collect the delivery, then ask her "One question". Then choose the item of your choice. The Teddybear will give you some good points whenever you admire it and the picture will give evil points. To look up the items you will need another item that you will fabricate in the future. So choose the accept option now and choose your item. From now on you are free to explore the wilds behind the hive grounds when you go to the perimeter and click the explore option in the room icon (cost 3 AP at least and consumes all remaining AP for this day.). But we go there later, for now return to the secret room and build 3 restraints.

Today, use those restraints to capture 3 more slaves and store them. You should have 9 power now.

Research the vanity items this day.

The next day go to your basic workstation and fabricate the display cabinet. It will appear in your office, if you open it you can see all vanity items in your possession and do stuff with them. (It will cost you AP though so don´t overuse it.) Use the remaining AP to finish the research on the Programming - Sex.

Next day go to your workstation and fabricate 1 restraint, 1 collar and the Sapphometron, in that order.

Next day go to the perimeter and explore. Talk to the mysterious wilder until she disappears. Then click the room icon to search the room, then to return to the hive.

Next day research special equipment 1 time then click your portrait and "plan". It is soon time to build some new rooms and you need building points (that´s what the worker was for) and planning points for this. Planning cost you 3 AP. Repeat this the next day.

This day, go down to your secret room and fabricate the sonic disruptor. Then go to the office again and do another planning session.

This day go to the waiting room, open the blueprints and then build the parking lot. Then go back to the office and continue planning.

Today, you go and capture one more slave to store and upgrade your power level to 10. Then plan again.

Today we go and explore again, so go to the perimeter and click the option. Make sure that you have a slave collar with you. Search the wilds again and then head south. Talk to the wilder there and decide what to do with her, if you collar her you get a personal pet. After that, search the room, then return to the hive.

Let´s research personal equipment now, then plan. (Should have 3 planning points now for the next building.)

So let´s go building the resting room now. At this point I was kind of evil, so I remind you to not drop too low on morale, if your character makes an evil face counter it, by capturing some slaves and releasing them again or looking at the teddy, taking a bath and so on.

It should be day 35 by now. Mistress Luca wants to talk to you. Do as you are told and follow the onscreen instructions. Note: From this day on you can find vehicles while scrounging the perimeter. You will need these. That´s why we just build that fancy parking lot. So I suggest to go to the perimeter now, quicksave and then scrounge until you find at least 1 vehicle. The parking lot can take 2 vehicles, I will scrounge for both on this day and I recommend you to do the same to save that time.

Next day, research personal equipment again and then plan again. Next day go to fabricate the radio at your workstation, then plan again.

Spend the next day exploring again. Return to the forest path were that wilder was last time, search again. Then return to the hive. Repeat that the next day to unlock the next area there. Go there and find the lame drone, examine her, then check her, then help her, then stabilize her for now and return to the hive.

Ideally it should be day 40 now. Time to do your first assignment, or to ignore those fun adventures and move on.

Go to the blueprints now and build the staircase, so you don´t need to use th elevator all the time.

If you do assignments then your resources status is unclear to me now. So I will only make recommendations now on your setup and worksteps.

We will reach day 50 soon, the game will become a tiny bit more complex then, in preparation to that we won´t prolong out current mission and finish that now.

You plan is now to fabricate 2 collars and 2 restraints. Then hunt 2 new slaves. Turn them both into drones. Send them both to the programming room and use the sapphometron to turn them into sexdolls. Then move them to the resting room and set them to "treat" mode. Then sleep. You get the message that you shall report to the mistress, so do this by using the computer.


Mission 2:


Build Power room 2
Build Operations Center
Defeat the Department of Trade
Additional Goal: Build an interrogation room.

At this moment you still have only 3 AP. So don´t waste turns. We need to build a few rooms here and so we need planning points. Remember that planning cost you 3 AP. So do something that cost like 2 points and then do the planning last.

Let´s start things of with building the second power room. You should have enough building points atm but will probably need more planning points. Look at the blueprints to find out the cost. It is 5 planning points. So if you have 0 it will cost you 5 days atm to get them.

I suggest the following. Research some stuff 1 time then plan 1 time. Repeat until you have 5 planning points. Start the research with processing equip 2. (You can not build this yet since the room you need is still missing atm so don´t worry.) It should take you 3 days to do this research, continue with maintenance equip, it´s the same here, before you can build it you need to do something else.

Before you build the power room now, you need to do something else, since you will probably have reached day 50 by now. This means you need to hire some drones for maintenance duty and repair duty. If you followed my suggestion earlier and choose the mechanic trait, you will not need to hire repair drones and can save the slots for something else. If you see a blue message about maintenance look at what it says. At the moment you can simply take those 2 sexdolls from earlier and set them to maintain mode to counter the effects to some degree, we will replace them with more effective drones later. If that is not enough and the message says your hive becomes chaotic, then you can personally do some maintain action.

Once you set the 2 dolls to maintaining, go and build the power room. Use the remaining AP to plan again.

Also notice that your harmony starts dropping again, we will soon do something about this.

Our next goal is to build the processing hall. You will need 5 planning points again, you should still have enough of the other resources.

That means another 5 days of researching, planning, like before. Don´t forget to do maintenance duty yourself once you get the "chaotic" message (Those 2 sex drones are not that effective at all). You do maintain duty yourself at your activity hub, the room right north of the office. Start researching with Vanity items 2 now.

By the time you have the 5 planning points you should have finished the vanity research too, don´t worry about that now. Just go and build the processing hall.

Now check your research terminal and notice that you unlocked a new item, the Workstation extension. Research this immediately. Then go to your workstation and fabricate the Extend. You have unlocked the extended workstation now. It is located in the new room to the right that you build a moment ago.

Use that new station to fabricate the control rod and the medbay. Go to your resting room and activate the medbay. This gives another permanent harmony boost. Then go to your office and activate the control rod (found in the display cabinet.) You now permanently have 4 AP per day to spend. Not that much more but enough for making 2 planning action a day if you like...

Since we have the medbay now, we go to explore the wilds again. Just go back to that lame drone in the cave from way earlier. But don´t waste your AP. Exploring cost 3 and you now have 4, you can spend the extra point by fabricating some collar or restraint before exploring. Rescue the lame drone and take her to medbay. Then search the cave by using the room icon and then return to the hive. Visit the lame drone in your resting room, examine it, then use the medbay to heal it. Then talk to it. Notice that you can fluff with that drone. Check up with her once, then call it a day.

Next we do something to "power" up. So go catch some slaves and store them, make it 3 for now or 4, like you want, but stop before you reach 20 Notoriety or if you notice that you get more evil (check your portrait). Don´t forget that you need restraints to store someone.

Once you stock up some power, go and explore the wilds again, search that cave again. Follow the new way and exit the cave, follow the path and enter the beach house. The beach house is a special place. All over the place are random events, including the beach outside. But only one of those per day. You can use these events to change your personal trait if you need to. The first time around there should be no random events, but HD-011 should be inside, if she is not return here another day. Now talk to her > Introduce yourself, Greet her, The Lame Drone. You can forgot about her other options. Now talk to HD-003. Before you leave, notice the fluff terminal. You can buy lot´s of fluff there for some fluff, but the only important one is the star Fluff, you will need 100 fluff to buy this fluff. You will only need this if you want to play the secret bonus mission after the end of the game. Remember you can fluff with many drones throughout the game to get the 100. Now return to the cave, where the lame drone was. Then use the room icon to dig. Return to the hive. Return there the next day and dig again. Repeat until you open up a new passage. Use the down button to go there. Say hello to Ox-052 then use the other 2 options and return to the hive.

If you "recharged" from your "evildom" go and recruit more batteries, your current max is 20.

We still need an interrogation room soon, so let´s build this one next. You need 3 planning points. After building it go there, just use the stairs and go all the way down, then activate the hypnosuite. Now go to the extended workstation and fabricate the processing chamber. This is an upgraded version of the slave capsule that let´s you create mark 2 versions of your units. We need this soon enough, but don´t worry about it now.

It´s time to build the operations center. You need 5 planning points for this. After building it, find the room just upstairs from your office. Activate the operations console. Then set target > Department of Trade. Before you can go on attacking them you need to sleep, but we do something else first anyways.

If you have not maxed your power to 20 yet, it would be a good time to do now.

Look at your research terminal and research the interrogation equipment, then fabricate it (Chemistry Lab). Then go to the interrogation room and activate it.

Research the workstation improvements now and fabricate it (Improve). You get the advanced workstation. You can already use it to fabricate stims if you want, but personally I never needed them.

Now let´s finish the actual mission. Go to the operations room and choose the red alert option on the console. Then attack until you win. Then stand down red alert. Hop into a car and drive to town. The dept of trade is just left from your drop in point. Go there and enter, then choose the room icon to get a status report. Then take the asset recovery container and return to your base. Go to the interrogation room and drop the container, then discharge it. Introduce yourself to your new guest and then use the hypnosuit to brainwash her.

There are 2 targets in this mission, you can only get one of them by random chance. The only difference are the visuals and minor text changes during the brainwashing.

Settings for Mina Holmes: Fantasy > Submissive, Fear > Darkness, Catalyst > Auto

Settings for Stephanie Adams: Fantasy > Dominant, Fear > Darkness, Catalyst > Auto

After you made the settings, do not forget to activate them by hitting the "apply" option. Then sleep one time and when returning, hit the "review results" button. Then follow the dialog options on the happy new hive member until she is gone. Then go to your computer and report to mistress to finish the mission.


Mission 3:


Get Power of 20 (should already be completed by now)
Get Population of 15
Build Barracks

Start off by researching the "Programming - Pet". This will cost a lot of time atm, so go on full research mode until you get that. To make use of it you need the briefing room. That´s our next goal. It will cost you 5 planning points, so spend the next days to gather these, you should have enough of the other stats atm. Build the room when you have the stats.

Now it´s time to stock up some units. Go and catch 2 new recruits and turn them into Drone 2 units. Move them to your resting room and set them to fabricate. Fabricate points are a special currency needed to build certain advanced items, like the neural atrophier that we want to build. Fabricating drones generate 1 point each night, so having 2 of them generates 2 points per day.

Important note: The game will consume FP always before AP, when you fabricate something that means lot´s of moves if you want to fabricate stuff - if you have lot´s of FP. As long as you gather FP for specific item builds, I suggest to not fabricate anything else until you have the item in question.

So for now, go and do all the rest of the available researches on the research terminal. This should go quickly, if you have still not enough FP, then use some time to plan until you got another 5 points for the next room. Check the extended workstation if you can build the neural atrophier. Once you got that thing, build the next room. The "Playroom", it´s the last building from the T1 Plan, we will need to do all this to remain a stable harmony base for the future.

Btw, the briefing room where this new machine is, is right from the programming room.

Once you build the playroom (located under the secret room), get ready for another new room you will need. The R&D Laboratory. Check the T2 Plan for the requirements and build that next. While you are gathering the needed 10 planning points you may consider to use those fabricating points to build some stuff with the extended workstation, or you may want to save the points for later. Up to you. The new R&D Lab is located right to your office. It has it´s own research terminal, which we will put to good use now.

Research the "Maintenance Equipment - Play" there. Then go to your advanced workstation and fabricate 5 toyboxes.

Now don´t waste those fabricating point, so instead recruiting do some more research.

Research "Vanity Items III", then spend your points to fabricate the Crown of Majesty at the advanced workstation. Don´t forget to activate it i your display cabinet.

Around now you should get a blue message again that your Hive becomes chaotic. The recent builds have just risen your maintenance need. So for now we will go to counter that. Go find your 2 fabricating drones from earlier. Make them stop fabricating and assign them back to maintenance duty. Then go to your hives activity hub and do 1 maintain duty yourself.

Go to your extended workstation and fabricate the 3 remaining devices. Neural Accelerator. Cartesian Inducer and Aural Projector. This will use up a good bunch of fabricating points, so they won´t be wasted on the soon to be necessary collar and restraint fabricating. Then sleep.

With the recent actions taken, you should be free of hive chaos temporarily. It should return soon, but for now we will take steps to secure our harmony levels and do something for a small research bonus.

Go and fabricate some restraints and slave collars. Then go hunting. Produce 1 "Drone II" then send it to the programming room and use the Neural Accelerator on it. Send the new research drone to R&D and then go there and set the drone to research mode. She will now constantly generate research points for you so research will go a bit faste from now on.

Now capture 5 more slaves, turn them all into normal drones, then send them to the briefing room and use the Neural Atrophier on the to turn them into pets. Send the pets to the playroom and set them to play.

Once you are done you should have a population of 14. We need 15 to win the actual mission, so let´s catch another slave. And turn her into a "Drone II", set this one to fabricating mode for now.

Only thing left to do now is to build the Barracks. So go and check the requirements, then build it, then sleep, then report to the mistress to finish the actual mission.


Mission 4:


Build 1 soldier Unit
Defeat the local Police Department

So let´s start with an easy one. Go capture a slave. Turn it into a normal worker. Then send it to the programming room and use the aural Projector to turn it into a soldier, send the new unit to the barracks and set it to attack.

Now go to the Operation Center and set a new target, the Portsville Police.

Theoretically you are good to go now, but you have plenty of time for the mission, so let´s do some other stuff first.

Go to your blueprints and check the garage requirements, then build the thing. If you don´t have enough building points then spend some time researching stuff, should not take too long since you need only 10 points. Once you build the garage go and research the "Programming Trophy" sleeper and defense options, if you did not do yet. Go and build the stuff at the advanced workstation. You can build the defensive wall like 5 times if you want, each installment will raise the notoriety "cap" of 20 to a higher level so you can do more things until wilders start to harass you.

Once you got the garage, go scrounging at the perimeter until you found 2 more vehicles.

Now let´s finish this mission. Go to your operations center and enter red alert mode. Then attack until you won, then go to town using your car find the police station and claim your victim like last time. Follow the same routine like last time to slave them.

2 possible girls here:

Settings for Tracey Lawrence: Fantasy > Dominant, Fear > Insects, Catalyst > Auto.

Settings for Diana Ingrams: Fantasy > Submissive, Fear > Darkness, Catalyst > Auto

After adding her to your battery stack report to mistress for success.


Mission 5:


Raise Power Level to 30
Raise Population to 26
Build a Garage (already completed if you followed the guide)

So notoriety should not become much of a problem since you had recently build the defensive walls, no. However, our next recruitment drive will aim at hiring some special troops that will not only give us a combat bonus but also do good for influence levels, thus do good to keep notoriety down. The current goal is to raise population to 26, that means 10 regular troops to recruit. So go and fabricate your slave gear and capture some girls.

Make one slave a basic worker, move it to the briefing room and use the cartesian inducer to turn it into an agent. Send the agent to the perimeter then go there and set her to infiltrate.

Make 1 slave into a "worker 2", send her to the briefing room and use the Wilderform Overlay to turn her into a sleeper. Send the new unit to the perimeter then set her to seduce.

Now capture 2 more slaves and turn them into a "worker 2" send them to the perimeter and set them to building mode. Cause new rooms get more expensive soon and you don´t want to wast so much days waiting for the resources to raise.

Now we go to build the Aux power room on tier 2. You need 10 planning points for this, so go straight to planning mode until you have it. Then build the room.

Whenever you have time now stack up some slaves to your power room. But keep an eye on your portrait image, if you turn too "evil" do something to get better. Remember that taking a bath gives some good points so don´t forget that. In case of emergency catch and release some slaves.

A good strategy now would be to capture 1 or 2 battery slaves per day and do some planning for the rest of your AP until you reached the 30 power level. This will give you some points in advance for the next building on the list.

Check your bluprints for the tier 3. We need to do something specific until day 280 or we can´t do the secret mission on the end of the game. It is time now to start working on it. So we jump over the actual quest steps now and build the Surveilance room next. It is costly so it will take some days to generate the necessary building points but since you have 3 workers out it should not take too long.

When you build it, go there (north from operations) and activate the surveilance system. Now check the blueprints for the requirements of the Cyberlab, that is even more costly. But you want to build that next. The good thing about waiting for the resources is that you will have plenty of secondary recourses for future activities.

Once you build the cyberlab, go there, it is east of the surveilance room. Examine stuff and use the interface option on the development interface. Now go to check the blueprints again for the server room cost, then build this thing.

Btw, you will have noticed that your harmony drops again, but only 1 per day so don´t forget to bathe when it hits 91 or so to fill it up again.

Once you have the server room, go there, it is left of the surveilance room. Examine stuff and use the activate uplink option on the master server. Now go exploring and back to the cave in the woods. Go down into the caverns to meet OX-052 again. Tell it that you build a server room. Return to the hive and go back to the server room. Say hello to OX-1000 and then activate the uplink. CONGRATULATIONS: You have unlocked the Isolina side quest. It is available through the assignments and random generated like all the other assignments. You need to do this the hard way if you want to play the secret mission after the games ending, so if you want to, check assignments on next occasion, if Isolina is not there then choose one and abort it, then check again until it pops up. See the assignment guide post for a walkthrough for that quest.

Now check the requirements for building a library and then build it. The library is located left of your office.

You should have tons of research points by now, so just go there and research the Vanity Items III and Cybernetics. Also spend time to research all the other available items there, you will have some time since you need to generate more resources for the next room.

Notice that you can not build any of the new stuff yet, so the next room to build will be the Processing Station. After that you go and research the Workstation Enhancements in the R&D Lab. Then go to your advanced Workstation and choose to fabricate the Enhancement. Then go left of the secret room to reach the new room you just build and have a look at the Auto-Do to see a lot of new things to fabricate.

Fabricate the Matrix of Leadership, the neural hood, the nanometric sheathe, the rectifier and the Hydro Cannons. Look at the rectifier then in the same room to learn what it does. Then go to the processing hall and look at the nanometric sheathe. This fancy thing allows you from now on to produce Cyborg Units, one of the most effective type of Unit. Then go to the interrogation room to activate the neural hood. Then go to your office and activate the Matrix of Leadership to permanently get more AP.

It is now time to do something again for our harmony levels. So let´s build a new room, the gallery. It is located right from the Operations Center.

Once you build it, go to your R&D research terminal and research the "Maintenance Equipment - Pose". If you have done so, go to your advanced workstation and fabricate 5 plinths. While you are down there look if you can build collars and restraints too cause now we go and recruit some more friends.

Capture 5 slaves. Turn them into Drone II slaves and send them to the briefing room. Use the coring station to turn them into trophies. Send the new Units to the gallery, then go there and set them to Admire mode.

We need 1 more recruit now to reach population 26 to finish the actual mission. So go and recruit one more slave. Turn it into a normal worker, send it to the briefing room and use the cartesian inducer to turn it into an Agent, send the new Unit to the perimeter and set her to Blackmail mode. Then sleep and report to mistress.


Mission 6:


Defeat the "School ''Board"

This mission is a simply attack and defeat mission. But it also means a shift in the storyline, you will see for yourself. Before we go to attempt this, we will lay out the foundation for all future missions, to save some time later. You should have more then 100 days of time to finish this mission so plenty of time to do some more base building.

Before we start, go to the Operations room and set the school board as a target, so that´s out of the way.

Let´s start with building the "Stack" room. You can enter it through the resting room. Go to the R&D lab and research the Maintenance Equipment control. Then go the advanced workstation and fabricate the sexcontrol. This is another goodie to keep our harmony in check. So go to the stack room and activate it.

Next room to build on the list is the Helipad. You can reach it through the Barracks. Once you build it go to the perimeter and scrounge until you get the helicopter vehicle.

Build the production room next. It is located left of the programming room. Now go to the processing station and use the Auto-Do to fabricate the Domina engine.

Now build Activity Hub II. Then the holding Cell. Then Activity Hub III, then Holding Cell II. Then Activity Hub IV, then the dungeon. You now laid the foundation of a new mechanic that I will explain soon.

Now build the Aux Power room II. While you wait for the resources go and research Capturing Equipment on the office research terminal. Then Capturing Equipment 2 on the R&D lab terminal, then Capturing Equipment 3 on the library terminal. Go to your secret room workstation and build the phair con. Then to the advanced workstation to build the pink mist generator, then to the auto-Do to build the Inhibition Inhibitor.

After building the room, research Power Equipment II in the library. Then build the Optimizer with the Auto-Do. This item allows you to exchange 25 harmony to get some energy if you ever need it. It is found in the battery room you just build.

No go and build the Armoury room. It is located left from the Barracks. Then go and research Warfare Equipment in the R&D lab. Go to the advanced workstation and fabricate the Weapons Cache.

Now, if you don´t mind, it is time to do another step for the secret mission. You need to play fluff, then some fluff, maybe some fluff and finally more fluff. Check your "fluff settings" on your uspad and click your fluff to see your actual fluff balance. Since I did a lot of assignments that boost that one I already had 73 by now. You goal is to get 100 fluff balance. So go and meet the curious drone in the cyberlab. IF you use Vroom like me then use the tickle option to win all the time. Repeat until your fluff balance hits 100. IF you use another fluff go and find out which option makes you win, it never changes so just use that option over and over. If you reach the 100 mark go exploring and visit the beach house. Use the Fluff terminal to buy star. That is totally the best Fluff around. Equip it. Return to your hive and go to your office, check the display cabinet to notice that you now have the fluff trophy, examine it. So much for this now, another step follows later.

Let´s do something for defense again and build both of the guard bunkers. Once done, go to the perimeter and stop your 2 guards from defending, thens end 1 of them to Guard Bunker 1 and 1 to Bunker 2. They are located left and right from here. Go to those places, set the guards to defend again and use the room menu to fortify the bunkers.

Now build the auxillary stack. Then go find that drone 2 from much earlier that is set to fabricating in the resting room or wherever you send it. Stop fabricating and set it to maintain mode.

If you are like me you should be around day 290-300 now. You have time until day 310 for this mission, so go and recruit 2 more slaves. Turn 1 of them into a worker 2 and send it to the production room. Use the Domina Engine to turn it into a Hound. Send that Unit to the Barracks and set it to massacre. Turn the other slave into a basic worker and send it to the processing hall, go there and use the nanometric sheathe to turn it into a cyberslave. Send that on to the barracks and set it to attack. (Notice all the actions cyberslaves can do they are very effective units.)

So let´s finish the actual mission now. Go to the operations room and do your thing. You should know now how it works. Then hop into your car and drive all the way south to the office building and enter it. But before you enter make regular save game and name it correctly so you will find it again. The gams story splits now, you can join the good guys or the bad guys and if you want to try the other path then you can load this save file and jump into the game from this point rather then starting all over.

Once you entered use the options on the room menu until the phantom appears. Talk to it until a new character appears. Talk to it until JD-015 appears. Talk to her until you can make a choice on her. IF you choose Emma you will join the good guys, if you choose the observer you will join the bad guys.

The following gameplay and mission design is mostly the same, though the both sides have exclusive missions and another twist later. I will continue the guide as before but I will explain the exclusive missions one after another too.

I will choose the good guys for the following, what you choose is up to you. I will mention differences when they come. (Note: If you choose 15 the don´t forget to take the container with you.)

So after making the choice return to the hives office. Then talk to your new friend and exhaust all talk options. (Note: For Observer 15 it might be necessary to do the following first.)

...If you choose Observer 15 then you need to slave Emma now. So do the usual routine in the interrogation room. Set Fantasy type to Submissive and the rest to auto mode then apply and sleep, then check the results. I f it did not work go and try the other setting for Fantasy, cycle again if it still does not work, Emma might have some more resistance so maybe you need to try a few times, but it should not take more then 3 days.

After talking all the stuff, report to mistress to end this mission.

(Edit Note: You can Fluff with Emma but not with Observer 15)


Mission 7:


(are the same for both sides)

Reach Power Level 40
Reach Population Level 31
Build another activity hub and a fully stocked armoury (already done if you followed the guide)

First things first we already build that new battery room, so it´s time to fill our battery ranks with new lovelies. For this we go and introduce the new mechanic. You could have used it anytime before but it only works at max efficiency if you maxed your activity hub functionality and holding cells. Look at your computer. You see a "open for business" option there, you can use this once per day to attract random wilders to our business. Your business starts off with Parlour as standard but you can change it anytime with the business mag in your waiting room. What business is active might have a small influence in what kind of wilders you can catch in there. Though it is totally random. If you see the group of wilders, they are no do gooders. Shoo them away. If they are not there then you have one of the unique wilders in the business. You need to talk to them and "convince" them to join your forces. Their are a good number of them, some are so special that they will give a great resource bonus if you store them. So I recommend to not fill your battery ranks with random wilders from the perimeter except your are in danger of running out of time for the actual mission. You can turn any of those special wilders into a normal unit too, but you won´t get a bonus for doing so.

So my recommendation? Open for business to catch wilders for the battery stacks until you reach the 40 Power requirement and go hunting to raise your population. If you want to and have enough time/patience then go on and turn the special wilders into normal units, though as mentioned you wont get a bonus. Of course you are free to just go on quickly and use only hunted wilders to stock up your crew, it´s up to you.

See a list of business/special wilders below in another post.

And as always. Keep an eye on your morality by checking your portrait.

Btw. By now you should have more then enough research points and you won´t need much anymore, so you can just get that research drone from R&D and send her to the processing station. Then use the rectifier to turn her into a worker and set that one up to building to generate more building points.

For stocking up your troops I recommend to build 1 more soldier, cyberslave and hound. Don´t forget to activate them.

Once you reached the goals, sleep, report and finish the mission.


The next mission is an exclusive for good/evil, they are different on both sides so before we attempt that, let´s do some more work, so that´s out of the way.



Do everything possible before continuing the storyline. ^-^

Atm... there should only be the 2 stasis chambers left to build. So do right that. Once done, go find them and activate them. They are located all the way left/right from your basis power room. Click the room menu to activate them.

Feel ready to do your next story mission? Good, then... (Jump over the next section if you joined Observer 15)


Mission 8 (Joined Emma):


Attack and defeat the Military base.
Enslave "Suzie Shepperd"
??? (You will see).

Go to your operations room and set a new target. The Presfield Heights. Launch the attack and after you won... don´t go there yet.

Make absolutely sure that you talk to Emma before you leave. She will tell you about her plans, which unlocks a research that is mandatory to win the game. If you forget to talk to her now, you are doomed.

You don´t need to execute her plan now, you will still have time after you return from the mission. So for now make a regular save and name it right, cause you are able to permanently switch players now if you want to. There are only minor differences in gamplay but the endings are a bit different and you get unique scenes in the secret mission.

If you stay 20, nothing changes. If you want to play as Emma, know that you can´t take a bath with her. She will also find items in the hive after you switch to her. Save before you use them, cause they are instant game over traps. You can find 3 or 4 of them in your base and sell them for energy. Also, if I remember right Emma can´t get a morale game over, but I did not checked to be sure so don´t push your luck. Also, a minor change will be that her the sleep command will be changed to a "rest" command, so don´t be confused about that.

So let´s head on.

After talking with Emma about her plans, hop in your car and drive to town. Go to the west suburbs. Left from there you will find Presfiled heights. Talk with Emma, then click your portrait to switch to Emma. Then talk to MD-020 and use the room menu to sneak in. Use the room menu to report. Go east and use the room menu to shutdown security. Go west, then south, then click your portrait to switch back to 20. Use the "in" button and go to meet Emma. Once there, go down into the cell. Study the crown. Then toss it out. Switch back to Emma. Take the crown. Then go north to the presfield barracks. Then use the crown.

Now it´s time to make your decision.

If you want to play on as Overseer 20 , then click your portrait and "Focus". Once you have switched back, use the room menu to break out and go visit Emma. Check her, the return to the cell and pick up the asset container and return to the hive.

If you want to play Emma from now on, then don´t focus. Instead switch back to 20. Use the room menu to break out. Then visit Emma. Knock off the crown from her. After the switch, check on 20. Then go to the cell and pick up the asset container. Then return to the hive.

Once you return to the hive as Emma, you will find 20 in the office. Do stuff with her, then go to the resting room and check on her there, decide what you want to do with her.

If you stay 20 then go to your power room to find Emma there, alias MA-001. You will find that you can still fluff with her, but also use the Emma? option.

Now, regardless of who you play now. Go to your power room and "install program MA1" on your battery slaves. Then go to your R&D research terminal and research the battery tech.

Go to your interrogation room and discharge the container. Now decide what you want to do with Suzie. This time around you can actually release her if you want. IF not, then do the usual routine to enslave her. Use the Fantasy > submissive option and the rest in auto mode. Whatever you decide, it´s time to report back to mistress to end the mission.


Mission 8 (Joined Observer 15 alias Lucinda):


Defeat the FBI and capture Janet Peterson

Go to the operation center and set your new target. The FBI. Do your thing, but before you leave to claim your loot stop by Observer 15 and talk to her. This is mandatory to unlock a new tech/research which is mandatory to win the game. If you forget to do that you doom yourself.

Make a regular save game now, you will soon be able to switch player characters permanently if you want.

Get your car and drive to the east suburbs, then south to reach the FBI. Then talk to JD-015.

Click your portrait and use the new option there to switch to Observer 15. Talk with 20, then click the room menu to infiltrate the building, then again for a report. Move left and use the menu again to shutdown security. Move right , then north, then switch back to 20. Go and meet up with Observer 15.

Now is the time to decide if you want to play on as 20 or Observer 15.

Staying 15 alias Lucinda is pretty easy. Just switch back to her now, then use the options on 20 a bit. Click the room menu to throw the switch and decide what you want to do with 20. Go into the cell and asses 20, then take the container and return to the your new hive.

Go find the former 20 (probably in your office) and decide what to do with her. Then recharge (sleep). Go to your R&D research terminal and research the cloning tech. Then build it with the advanced workstation. It will be placed in the production room. Go there and use the install option on the new device. Create a clone with it on next occasion, clones are like cyberslaves, very powerful.

Once you did that, bring the container to interrogation and do your thing to enslave your loot. Use the dominant fantasy setting and auto for the rest. Report to mistress to finish the mission.


If you want to play Lucinda, know that she can´t use a bath, she can not game over from morale. However, she has a huge disadvantage: sexdrones and pets are useless for her, she will not get harmony bonus from them. You will instantly notice the harmony dropping once you sleep with her. To actually get harmony back up again, Lucinda uses a unique mechanic. Go visit your garage and activity hub 2. You will find 2 guys there, talk with them. From now on you can have sex with them whenever you want. The sexscenes are scripted and go up to 4 levels. After each scene you can abort the action or go on. It is randomly decided each day how much sex you can have with them without being enslaved by them. You can always have at least 1 scene. The more scenes you get the more harmony you get. So what you basically do is to save your game before having sex with them and then try out how many sex scenes you can have with them on that day. To find out you must see if you can abort the sexscene, if not you get enslaved and reached the daily cap. In that case you load the game again and try to use less sex that day. The daily sex cap is counted for Lucinda not for the boys. So let´s say that you can have only 1 sexscene today. IF you no have that with one guy and then go to the other one to also have 1 scene with him you game over cause that would count as having 2 scenes. The obvious downside, playing Lucinda is this mechanic and making the best out of it in regards to the still heavy save/load times. :


If you want to play on as 20, you will have to deal with a unique quest now. So go meet up with 15 but don´t switch to her, instead, enter the cell as 20. After the scene you will find yourself in a new environment.

Look at the room menu and exhaust the options there until Claire pops up. Talk with her, then use the room menu to wake up. Then to sit. Then to think, use the owner option.Then to lick owner. See the 2 items in the room, use their options. Then wait for owner. Lick her more then sleep then wake up again. Do not fiddle with those items anymore especially not with owner present. Sit again, then think again. Use the "things" option now. Then lick, then wait then lick more. Sleep and wake up. Sit. Think about "places", then lick her. Now, instead of waiting for owner you will go down the new exit. You will get busted by her. Now wait, lick more and sleep.

The quest will reset now. You will go through the whole sit, lick, wait and stuff routine again. Think of owner, things, places. Once the exit appears again use it at once. Then examine/search the next room. Return to owners room. Lick her. Now is the time to strike. After licking her she will be gone for a moment. Use that time window to knock over the EMP emitter.

Once back in hive, sleep, then return to the FBI to claim the container. Research the the cloning tech and build it, enslave your loot and report to mistress to finish the mission. (See for Lucindas part above if you need more details, the mission is the same for both player chars.)


Mission 9:


Build a command bunker and an emergency elevator
Build stasis chambers (already done if followed the guide)
Raise Power Level to 50
Raise Population to 39
??? (you will see)

First things first. To raise Power level we will need to build the reserve power room now. So do that. If it is done then go to your advanced workstation and fabricate the battery booster. Go to your new power room and activate it.

Now build the emergency elevator. And then the command bunker. You find the emergency elevator in the reserve power room you just build. Go there and take it to the bunker. Use the room menu there to initiate defense protocol alpha. Then to initiate lockdown A. Then to rest. Then to end protocol Alpha.

Notes: I´m using game version 1.11, I don´t know what bugs have been fixed in newer versions, but originally you would have to do the lockdown B too before you can rest. In this game version rest is available before the 2 lockdowns. It might also be that in new game versions you have to fulfill the population and power requirement for the mission to do the protocol, I don´t know. But what I do know is that it is not necessary to place all your troops in the stasis chambers before doing the protocol. Not doing so does severe damage to your harmony but it is easily survivable with all the harmony tech you build before and you will be back to 100% in just a few days. You should know that this even works with Lucindas special harmony functionality, though she will have a much tougher time to get back to 100 cause of her special condition.

Once the protocol is finished do what you need to raise your power to 50 and population to 39.

You need 8 new troopers to get to 39. My recommendation is to hire 3 soldiers, 1 hound (massacre), 1 sleeper (assassinate), 1 agent (bribe), 2 cyberslaves.

Report your success when you are done to finish the mission.


Mission 10:


Build a roof
Install a signal booster
Optional: Defeat Hive 2

The optional goal here is necessary to be able to play the secret mission. So we start with that. The recent combat reinforcements you hired a moment ago will come in handy here, since Hive 2 is quite strong. So go to the operations and set Hive 2 as a target, then do your thing.

Hop into your car and drive south to downtown then left to find hive 2. Look at the nude wilder and talk with her. Now enter the building to find an old friend. Look at the strange device and send it to analysis. Then take the container and return to hive. Go to the interrogation room and do your thing to enslave MD-006. Use the submissive fantasy and auto mode for the rest. Then examine the strange device in your display cabinet. Sleep. Then check the results of your latest slave to turn her into a battery to get some resources.

Now build the roof. You will probably not have enough resources, so while waiting for them recruit more batteries until you have the softcap of 60 power.

Also start recruiting more slaves units until you reach the cap of 51.

You don´t need this to finish the actual mission, but population and power must be maxed to win the final mission. Currently you still have time.

My recommendation for the rest of your troops? 1 more sleeper (infiltrate), soldiers until you reach the cap or until you notice a daily harmony drop again. (Would be more difficult with Lucinda). If that happens build more cyberslaves or sex drones and set them to treat (not for Lucinda)

Once you build the roof, go to the library and research the signal booster. Fabricate it with the Auto-Do. Then go to the roof and activate the machine.

Report to mistress to finish this mission.


Mission 11:


Build a meeting hall.
??? (You will see.)

Head on build it. With your current setup you won´t be able to. So take 3 cyberslaves and set them temporary to building mode. They will gather more points for you, cause you will need full 100 points for this. The guide in my game version shows it wrong. Once you build it, send the cyberslaves attacking again.

If things are set, go to the meeting hall (far left from your activity hub) and use the room menu to summon the matriarch. Welcome her and exhaust all her talk options. Then talk with Luca and refuse her kind offer. Talk to the Matriarch again until she is gone. No go to your computer and report.


Final Mission:


Obvious! Gather all your strength and defeat Luca.

Easier said then done. First have a look at your Population and Power levels. If you have not maxed them out, you will loose. Then make sure that you have build Emmas/Lucindas special tech and that it is activated.

You won´t need those worker units anymore, turn them into sex drones and set them to treat instead. (Not for Lucinda)

There is another requirement. Your morale. If you are in the good path it must be 100% good and on the evil path it must be 100% evil.

To get this do the following, capture and instantly release slaves to get good points or capture and store slaves to get evil points. You can go to your power room and transfer power to make room for new batteries. (Don´t forget to keep an eye to notoriety, I don´t know if it plays a role so better drag it down to 1 again before defeating Luca) If you feel ready make a regular safe game.

Then launch the attack on Hive 3. After you won, make sure that you have 100 harmony, another requirement. You can sleep and gather harmony by any means before you move to town to claim your prize. so don´t worry.

Now go to your helipad and use the Huey to get to Lucas base.

When you see her, exhaust all of her options and refuse her when she asks you out. If you loose now instead of overpowering her, then you did not meet a requirement. Most likely your moral has not reached the maximum/minimum.

So let´s see again for the requirement.

100 Harmony
60 Power (or more)
51 Population
Lucindas or Emmas Special tech build and activated
Low notoriety.
Maximum (Emma/good) or Minimum (Lucinda/evil) Morale.

If your morale level is insufficient, load that last save game and do some more actions to raise/lower it. Then try again.

If things go well you will overpower her. Take the container and return to the hive. Do your typical thing to turn Luca into a productive member of hive society. (Notice that you can release her if you dare). Choose the submissive fantasy setting and auto mode for the rest.

Report to mistress after her conversion. If you check your computer now you will see some new options there that will finish the game. Alternatively you can roam around do whatever and take on the secret mission now, or maybe visit the beach house.


Secret mission:



To activate the mission go to your office now and Combine the strange device with the fluff trophy. Then use your uspad to look for the strange event... I leave the rest to you. Cause no one shall say I would spoil your fun. Just one thing. Make a save game right now. You will know why...

Here is the list of assignments and the solutions to win them. If I forgot any or you have something to add, then let me know.

- Drop Out -

This is very easy. Just go to your waiting room and look for K-009. Send it to your car then follow it to the parking lot and use the "car" to "prepare for delivery". Hop in and drive. 4 rooms south and then left you find East Hive 2, your destination. Note that you can fluff with her if you want. Use her option to summon the Preslave then dismiss her. Go back all the way north again where you entered the city, use the room icon there to return to the hive. Then use the assignment option on your computer to report success.


- Appeasement -

Go to your waiting room to find T-147. Send it to your car then go there too and drive. No need to travel now, just use the "in" button at your spawn point. Examine everything, then inspect the detail of the 2 exhibits. Then introduce yourself to the secretary and ask her how to get in. Then search the room, then examine the switch panel and ask the secretary about it. Add T-147 to the product line. Then look at the panel and flip both switches, then use it´s wait option, then reset the switches. Then hit the push option afterwards, then use the room icon to enter the private office. Examine the pre-exhibit, then introduce yourself to the guy. Use the first option when answering him. Flip switch B on the panel, then return to the hive and report your success with the computer.


- Voyeur -

Use a car to drive to town. Move south x3, then use the down button to reach your target. Introduce yourself, then say I am at your command. Choose the following answers: Love, Chaos, To her Hive. Use the room menu to wake up. Then rock the cage by using the room icon again. Ask the man what happened. Then just focus on him and refuse, then say no, then suck the cock. "Talk" to him again. Use the room icon to wake up. Talk to the matriarch then return to the hive to report your success.


- Discerning Taste -

Before you do this there is an optional thing you can do if you want. Go to your Medbay and use the precautions option, if you don´t do this I recommend to not examine the woman in the mission. Now go to your parking lot and drive to town. Go south, east, south, then IN. Greet Circe, then ask her what´s the catch. Then talk to Alecia 2 times. Ask any of them any question you want then choose B-107. Return to Hive and report your success.


- Pick me up -

That one is super easy. But you need access to the beach house to finish it. Go grab your car and drive to the town center. Greet A-069 and then collect the trophy, then dispatch T-090. Return to the hive and sleep till next day. Then go exploring. T-090 will await you in the woods, so take her. Then simply go to the beach house to deliver her. Then return to the hive and report your success.


- Fluff -

This one is easy too. Grab your your car and drive to town, go one room south to midtown and enter the building. Examine stuff if you want and introduce yourself to the Mastercontroller. Then agree to him, then talk to Siren. Fluff? with her. Then play fluff with her twice. Use whatever option you want there it does not matter since you can´t win. After the second time activate the Porto-Do. Then answer the master controller and use the scapegoat option. Return to your hive to report success.


- Trial and Error -

This assignment is a bit tricky. It requires you to change your trait to win it, except you already have it. Remember that you can go to the beach house and hope for a random event to get your favorite trait back. If you follow my guide you will use the Mechanic trait now, and you should just avoid this assignment in my opinion but anyways here goes. Hop into your car and drive to the Town Center to meet A-069. Ask her if she can help you. Then select strength or speed. Move one room east, then go down to enter the dark hall. Examine things then use the room menu to make a status report. Then talk to R-360 about her inventions. Then analyze the 2 X drones. Then consent to the trial with R-360. If you have chosen strength then choose X01 now, if you got Speed then choose X02. After the scene use the room menu to type in "up" (without the brackets). Confront R-360, then choose the room menu to leave and return to the hive to report success.


- Pioneer -

Let´s start, go to your battery room and release a battery by using the corresponding option on the battery slaves. Then set the transfer battery for transport. Then hop in the car and drive to the town center, then left to the suburbs, then go down to the dark room. Request an update from MC-014. Then summon the battery by clicking on the room menu. Now agree to MC-014 and ask her why you can´t leave. Use the room menu to watch the demo, then to check the power level, then to test the power levels until the next sequence appears. Then to set the power level. 10 worked for me, just like any other level. Maybe this is bugged, I don´t know. However, it will work, after that "resist" D-101, then use the room menu to watch the second demo. Talk to MC-014. Return to hive to report success.


- Career Change -

This is a very exciting mission, cause you can end up adding a super heroine permanently to your friend list. Just use your car. Then go down directly to the sub basement. Examine things then report to MD-017. Question the captive then tell MD-017 that you take over. Tell X-065 that you will help her. Then tell her that you will check the devices. Click the Somnosuite and use the Interotron option. Then click the Interrotron and use the new womb option. Then tell X-065 that you are ready and select the devices. Somnosuite > Interrotron > New Womb. Then tell her to commit. Then brief the other overseer who just returned and return home to report success. After this check out your new permanent guest in the basement.


- Happy Homes -

This is difficult to do cause you need lot´s of resources to get the best end. I won´t mention the other solutions so I suggest you to wait with this assignment until you have at least 500 energy at hand. Take your car and drive to the west suburbs. then enter the building there. Introduce yourself, then say "what" then "can I change your mind". then offer her 500 energy. Then transfer the energy and ask her "now what". Introduce yourself to Dr. Holmes. Then wait for ND-019. Tell Holmes that you are ready. Answer "Influence" on the first question. East hive 2 to the second question. Now, instead of answering the 3rd question, signal ND-019. Use the room menu to run. Now you get your invested resources back and you made a new friend, but most important, you fooled that stupid wilder guy. Return to your hive to report success.


- Isolina -

This is very special, necessary to get the secret mission and has some requirements to get. (I suggest to follow the guide to get it.). Important: Make a regular save file before attempting to do this mission. It is dangerous out there and you might not be able to find you way back into your hives security.

After starting the quest, take your car and drive to the town center. Exhaust HD-003´s talk options then use the room menu to travel to Guidance City. Enter th restaurant and introduce yourself to Rin, then hand over HD-003. Then tell Rin that she can´t be that stupid.

Good luck.

Just kidding... follow my instruction and you will win. Important: Do not talk to Rin ever.

From the starting room, go down the ladder. Look at the help option on the room menu to get a feel for the dungeons layout. A, B and R are items you need. A and B must be brought to the smiley room. Lets start with B. Move left then north, pick up the item by using the lower option. Go east, don´t worry what happens now, you only have 3 moves down there, after that you return to the restaurant level and drop the items you got, where you left. To continue you must do the following: Go to the crossroad room, use the lower option on the room menu. Go left and use the lower option there. Go all the way right and use the lower option there. While you are there use the options on the item there. What you basically do is your job here, doing some kitchen work, doing some warehouse work and then sleeping. Just remember that.

Now return to the crossroad and go down the ladder again. This time go northeast then north, pick up the item like last time then go south. You return to the crossroad now, so do the same like last time, use the lower option on the room menu and do the same with the room on the left then the one on the right.

Return to the basement again. Go northeast, pick up the item and go southwest. Drop the item in that room, then move east and north to auto return to the crossroad. Then do the same work routine like the last times.

Return to the basement next day. Pick up the item. Then click the room menu and use the second option, the bit longer one with the "dot" at the end. Move north. Pick up the "B" item and use the second option on the room menu. Now pick up the "R" item. Use both options on the Biochamber, then pick up the pattern print. Move north and use the second option on the room menu. Hit the "out" button, then the second option on the room menu. Report success, then use the option on the pattern print. Then play on.
1. Для работы RAGS требуется Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 или выше;
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